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Hey guys my first [small update] for this site it’s not much but it is a start :)

8bitboy No Achievements available 6 hours completed it on Normal mode. [only hardcore mode left]

so i decided to tackle some of the less attractive games in my pov. so i started with 8bitboy and man that game is harder than i thought. its basically a budget super mario but i would say more challenging at times. i must have restarted more than 200 times. As i couldn’t make inscreen screenshots with f12 i made a screenshot and put it in paint. Now the game took me way longer than i expected it to be finished but in the end i spent like 5-6 h total on it and i might add its only the norma mode i finished . I havent even tried the hardcore mode but i will give that a go another time.

The story isn’t great but i would recommend it it still for the nice price and it can give you a nice challenge.


Masked Shooters 2 All Achievements 1 hour completed

Masked Shooters 2 i probably got as a freebie when i was more eager to get games in general and participating in those annoying links where you connect with your facebook or such years ago.

For me personally i wouldn’t buy this game but i was suprised how there are still full servers ongoing this moment. On howlongtobeat it said you would take around 3 hours to beat it but it only took me 1h. I recommend going for achievements that offline mode is more handy . In terms of the gameplay its clunky and if you like shooting games your probably better off even with some free ones out there.

Well so far my first small update. As of now i have a few weeks off so i have more time to finish some games but normally i can mainly play in the weekends.

Will keep you up to date.

Hey guys new to the site but i am going to give it a good try to clear some games per month will keep you updated :)

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