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Hello, I’m Emily - A.K.A BlueDahlia. :-)

I am quite new to the group & so far I am happy with what I see!

This group has already inspired me to play/complete more games in my library and I’m thrilled to have that again. My initial plan is to go through my library of games and complete some of the shorter stories, or otherwise few achievements to get more completes on my profile, while also playing a couple larger games in the process. I look forward to being in the group and being inspired by other gamers or achievement hunters.

Hello, Assassins.

BlueDahlia here again. As long as I have been in the group now, I am a little ashamed to only have 1 update in two months. Unfortunately, work and life get more demanding each day, dealing with a family crisis, in the process of trying to buy a house, etc… However, BLAEO remains on my mind and I’m still around, working through my own backlog of sorts, no matter how casual it is lately. So, while I have time to give an update this Sunday afternoon, I thought I’d leave a status update here. :-)

I’ve went from about 5 perfect games to now 15 perfect games. That’s actually a lot for me considering how little I was investing time in games previously.

I’ve tried new things since joining the backlog assassins, from themed games and game types I wouldn’t have thought I’d like before, like visual novels.

Here’s some games I’ve finished since working through my backlog.

  • Evo Explores
    Evo Explores

    3 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

  • Refunct

    77 minutes playtime

    4 of 4 achievements

  • Sepia Tears
    Sepia Tears

    4 hours playtime

    5 of 5 achievements

  • Tengami

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 4 achievements

  • The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne
    The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne

    69 minutes playtime

    5 of 5 achievements

  • Written in the Sky
    Written in the Sky

    3 minutes playtime

    2 of 2 achievements</ </div> </li> </ul>

Well… I’m making some progress. Yay!

Today has been the first day I’ve used this website, and I’ve got to say it’s already inspiring me to try games from my backlog, discovering new games, users, and clans to join. This is quite the community and I’m glad I found this group through SteamGifts today.

So, after viewing how poorly my profile ranks compared to veterans here, I decided to tackle some games with lower achievements first to get some 100% games under my belt. I started off with a game that most others have likely seen a lot and played themselves; A Bird Story (it has one achievement, score!).

I’ve got to say, after playing this game I am still processing it in my mind. When I first started the game, I thought “Wow. I’m not going to like this game, am I?”. Now with it done and over, I wish it were longer, LOL. I was curious about the game mentioned at the end of the game, Finding Paradise. So now, I’m following Kan Gao on Twitter and hyped for some of his games. :D Since I already own To The Moon, that will be a game I’ll want to try sometime soon. I’ll definitely be following this guys work though.

This group works. Confirmed. :3 Day One feels like a (slow) success towards the right direction. Even though I only played one short game LOL. But hey, that’s great for me considering I don’t play games as much as I use to and I got off work a couple hours ago, to instantly jump into a game. :D

2442 games (+72 not categorized yet)
89% never played
5% unfinished
2% beaten
3% completed
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