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I finished the flash game Phoenotopia today, and it was an interesting experience.


First, it doesn’t feel like a flash game at all. It took me over 15 hours to complete it with all non-consumable items, and it has plenty of dialogues.
The exploration feels rewarding and most fights feel manageable (specially if you have enough max hp and healing items).

There are two parts that have a high difficulty spike, though (major spoiler warning):

1) The entrance to Daea’s second tower, with its agility puzzle about dodging arrows from all directions while climbing two ladders

2) The segment after the final checkpoint, with how chaotic the final boss is and how fast the chaser is (btw, check your inventory after the final fight, as it seems the game gives you a honey item; it should help a bunch)

But, all in all, Phoenotopia is a game I’d recommend, just mind the difficulty.
And I’ll probable play at some point the remake that released a few days ago.

I just finished Minoria through GOG, and it was an interesting experience.


First, if has far more plot than any of the previous titles made by rdein. I found it decent enough. Saying anything else would be a spoiler.

And its difficulty can be pretty brutal.
I think I saw someone in a thread comparing it to Blasphemous (another game I plan on playing some day). So that’s what a metroidvania with souls-like elements feels like, huh.
Luckily, after a while, I found out about a grinding spot that allows powerlevelling. It sure did help lowering my rate of deaths (although I still got killed a few times when I lowered my guard 😅)

The game didn’t have many musics that stood out, but they worked for me for setting the mood. And the overall graphics seemed pretty good, while the character models seemed like a polished version of a game I played in the 3DS (which isn’t bad, but it stood out to me in the beginning).

All in all, I think I got my money’s worth out of this game.

It’s been a while since I completed a not so short game in less than a day, but here I am, having completed Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight just a few hours ago.

It was harder than the previous two games, that’s for sure. But it was still as enjoyable.


I just finished Momodora III, and I finished the previous two Momodoras yesterday.

Momodora III

They were rather enjoyable, although the first one could be a bit rage inducing at certain times.
And since there’s no penalty for playing on casual at all times, getting all achievements wasn’t much of a grind.

Now, I’ll be playing Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight, and, after that, Minoria.

Just completed Mary Skelter 2/Mary Skelter Nightmares for the Nintendo Switch yesterday after ~1.5 months playing straight. Roughly 75 hours of play time total for each.
They were interesting. Hoping it comes to PC before the third/last game gets released.

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