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A few years ago I complained about the lack of VNs and Otome games on Steam now I’m drowning in them and struggle to finish them.

jokes on me I guess



Long over due round up

I loved how casual and ‘slow’ slime rancher felt. I think it took me a good 20 hours before I started looking up info to progress a little faster.
What remains of edith finch was a very delightful unique story and had great atmosphere.
The exit 8 made me paranoid and had me questioning my eyesight constantly (which was fun for my friends to watch happen).

PS4 finished games:

    The Quarry

    no achievements

I love the quarry and while technically I have finished the story I wanna replay it a couple more times :)

A bunch of short games as I’m stuck on several bigger single player games and being roped into multiplayer games but progress nonetheless.
slowly working my way through current owned games and free to play games in my wishlist.



Most of these I challenged myself to finish in 2023. That didn’t happen but late January isn’t bad either :D

Beaten/Completed games :

Overall not a bad December/January finish though I still struggle to get single player games done and juggling multiplayer with friends



I can’t believe it’s been a year since my update I should really try and go back to at least 6 or 3 months…

Beaten/Completed games :



Multiplayer games have become the bane of my existence again…so much for posting regularly haha. Half this post was made early september.

Beaten/Completed None Steam games :

  • Uncharted drake's fortune

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • a normal lost phone

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Until Dawn

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • detroid: become human

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Finished Steam games

  • LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers

    36.1 hours playtime

    70 of 70 achievements

  • Almost finished games:

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey

      155 hours, no achievements

      </div> </div>

      Replaying games:

      because I like to suffer and make this process so much longer
    • Assassin's creed 2



it’s been awhile. Along while.. I’ll keep it brief.
I might be missing out on some games I finished but can’t really remember finishing in the past year. I’m gonna try and at least make this a 3 monthly thing so that I can keep better track (and give myself a kick on the ass to keep playing things)

*Games I finished in between my last update (over a year ago) and now.

Almost finished games:

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    145 hours, no achievements


    LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers

    30.8 hours, 34 of 70 achievements

Beaten/Completed None Steam games :

  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut
    Half-Life 2

    31 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Tell Me Why
    Half-Life 2

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • We Happy Few
    Half-Life 2

    30 hours playtime

    no achievements

16% (60/374)
19% (71/374)
24% (89/374)
39% (145/374)
2% (9/374)



guess who shouldn’t make promises she can’t keep? This gal!

I kept putting of updating my Blaeo every month thinking I’ll get to it and here we are. 3 months later again. Changing computers and multiplayer games slowed my progress but an xbox game pass for free has helped me get to some games I didn’t own yet but have wanted to play for awhile.

Xbox game Pass:


Couple of thoughts.
We happy few:I burned out on We Happy few pretty quickly. I'm stuck at the third chapter as it just feels a little bit too much of the same. Not sure if I'll finish it before my time is up. The story overall is interesting though the game feels rushed sometimes with models just clipping through stuff of sitting on chairs and benches but not actually sitting.
Tell me why: really liking this game. I was afraid to start it because I didn't have a lot of patience for Life is strange (which I haven't finished still...) but that might have to do with everyone around my hyping up LiS and me playing it late. So far I like Tell me Why. The twins have their own personality and come head to head occasionally and call each other out of their behaviour. Which annoyed me with LiS, cause I felt like that never happened. Interesting to see how the game ends.

Steam games I’m currently playing

Beaten/completed Steam games:

I’ll keep it at this and try to update near the end of the month again.. no promises.
Enjoy your weekend!



Good afternoon!

It’s been awhile. Hope everyone is staying safe!

I’m not the best at keeping a blog style view so I just try and remember and post occasionally haha! Since my trip late March had to be cancelled I’ve had enough time to enjoy some unfinished and unplayed games.

Beaten & Finished:

Click the titles in case you're interested in some comments about the game and my experience. Won't be commenting on all but feel free to ask.

Giana Sisters While I never actually beat the boss of Giana Sisters twisted dreams I count it as beaten. The boss is icky and sometimes just spent 10 minutes not giving you any of the attacks he needs to do to beat him. Which sucks :(. Going back to the game I remember why I put of finishing it, but ended up enjoying myself nonetheless.

Hate; An Analogue story I REALLY LIKED this visual novel. Story wise I mean, some of the mechanics were a little difficult and I had to use a guide for the coding parts, but story wise I really enjoy it. Both AI have a personality and their own flaws and while there is a somewhat of a 'dating' element it's really not that important if you don't want to use it.

Hate plus While I still enjoy this visual novel and the continuation of the story from Analogue a hate story, I was a little less invested in most of the personal stories or maybe for a better explanation I thought there was too much going on at the same time. Analogue stories felt a little separate. (guess I have more in common with new*Mute than I thought) It felt a little different than the first VN. As someone who likes achievements and getting 100% the last achievement of this game will always be bothering me (jk it's fine)

HellTaker Fun short but challenging puzzle game that was is free to play! Give a try

Tailor Tales Up to date with all the Stories that are out now. Wasn't the biggest fan of the Caine story. Didn't really like the guy personality wise and the "twist" at the end wasn't really a twist and would have made me break up with the guy haha.Unfortunatetly it's a long wait till the next route will be available

Actively playing

Current games I’m trying to finish (or finishing up achievements) or am actively playing (and not counting multiplayers) :

A hat in time
I absolutetly adore this game. I finally got around to playing the last DLC Nyazuka Metro (loving the aethetics I don’t know why I put it off to play it.) and am trying to finish the Death Wish challenges, but I am terrible at “speed runs” and the more challenging levels so Peace and Tranquility is my savior.

I’m sure I missed some games, but my next update REALLY SHOULDN T BE 3 months later haha. If I catch some I missed I’ll put them in the next update.

Again, hope you’re all staying safe in these turbulant times :)


Oof it’s been awhile sorry to become inactive. Last few months have been a rollercoaster. Changing job, planning a big trip etc. However despite being quiet on here I did manage to start finishing some games so I figured, before I’ll be gone for almost a month I’ll update my backlog a bit!

So here we go! Games I finished since my last check in;

All relatively short games or games I’ve played before but hadn’t finished yet.
Coming back to Hatoful Boyfriend was a bit weird (I mean it’s a game about dating pidgeons ) and I had some save game trouble that kept me from properly finishing some stories but I managed to resolve that.
Hustle Cat was interesting but some stories felt more worked out than others, which wasn’t too bad just sometimes a little dissapointing.
Kindergarten was eh ehm..interesting game by the time I came around to playing it I had forgotten the base premise. I used a guide since some of the quest and storylines needed some thinking through and I’m a bit dumb when it comes to these type of games.
Serial Cleaner I immensely enjoyed this game despite it sometimes tricky levels.
Boo! Greedy Kid! was a game I got through Chrono and was a fun short arcade style quick game about scaring elderly for their money.

Games I’ve beaten before but finished entirely now:

Cognitation: an Erica Reed Thriller is one of the first game I won on Steamgifts and I adore it. I’m still hoping they might some day make another Erica Reed story. Coming back to the game gave me some frustration as I had only one achievement left to get and it was playing the entire first episode without asking for clues. Which was a bit drawn out and a few save game bugs made it take longer than I would have liked. Nonetheless still one of my favourite point and click thrillers.

Games I’m ( actively )playing right now:

Sins I’ve comitted:

My next update might take a bit longer again with probably less progress, but that's okay. I intend to be more active again after my trip. If you've made it this far do you have a tip on how to handle not knowing what to play? Sometimes a big backlog and be so numbing or scary that I just start a multiplayer game and leave the unfinished games be... Anyway may you enjoy the games you play this week!



It’s been a bad month and a half for my backlog. Or at least on Steam. With a month free of Origin Access I managed to squeeze in a lot of games I’ve been wanting to play for ages.

So sorry for the long post!

Finished games in Origin.

Mirror's Edge

6 hours, no achievements

Finally got to actually finish this game, the story lacked under the pace of the game I'm afraid. I always had trouble with police encounters myself, but still enjoyed the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

18 hours, no achievements

Story was lack luster and also rather rushed. Some of the side mission like deliveries were really unforgiving and required you to get almost all upgrades, despite being available very early in the game.
None the less I enjoyed the game


3 hours, 4 of 14 achievements

I enjoyed this game far more than I did Limbo, probably because I sucked at Limbo haha.


2 hours, no achievements

Unlike with the first game I didn't feel inclined to playthrough the game another time, despite there being total of 3 different endings (I think) this one felt short and not as well thought out storywise.


Prison Architect

12 hours, no achievements


0 hours, no achievements

Steam left overs:
I barely maybe progress in November and most of December.. (aside from multiplayer games and getting achievements for those but those are never ending battles aren’t they? )

Afraid backlog is gonna get bigger as I spotted some good deals on Steam on games I want… more motivation to finish some games! Right?! Right?!?!

Either way hope you all have some happy holidays and may the New Year bring you more backlog assassination time!


Belated October round up, November plans




6.6 hours
34 of 42 achievements

I enjoyed this game a lot, despite being terrible with Horror games I had my friend watch while I played which helped me in not chickening out. The story is interesting, though gameplay can be a bit icky or buggy. Kinda interest in DreadOut 2 which should be coming some time next year.

DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark

DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark

4.3 hours
8 of 10 achievements

Storywise this didn't really fill in any caps between the end of Dreadout and a chapter before. While I enjoyed the game it felt more like bonus levels with some extra ghost lore

The Charnel House Trilogy

The Charnel House Trilogy

1.7 hours
18 of 18 achievements

This turned out to be suuuuuuuuuuuuupppeeeeeeeeer short. Enjoyable but super short. Kinda sad it doesn't look like there would be a continuation of the story. As the story technically not over.


I keep trying this game but even with fixes it’s so buggy and long that I might still put it on the back burner…


A bit of a tough month so far so I might not get a lot “done” in terms of backlog wise. So some VNs and older games I’ve started but haven’t played.

478 games (+4 not categorized yet)
41% never played
23% unfinished
15% beaten
18% completed
3% won't play