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A Little Bit About Me
I Like achievement hunting, and I like to 100% games when I can.
Unfortunately, Impossible achievements, and achievements which require multiplayer in long dead games are my one downfall.
So feel free to check out my steam profile, and flick me a friend request if you’d like to play something/ get some achievements!
Currently in terms of multiplayer games I’ve been playing:

  • GTFO (Great game, no achievements but just having fun)
  • Deep Rock Galactic (Just having fun, and getting achievements along the way)
  • PAYDAY 2 (Always down to do achievements, and also worthy to do the secret)

Just recently fully completed DEATHLOOP and while True: learn()!

while True: learn()

7.4 hours, 31 of 31 achievements


26.6 hours, 54 of 54 achievements

while True: learn() is a pretty interesting machine learning puzzle game. It isn’t very difficult, but does cover real-life examples of machine learning, and how machine learning progressed through time. The story is also quite interesting…

DEATHLOOP is honestly quite good. I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent on it, The soundtrack and aesthetic, as well as the whole story of the game just fit together so perfectly, making a very enjoyable experience.
The mechanics and gameplay are honestly pretty fun.
The one big letdown is the multiplayer gamemode, unfortunately the multiplayer is very laggy for multiple reasons;
Since the multiplayer in DEATHLOOP consists of one person ‘invading’ another persons single-player game, the multiplayer is peer-to-peer. Due to the fact that it is made to be a smooth singleplayer experience, the host is always ‘Colt’ (the person being invaded), and all of the brunt of the lag is taken by the invader, making an unplayable multiplayer in most cases.
Thankfully this multiplayer part of the game is completely optional, and Colt can opt for an AI invader instead. Unfortunately, there are two multiplayer achievements which may only be achieved while you are invading someone elses game. These two achievements are very difficult to get.

Pretty fun games overall!

Just recently fully completed DEATH STRANDING!


109.4 hours, 63 of 63 achievements

Absolutely Fantastic Game!
While the gameplay might not be for everyone, and put quite a few people off. The story is absolutely fantastic, and I can definitely recommend playing this, even if just for the story.
while the gameplay may not be for everyone, as if you do want to go for 100% completion, it is a big grind, if you just play it for the story, you should be able to finish it a lot quicker than what it took me to 100%.
With directors cut coming out soon, I think I will give it a bit of time, and re-play the game with the new directors cut content when it comes out.
Genuinely a fantastic story, and game!

9/10 Chiral Crystals

I had a lot of enjoyment from this game, really a fantastic game, and story.
I hear the ‘it’s not for everyone’, or ‘it’s just a walking sim’ comments going around, and those sort of comments are the reason I got this game so late after release, I think the game is good, and the story is fantastic, for everyone. While the gameplay may not be for everyone, the story, and cutscenes are fantastic.

In my personal opinion, even if the gameplay puts you off, if you just focus on main story when playing, there isn’t all that much ‘walking sim’ in all honesty. So if you do want to give this game a shot, but are being put off by the ‘walking sim’ elements. Give it a shot when it’s on sale, I thoroughly recommend!

Finally got 100% in BONEWORKS!


22.4 hours, 16 of 16 achievements

Such a fantastic game. Honestly one of the most satisfying VR experiences in my opinion. The story is quite good, and the gameplay is very satisfying. The physics-based environment is very satisfying to move around, interact, and fight in, and the soundtrack just brings it all together. If you have VR, and haven’t tried BONEWORKS, I very much recommend!

The longest achievement for me personally was probably the ‘Fantasy Land’ Achievement, which requires you to complete everything in the fantasy arena (and survive to level 10). Difficulty wise, the further achievements were all fairly tricky to get, and took a fair bit of time to complete. Like learning how to drive the Hover Junkers Vehicle in physics-based VR. I got there in the end though!

Overall, I loved every minute of it, and I’m sure I will return to BONEWORKS again in the future!