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February 2019: Only game I played was League of Legends. My only goal is to hit Gold 4 and then move on to other games.

Went from Support B3 ~50LP to S2 70LP during the course of the month. Played a total of 111 support games with a WR of 64W-45L (58%).
86 Games on Taric: KDA of 4.78 and WR of 65%
16 Games on Nami: KDA of 3.58 and WR of 69%
Currently the 628th Taric in the world,88th in NA, 3rd in NA silver (league of graphs / opgg).
According to most stat sites, I play similar to an average Challenger support

Went from ADC B1 ~10LP to B1 17LP. Played a total of 47 games with a WR of 18W-29L (38%).
21 Games on Sivir: KDA of 3.87 and WR of 29%
10 Games on Miss Forune: KDA of 6.38 and WR of 70%
10 Games on Lucian: KDA of 3.63 and WR of 50%
Currently the number 1 NA silver miss fortune. (opgg)

155 games (+2 not categorized yet)
72% never played
12% unfinished
12% beaten
4% completed
0% won't play