Oh... I have so much "work" to do... Andy’s profile

My name is Andy and I'm trying to change my attitude for games. It turned out that I'm more hoarding games, rather than playing them. This is not something I intend to put up with - I will try to change the situation. But for now...

Monthly progress

Date Games owned Added this month Never played (monthly change) Beaten/Completed during month
July'22 279 +11 149 (+4) 4
June'22 268 +19 (-6 deleted from library) 145 (+4) 7
May'22 255 +16 141 (-7) 3

Thankfully I found Akantha and her scripts. Thanks to her I will be able to do something good in the future!

July'22 overview

I'm still loosing the battle...

5% (14/279)
10% (29/279)
21% (59/279)
53% (149/279)
10% (28/279)
Games owned Added in July’22 Never played (change in July’22) Beaten/Completed in July’22
279 +11 149 (+4) 4

In July I bought only one game - It’s Spring Again Collector’s Edition:

The sole propose was to play it with my-soon-to-be 3 year old daughter and to watch theatrical performance that is part of DLC. She liked both, but most of the time she forced me to move mouse instead of her (she was just clicking) :)

The rest games are presents (8 out of 11 new games in my library are part of SG_SummerSecretSanta22 https://www.backlog-assassins.net/lists/9b45k9l) or SG wins or random freebies….

My resolution for August is to finally reduce amount of unplayed games I have and keep new additions to minimum (will try to avoid adding anything except wins from SG, if any will accrue).

Games highlights of July:

Slime Rancher: I liked the game in common. Can rate it 7 out of 10. But it also can be called “Shuttle Run Simulator”. Many repetitive actions, while they are not meditative. Very limited inventory - it does not allow you to fully immerse yourself in either the exploration part of the game or the collecting/farming part. You often have to run back and forth and it gets boring. Probably it can be improved with automation and teleports, but they are too expensive and I didn’t have the patience or spare time to grind it. Nevertheless I liked the game in the end: exploration part is grate, some locations are truly beautiful, setup of basic economy is fun.

Redeemer: Overall impression is very good: I liked how the fighting part is done and the graphics. Also as that gaming sessions can be 15-30 minutes made me able to beat the game in a very leisure manner. Oh, and that there are extra condition in every chapter (like kill everyone, or don’t brake something or kill X in a specific way) made the game more interesting. On bad part: Storyline is weak, but not boring. Last 3 chapters and final boss were slightly disappointing. The game worth buying during sales if you like “Beat ‘em up” games.

Donut County: I enjoyed playing it (with my daughter). But overall experience was less fun then I expected. There was a constant feeling that the jokes could be a little funnier, that the levels could be a little more interesting, and so on. Everything seems to be good and fun, but something is always missing.

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight: My biggest disappointment in last months. I’m a big fan of arena shooters and was expecting to get a lot of fun from this game. But in the end came to conclusion that it doesn’t worth a dollar I paid for it :)

June'22 overview

My progress is negative...

Yes, really late June overview. Almost in the end of July…

Games owned Added in June’22 Never played (change in June’22) Beaten/Completed in June’22
268 +19 (-6 deleted from library) 145 (+4) 7

On the bright side: I have bought only 5 games for myself. “Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition”. I’m big fun of classic Fallout games and I was completely disappointed by the Fallout 3. Never followed franchise after that… But recently I was convinced by the fellows gamers community that “New Vegas” is a thing and that as fan of original Fallout I must try it. Now it is in my backlog :`) Also it was dirty cheap in my local retailer.
The second one is Fibrillation HD - it was originally released in 2012 by the developer of the Armored Head (one of my favorite games, it is one of those hidden gems on Steam). Wanted to support one-man-company and will eventually beat it.

“Vampire Survivors” - At first I made a giveaway of this game, after the end of giveaway almost all participants bought this game. So did I to try it some day as I like the genre… And I spent there about 17 hours :) Good game, hope to get back to it one day again.

And the last one is “100 hidden cats 2”. I liked the first part, was playing it with my 2.8 yo daughter for more than an hour :) Plan to play it once again with a daughter later.

On the “dark side”: I took a part in the “Summer Secret Santa” event on SG (for a local community) and as result I got huge amount of excellent games… I planned that I will gift some and will get some, but everything went out of the control… I got 8 gifts in June and 7 more in July. Made a separate list here to follow the progress, all games are from my whilst so I will eventually beat them. Community was crazy and total amount of gifts went beyond 429 games!

Also I started to remove from my library games I got as freebies just because they were free, or games that were part of the bundles that I never intended to play (I even didn’t know that they exist in my library).

Still ashamed, hope this felling will push me in the right direction and won’t cause extra depression :)

Games highlights of June:

BioShock Remastered: First of all I need to say a huge THANK YOU to Skanda as it is fully her responsibility for me playing this excellent game as she named it for a challenge. Without being challenged I would probably keep it under dust in my library. The game, as I already said, is excellent. Before I only played Infinity and can say that Bioshock 1 is not worse, maybe even better in some cases.
I enjoyed both gameplay and the story. Also graphics still is beautiful to my taste. Also game helped me to stay in positive mood during treatment in hospital. There were 10 days when I had to do drips and every morning I was playing the game awaiting for my drips to be ready. That rare case when game was more that just a game.

Vampire Survivors: Very addictive gameplay, also not very time consuming. Runs are from 15 to 30 minutes, so it is easy to progress in game if you have just 15 or 30 spare minutes :) Can recommend to all genre lovers, well made game.

Next two titles were my submissions for “June is a “play a game you won on Steamgifts” month” and I will allow my self to just copy-past the aftertaste I had from there.

FAR: Lone Sails: First play run was a charm.I enjoyed mechanics, graphics and tension in couple of places. It was really interesting. Second run (to get “finish game under 90 minutes” achievement) was also good as I got even more tension because of time pressure. But after that I had to farm miles to get last achievement That is a piece of stupid achievement for such a game. There is no content to play it for that long… At first you are trying to manage resources, avoid threats… But once you know that game is 100% scripted and that you can burn engine 100% of time (you get more stuff to burn then you actually need) - there is nothing you can still enjoy. Still 4/5 - can recommend at least to play once.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed: I was expecting it to be more of a platformer/puzzle game (because of the bird). Turned out it is more of a grindy action game. Story line was uninteresting and unintriguing. Fighting was good after I learned how to make combos and opened some good swords. Didn’t like that at first I was straggling to progress in campaign because my attacks were to weak and that lead to unnecessary grinding to open better swords. Once I have got a really good sword - difficulty dropped significantly. And once I learned that after getting all relics you can beat a special level and get access to a god-like character… Well, that It devalued all past work. With this character you can rush through all levels on basic difficulty without any problems (I tried final boss on lvl 40 with this character and beatn it in 3 minutes or so). And on hard difficulty you also car rush all levels, but in last boss fight die from 3 missed blows (aslo tried finall level from mission picker). My overall experience was 6/10. I enjoyed playing the game, but not ready to grind all the achievements. Can recommend only for genre lovers.

May'22 overview

Thank you BLAEO, now I know for sure I have a problem...

First I stumbled upon Steamgifts in mid May, and shortly after that I stumbled upon Backlog Assassins. Before that I have never paid attention to my steam library and my “consumer behavior” under such an angle. Can’t say that I considered myself a games hoarder before that, but now I clearly can see the problem.

There are 16 (!) new games on my account by the end of the month. Most of them appeared before I joined BLAEO… Most of them I got before realizing that I have a problem. From now on I will starve to get less new games per month then I’ve played. And will use this “diary” to track my progress.

Games owned Added in May Never played (change in May) Beaten/Completed in May
255 +16 141 (-7) 3
4% (9/255)
9% (24/255)
21% (54/255)
55% (141/255)
11% (27/255)

Won on SG:

Painkiller Recurring Evil - My first win on SG! Hurray!.. The experience was awful. I saw ratings but was thinking “It can’t be that bad.” - I played first games in series and it should be hard to spoil the idea of the game. Turned out it can be that bad. I deleted game twice from my laptop. After the second and the fourth chapters. It wasn’t fun, the level design is terrible, the enemies are stupid and gameplay is too monotonous. I went out of my way to end the story line just to prove to myself that I can be a responsible gift recipient :)

Tropico 5 - my second win. A real gift that I am very happy with. Once I will finish the campaign (on mission 7 I realized that I did everything wrong and short-sighted - and had to start over) - I will definitely try some ideas in the sandbox. The game turned out to be almost perfect for me. 8/10

Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Won it on May 26 and so far just tried the game a little. First impression: it is not bad at all. Submitted it for a June is a “play a game you won on Steamgifts” month - Fire and Ice event.

Can you challenge me?

I want to join June event (Dune) with one of my games I have never played before. Can you choose a game for me that will suit the June’s Theme? Preferably not a long one to beat. Thanks! :3