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Last cycle, I only beat 3 games. I started and left half-way several games. 😤 The feeling of staying home all the time has made me anxious to start a new game, but that’s not how I normally operate. I also bought too many games last quarter. Until I beat at least 2 unfinished games a month, I won’t start any new games. Definitely not long ones.

My friends have gifted me some games. I need to start keeping track of those games that I’ve been gifted so I can fit them in some way. New list: games, I’ve been gifted: The Tenth Line, Fallout 4, and Criminal Girls.

Sub-goal 1: Beat at least one game fitting in Monthly BLAEO Theme.

Sub-goal 2: Beat at least 1 game fitting PAGYWOSG Theme.

Sub-goal 3: Beat at least 1 game from my POP picks.

Sub-goal 4: Remember to write a review for each game beaten.

Life is all about balance in my opinion. If you play games all day, it no longer feels fun. Same with work. You also need to take care of your health and get plenty of exercise and fresh foods. November is the month when you enjoy good food and good company, so remember remember remember to take care of yourself in the end ^_^

262 games (+2 not categorized yet)
35% never played
21% unfinished
27% beaten
10% completed
6% won't play