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Hey guys! My name is Danielle, but please call me Mizzie. I just recently got out of school and have a lot of goals to achieve, one being my backlog! I try to 100% games and sometimes that’s not possible, but I do my best regardless. I’m also a bit of a slow player as I like to take my time with things and am also a perfectionist.

I prefer MMOs, RPGs, VNs, strategy, point&click, HOG, management, simulation, and puzzles, though I will play any genre as I know each game can be different and something may catch my interest when I least expect it. So, my library is filled with a large variety and I do plan on playing them all! I also have much smaller backlogs on other platforms and will try to tackle those as well. Its a shame that they can’t be synced and organized like Steam can though, as it would be great to keep track of them as well!

Been a bit since I last posted, but I’m going to try and do monthly updates now (and thank you to everyone who answered my questions last post about formatting). I think posting at the beginning of each month is the best option for me, gives me a specific schedule to stick with and also time for my slow butt to get something done, lol.

Also, does anyone know why Akantha’s templates say “CHANGEME”, and they say to change it, yet when I do it breaks the code? Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I think I figured it out now though after more poking, but I’d still like an explanation as to why its necessary and all that.

Secret World Legends

205 hours of playtime, no achievements
*Play off Steam

In preparation for the newest update of Secret World Legends (SWL) on April 4th, I've begun playing the game again. For those unaware, this MMO was relaunched from The Secret World to Secret World Legends and we had to start over. Wasn't all too happy about it, but I love the game too much *not* to restart, especially with new content on the horizon! Besides, I've been having fun replaying it with my boyfriend, especially now that there is a progression guide to make the storyline more understandable. There are currently 4 areas, Solomon Island, Egypt, Transylvania, and Tokyo, and we just finished the Solomon Island area and made our way to Egypt. I'm quite happy we got Solomon Island done, its one of my favorite areas and that means we only have 3 more places to go. Egypt wasn't a very good experience last time as it was confusing, but hopefully the new guide will improve the experience. I posted some screenshots and tried to keep them as spoiler free as possible. One thing I definitely like about the relaunch though is my character's new face. :D

Guardians of Ember

Unfortunately this game was removed from Steam due to the company being shady, so I can't show achievements or hours. Good news is that it being removed won't affect my stats, and I put it in the "Abandoned" pile anyways. The overall gameplay and storyline was not very interesting, it didn't capture my attention and nothing compelled me to continue. I had hoped it would be good as it sounded interesting from the store's descriptions, especially the crafting and housing bits, but it really wasn't, which is disappointing. One less thing to worry about though, and at least I can say I tried it. I saved one picture because I really liked the dress armor.

The Elder Scrolls® Online

0 hours of playtime, no achievements
*Play off Steam

I also bought Elder Scrolls through the main website, but have yet to play it because it requires so much space. Trying to move programs around to make space for it, as I have a lot of misc stuff that shouldn't be on my SSD. Getting closer, and definitely can't wait to play. I have zero experience with the ES series though, so I'm hoping there's enough lore in the game to learn most of it.

Shelter 1

1.2 hours of playtime, no achievements

I started this cute game recently. Its not exactly what I expected, as I was expecting more care options for the babies, but I like it still. Its a bit hard to play it for long periods as its mostly walking, and the colors hurt my eyes slightly. I'm really enjoying it though, I even named the babies (which is probably a bad idea)! Bob, Carla, Zero, Anais, and unfortunately I'm having trouble remembering the last name. Hopefully I'll remember when I get back in-game. I'm currently at the second part, and I believe there's three more after that.

Sid Meier's Civilization V

30.1 hours of playtime, 19 of 286 achievements

Played this a few hours ago in multiplayer with a friend. I always forget just how addictive this game is, and then I realize what I am missing while on break from it. I'm going to try and play more of this in the future. During the game I was having a terrible time, I was stuck in last place for so many turns! I finally made it to first place after I knocked off the annoying nearby barbarians and focused on building more World Wonders. The barbarian difficulty had been increased, and I unfortunately got stuck in an area where they immediately focused on me. After being in first place for a while, I was slowly going down the ranks towards the end of the game session due to being in debt with a large army. Oops. Hopefully I'll do better next time after more time refreshing my memory alone.

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

6.3 hours of playtime, 8 of 11 achievements

I finished this game a while ago, but after finishing Time Mysteries 1 recently (in the "Completed" tab), I decided to revisit this one to finish the last of the achievements and also see any storyline connections. So far I'm seeing just a family connection and that's it. Hopefully I'll see more as I replay.

Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered

3.6 hours of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements

I actually started with the sequel to this game first, before finally buying this one. They are different in gameplay though. I liked this HOG, it was just the right difficulty and the storyline wasn't bad. I really enjoyed the characters too, where normally I find HOG character's to be flat, usually due to the writing and voice acting. I especially liked "Ball" as he was funny. The HO scenes in the costume room were hard to see though, as there's this constant pulsing light that almost whiteouts the scene. Other than that though, it was pretty fun and I recommend anyone who hasn't tried it to play it. It is an older game though and it shows that age, so keep that in mind.

I'm going to try playing some of my SteamGifts wins next. I'm thinking of starting with these two. Regency Solitaire, as its more of a casual game I can do at anytime and play only for a few minutes if need be, and Maize because it looks very interesting. Not sure if I should try a challenge after or not, but I'll think on it.

Regency Solitaire

0.0 hours of playtime, undefined of 17 achievements


0.0 hours of playtime, no achievements

How does everyone do the cool and interesting posts, where they insert clickable items (like page numbers, or a “Completed”, “Started” button categories), among the many other interesting things? Is there a guide on here or somewhere else on how to achieve that?

Woot, my first post! It’s not a Steam game though, unfortunately, but it is part of my backlog and something I’ve been wanting to do since I got my new computer.

I finally finished Dragon Age 2 after a month (started around December 30th, I believe), and wow, am I happy to finally be done with it! After hearing how bad it was for various reasons, I was worried I was going to dislike it or be unable to stand it, but I enjoyed it a lot and I’m glad I got to finish. While it still doesn’t hold a candle to Dragon Age Origins, it was an enjoyable experience. The only thing I couldn’t stand was the same locations being used over and over again. Ugh. And some situations of course, but that would be spoiler territory. ;) I also would have been done sooner with the game, but had a lot of interruptions the past week that kept me from completing it, including a day of being ill. :(


Anyways, with that done I have now started another game in my backlog, Dragon Age Inquisition! I got this game forever ago, about a year after it launched, and couldn’t play it because my laptop couldn’t handle it and would crash straight after character creation. I nearly cried when this happened because I had been looking forward to the game since it was announced, and it was the main reason I wanted a new computer so badly. Now it is like a dream come true, especially in ultra settings! I already started my playthrough as an elf mage, but I’m struggling on who to romance, Solas or Cullen. I’m aware of the spoilers already, but its still a hard choice!


I’m glad to finally be able to play DAI, but a bit disappointed I’ve been neglecting my Steam backlog. I hope to play and finish a few mini-games in-between my playthroughs though, so I’ll hopefully be posting about those soon.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!