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Target Exterminated §045 and §046

Yes, indeed. It's called Lothric, where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge.
In venturing north, the pilgrims discovered the truth of the old words: "The fire fades and the lords go without thrones."
Only, in truth... the Lords will abandon their thrones.
And the Unkindled will rise.
Nameless, accursed Undead, unfit even to be cinder. And so it is, that ash seeketh embers.

And this is how my deaths adventure started.

  • Dark Souls III
    Dark Souls III

    208 hours playtime

    43 of 43 achievements

  • First of all I want to say thanks to my dear and lovely friend who gifted me this amazing game. I'll be eternally grateful for this. Thanks. Truly

    And what a game it is!!! It is even complicated for me to find the right words to describe it. I loved previous Dark Souls (and hated them too - in a good way) and this couldn't be different with Dark Souls III. I confess I was skeptical when they announced Dark Souls III mostly because of previous experiences and knowing how easily it is for developers to ruin a good franchise. That being said, I figured out how wrong I was as soon I started to play this game.

    Its story is fantastic!!! At least in my opinion. I loved how well they managed to end this franchise. If you still didn't play any Souls game, let me tell you: their story are incredible but also completely subjective and they'll happen only if you allow them to happen, otherwise you'll get lost when you finish the game and think that all you did was kill bosses. But how, you may ask me. Well, there are NPCs to talk, side quests that will provide us even more context and believe me, there is a whole story to be told by items descriptions too.

    In Dark Souls III they added even more stuff and compared with previous games, it has way more NPCs to interact with. Some side quests can't be completed if you're going to complete a quest given by another NPC (Anri of Astora and Yuria of Londor are the best example of this). If you are currently playing this game I highly recommend you to complete all quests (this will require more than one playthrough btw) because: 1. they will give you even more context and let you know more about Dark Souls' universe and their story, and 2. they are awesome in every single aspect. I already finished DS III three times (for now) and I think I still have so much to figure out (even though I explored everything in all three playthrough).

    Now it is time to go back in time first before I start talking about its visuals and design.
    Dark Souls - Prepare to Die had a such great visual, not in terms of graphic, but in terms of design. It was great!!! I remember like if it was yesterday when I just started to play that game and how I felt every time I reached a new location. They are all so well designed, so connected with each other, and while playing, without notice, those locations got stuck in my head. For real, I still remember every single detail of that game, every door, shortcut, ladder... whatever :o

    Then, they finally released Dark Souls II - poor DS II cries alone in a corner - and I really don't know what they did with that game, it is... nice, I guess, some places are well made and even beatiful (Dragon Shrine is one of my favorite locations - it is so pretty), but for some unknown reason, I didn't feel what I felt when playing Dark Souls 1. It seemed so out of context to me, like if they made a lot of maps and just put all of them together to see what would happen. Well, something happened, indeed. Just not what they had in mind probably.

    Now, Dark Souls III. They managed to brought us back all glory we had in DS 1 with perfection. It is so beautiful!! :3
    Each one of its 18 maps are unique, each one has it own life and even so, each one is connected with a previous map or the next one, somehow. I played it really slowly only because I wanted to enjoy every pixel of this game. They added so many references from their first two games (I mean, Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1) - DS II keeps crying alone in a corner. It is definitely so epic as Prepare to Die and with modern graphics and all that stuff, it became a master piece.
    Bosses design are incredibly good. They are unique in their own style. I won't forget the feeling when I watched Dancer of the Boreal Valley cutscene. Damn, this is one of my favorite bosses. Or the change of style when I was fighting Lothric, Younger Prince. They brought a lot of ideas from Bloodborne for bosses and this was a plus to Dark Souls III. Gave it something more to enjoy.

    If not enough, we have also its gameplay.
    It is still in the same base from previous Dark Souls. Manage our stamina, rolls and dodges. Attack when you get a chance between enemies' attacks and etc. But the gameplay changed a bit because of small things they added or changed.
    They added weapon skills. Besides all normal attacks we can execute with a given weapon, they now have some, let's say, special attacks that consume FP (focus points - the blue bar you can see in my screenshots - also used to cast spells). This small thing changed a lot how to play Dark Souls and gave us many opportunities to create our own playstyle. These weapon skills, if timed right can be devastating and they can open sequence for a bigger combo. That's awesome!
    They also added what I said previously: Focus Points. It was present in Demon's Souls. Basically it is our mana bar and instead of have limited uses for spells, we can use it as much we can as long we still have mana. Also, we can refill our mana by drinking Ashen Flask, the correspondent of Estus Flask, but for mana :D. This doesn't look a big difference, but knowing that we can use more spells and special attacks open opportunity to change our playstyle in middle of a fight to adapt to the situation. I felt the gameplay smooth, and faster, and even so, you need to play smart and plan your attacks and how to approach your enemy(ies). You really don't want to see yourself surrounded by five or more enemies without a good strategy in mind. Believe me, you'll die if they are strong enough.

    A small talk about achievements. Just like previous Dark Souls, you'll need more than one playthrough to complete Dark Souls III. To be more exact, you'll need three playthroughs to get all achievements. Of course there is always an easy way to get them earlier (if someone drops all rings, yes, rings, to you, you'll get the last achievement you would get if you were going after them in the right way. Most of the achievements are story related, like defeat bosses, find covenants, etc. Actually, their achievements are easier to get than you can imagine.

    Dark Souls, each one of them are special to me. I truly love this franchise and no matter how much I play these games, I don't get tired of them. Dark Souls III will always be a game I'll come back to play sometimes (just like DS 1 and DS II).
    I don't think twice when asked if I recommend Dark Souls. YES, I do recommend this game. It has a huuuge replay value, awesome story and design plus an amazing soundtrack and the feeling of defeat that boss you thought was impossible is just unique.

    Is it hard? Yes, and no. Play smart and be careful and eventually you'll reach the ending.

    Will it make you wish to throw your controller on the wall? Hell yeah... but when this happen, you'll make a break, take a deep breath and return to it 10 minutes later just to show it who is the boss!! LOL

    There's still so much more I could say about this game specifically or any other Dark Souls! :O But I think I gave you all an idea of what Dark Souls is about and how special they are to me. Sorry for this huge wall text hehe. Thank you so much for you time reading all of this. You are awesome! :3
    One last thing... if are not convinced yet, check the gameplay tab and look how fun Dark Souls can be. :p

    Quick question: what is the hardest game you ever played? That one you thought about give up many times while playing it, but it was too good and you managed to finish it.

  • Aragami

    28 hours playtime

    39 of 39 achievements

  • I will start saying that I loved this game!! I was eager to play Aragami since I saw some screenshots in my feed activity from our lovely Lenor. It seemed so cool to play with a character that can control the shadows and its design also got my attention. :3

    </p>Then, not much time ago I finally had the chance to play this game!!! Yay!! Thank you so much my dear friend for give me the chance to play this game!! I truly enjoyed every second while playing it. </p>

    You are Aragami. A vengeful spirit brought to life by a trapped sorceress to accomplish her desire of revenge and set her free. It is a pretty straightforward game, but a very good one.

    I really enjoyed its level design. I'm not much into Japonese stuff, but this game has such a great visual. Each one of its 13 chapters have a beautiful looking. And they just get better and better while progressing through the levels. From a beatiful forest, to a cave, passing through a military district. They are so pretty. I took my time playing this game to enjoy all this awesome visual.

    When talking about its story I must say: It starts slow but gets better after 2-3 levels and you'll find yourself interested in discover the truth and the meaning of all those flashbacks you'll watch when playing Aragami. It doesn't have the best story ever made, as it is kinda predictable from middle of the game to its end, but even though I still wanted to finish it to figure out more about Aragami, and Yamiko (the woman who brought you to life). It still surprised with something else that I couldn't thought. I was like "WHHHAT... How did I miss this!! Wow

    Now let's take a look into its gameplay. Aragami is known as a stealth action game and as many other games, it gives you the chance to play completely stealth and in a pacifist way or just get mad and go for a killing spree and kill everyone in your way. Or you can just have a mix of both!! This works pretty well too. I loved that because it gave more replay value to the game, instead of just one single way to progress. I played in both ways and they are really enjoyable.

    A stealth approach involves much more use of the first skill you get in game: Shadow Leap. You can warp from a shadow to another and this will give you many opportunities to reach the end of the level. As a creature of the shadows, Aragami also has more skills to improve his stealth approach, like Kage, which make you invisible for a short period of time or a skill to see enemies through walls and also see their line of sight. Blind your enemies with shadow essence or create a decoy of yourself to trick guards and clear your way out. No matter how you want to approach, one thing is sure, shadows are friendly and will allow you to sneak past the army of soldiers that increase every chapter. Piece of cake huh?
    Nope. It is not that easy.
    Enemies are not blind in this game and they will spot you if you stay out of shadows or too close to any source of light. And if they don't detect you immediately, but notice something different they will get suspicious and investigate that area. Aha, so I just need to hide in the shadows and am I good?
    Nope. Shadows won't protect you completely. Those friendly soldiers are pretty smart to see a "shadow" moving by itself and they will investigate that and if they get too close to you, they'll find you right away even if you're in the shadows and most likely kill you if you're early in game and don't have many skills to allow you to escape.
    Of course that like many stealth games, Aragami also has that already known issue of many AAA stealth games. Guards have a really limited memory. They'll find you, they will find corpses (they don't care about blood stains?), they will alert the whole area and turn the world upside down for a short time and then, like if nothing happened, they will return to their routine and totally forget about you. Is not a big issue or anything that will make you hate the game, but I wanted to point out this detail as this always bothers me in games.

    In the other hand, a killing spree playthrough allows you to use all your skills that you'll unlock through the game by collecting scrolls (these also unlock pieces of the story) - Aragami doesn't have a complex skill tree, but I thought it good enough for me. You can create traps that will suck enemies into the... void, I guess, or you can place these traps on their back! lol. You can create arrows to get rid of enemies from a long range distance or if you like a more close range style, why not sneak behind the enemies and summon a dragon from shadows to eat your enemies!! Really, I loved this skill! I even killed myself sometimes just because I wanted to use it hahaha.

    No matter what style you choose, Aragami is a really nice game that must be played. I highly recommend you to play it. I played it completely solo and was a great experience wanted to play co-op too but the only two people who have it already played the game T-T. It is not that long either. Took me about 27 hours to 100% complete the game. And achievements are pretty easy to get. Many of them you'll get without even try if you collect scroll and unlock skills of course because some of them require a given skill to get. And if you get the skill to see scroll locations you won't even need to use a guide to find them!!
    Overall, a really nice game, with great gameplay, an interesting story, awesome visual and such a great soudtrack too. It fits pretty well every chapter.

    That's all for today ladies and gentlemen. I'll see you all next time! Thank you each one of you for your time and have an awesome day. :3

    Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. One of the most beatiful maps in my opinion. Also most nostalgic map ('Anor Londo' said Hi!)
    Nothing better than meditating before go through Archdragon Peak to face Nameless King!
    When I was just getting started... I'm grew up now!
    And this was our "tutorial" part of the game!
    He didn't like me stealing his item D:
    Time for a nap in company of my loyal friend Siegward. Because we all need some rest after this long journey!
    Soul of Cinder: manifestation of every person that linked the fire, which is why it uses player movesets. Loved this boss!
    Enough! No bosses will kill me anymore. I will kill myself using my Katana! LOL
    Loved its level design!
    Best shadow skill ever!! There is also a snake version :p
    "Water temple"... This level gave me a lot of trouble in my pacifist run lol
    Oops... I think I need to get rid of this body. Accidents tsc tsc
    Err uhm hum... just a tip: You're looking in the wrong direction
    Another chapter I liked a lot
    I wanted to kill her so much... hunting me all the time with her stupid bow --'
    You need much more than this tiny thing to kill an Aragami :p

    A stealth playthrough in Aragami. Don't mind me, I know I suck in stealth :P

    Ok guys, sorry... My potato pc can't handle DS III and record at same time (yet - upgrade is coming).
    But this is a fun DS parody I always like to watch. How can you tell me that DS is not a fun game after watch this? :p