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I like to play niche games and review them. Mostly mobile games and asset flips. My steam backlog is a mess but in general i am trying to slowly at least try out every game i added to the library or won on Steamgifts. My steam library consists mostly of free games,i added at one point or another and forgot about them. I will try my best to get the played to 50% by the end of the year. I also download any free game that is an easy 100% so i end up playing a game that is not in my library usually.

Been a while since my last post. Noting much happened.
I wrote a large post on my How Long to Beat blog on the demos and prologues i played.
Did write a few Steam reviews here and there. But taking it slow at the moment
Playing games outside of Steam so trying to tackle my Steam backlog is going slowly but surely
and i have decided i will play all the games i downloaded first ,incl demos and prologues before i tackle anything else.
Keeping it short for now.

Yesterday was a good day for gaming. Played Zombieidle a lot since they had a good event going on. That gave you free devil deals which helped out a lot i feel like.
100% completed 2 demos and a prologue. Lazarus Ad 2222 Demo, which is a visual novel and it took a few minutes since i followed a guide.
Then Conquistadorio Prologue i finished and the demo has achievements too so i played through the demo as well since they both have the same achievement list.
Conquistadorio is a point and click game with an intriguing story and an interesting world to explore. The prologue was short but i liked the main character and the world so i wishlisted the full game. I also played Outpath First Journey, which is also a prologue for an experimental base building ,resource collecting game that combines all that with a clicker game. I enjoyed it but i fear there would be too much grinding in the full release we will see.
That’s all for now i feel like.

First post.
They added new achievements to Noxious Weed: Prologue and Demo ,so i had to play for an hour and half each to get the 100% again.
The new content was fun. They added a new boss and a new character. And it was really fun.
The game has a toggle for gameplay in the options so you can set it to be really easy or really hard. I went for somewhere in the middle.
Noxious Weeds is a Vampire Survivors clone but based around plants and fruits. You are a farmer and you have also an orchard and a bee keeper and you fight against mutated plants. Everything is done really well in my opinion. For a demo and a small slice of the full game, it was definitely worth it playing through the demo twice to get the same achievements. Combat feels good,the pixel art looks nice and the progression in the game well done. The final boss needs to get the HP nerfed but other then that it’s really well put together Survivors like. Playing both Day and Night cycles was a nice touch.
Other games that got new achievements i got the 100% back on are, Puzzle Lines and Knots,Koncolos Prologue and Soccer Online Ball 3D.
All the new achievements for those games where a couple of minutes of work

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