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Lets see if I can finish this backlog…. before 2050.

EOTM update, might have one more game added later

Rogue Legacy 2

19.6 hours, 10 of 39 achievements

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Final bosses
what do you mean you have 5ish seconds of iframes when I hit you and you hit like a truck during that? Got GG relics on my gold grind run so was able to beat the game on that run, now I have the post game content left still

house rules were used to reduce grinding… guess what reducing enemy damage is like… grinding out extra armor/life upgrades, reducing enemy life…. that is like grinding out extra damage upgrades.

Not gonna be the madman and 100% it like I did the first one… mostly because Thanatophobia/Thanatwophobia/Rogue Rogue Legacy are just…. going to be way to hard, the beat it in X run achievement for the first game got added after I had 100%'d the game and they let us just unlock it for free.

Lucy Got Problems

4.7 hours, 36 of 36 achievements

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Lucy is our loveable idiot and she 100% has problems.
must protect.

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate

66.2 hours, 118 of 2743 achievements

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slowly but surely I will 100% this…
someday… maybe

xmas DLC done!

I am not beating any more games between now and tomorrow… so early weekly update, its a bit small… just uh… ignore the release date and hours on one of them. I definitely don’t have a problem

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

11.2 hours, 31 of 47 achievements

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This was a win from CJ's event(the first one I participated in… barely made the cut off… and didn't even think I was going to be able to do it until I looked over my games and realized I was almost done with a few days left.

This was also my first time playing a ratchet and clank game and I really did enjoy it alot. I am curious now if the older games are just as good and worth trying to play if I can.

Death Must Die

45.5 hours, 32 of 32 achievements

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This game went from never heard of it, a path of exile streamer played it so it got fed into my recommendations… to me immediately being interested and buying it day 1.

This is a lovely mix of Hades, Vampire Survivors and Diablo.
can't wait to see how development progresses on this.

my initial post… I was missing the no hit run… but I managed one(with no added difficulty options), I have 100%'d early access!… now to do difficulty 30 on all the characters, so far… I have done it on 2/5.

pretty sure I can manage to do it on 2 others… but I not smart but big axe hit hard might be a challenge.

Since the odds of me beating Ratchet and Clank today are about 0%, early weekly update!

today was a bit…. unproductive, to much refreshing of reddit and youtube shorts…. not even making progress on my seasonal anime! … Oh and watching gameplay for a new upcoming early access release(buyable and likely bought tomorrow!) https://store.steampowered.com/app/2334730/Death_Must_Die/, looks like a perfect blend of Vampire Survivors, Hades and Diablo…

now for the games!

Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy

20.4 hours, 45 of 105 achievements
Remastered history!

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Finally got a chance to play old classics that got remastered, I had played one in the past as a kid when I stayed over at a friends house so never really saw alot of the game. I have now beaten 6 games of this franchise… and 3 of them are in this trilogy.

Spyro The Dragon: Good old first game in a franchise greatness, I mostly disliked the boss stage as any little mistake meant redoing the entire level. Won't really complain to much about some of the other jank, that is classic game goodness! Only one major bug… caused by enjoying more than 30fps, I am glad modern game design doesn't tie as much if anything to fps.

Riptos Rage: More of the same, but not as good… and it introduced underwater levels! the 2nd bosses predictive targeting took me to long to learn… and Hunter is a traitor and deserves prison time for feeding Ripto power ups. Technically there is a few levels I didn't touch as I was able to just walk over to Ripto and do the boss when I got to the final area.
This is the one I played as a kid, I remember the first hub area and one of the first levels.

Year of the Dragon: Would have enjoyed this one more if it wasn't for the other characters you control, Spyro is fast and fun to play… the others are slow and tedious. I avoided doing things at them where possible. I felt the portals allowed lazier level design since they could just make another map to get more collectibles in.
Bosses in this one are a joke with how easy they are.

Overall I had a great time, thanks for the gift, I will let you out yourself if you want to :)
overall average was around 70% completion of all collectibles.


4.8 hours, 25 of 25 achievements

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overall enjoyed this… I just want to know who packed the boxes for the final level… why are baby blocks in separate boxes… these are solid cubes, stack them and put into a single box!.

also don't look forward to the day I have to merge belongings with someone… I have quite a bit of stuff.

also please don't look at that moving box in my closet, yes its been there for a decade and I am not going to unpack it… I swear though if my Gamegear is in there…

Scanner Sombre

2.3 hours, no achievements
enjoyed this far more than I thought I would

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The way this game tells its story is great, the horror tag had me worried for a bit but it really wasn't scary for me at all.

I recommend giving this game a go if you have it. Its only a couple hours, closer to an hour if you follow a walkthrough(don't… maybe reference one if you need a guide!)

A Juggler's Tale

2.0 hours, 10 of 18 achievements

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I enjoyed the concept of this game far more than the game play… mostly the stealth segment with the apple cart I did not enjoy… only time I really enjoy stealth parts of games is when I am given the option to skip the stealth and blast everyone… or I am far away with a sniper rifle.

rest of the game was really enjoyable though

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

1.6 hours, 25 of 37 achievements

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Fallout series side story, this time the vegetables are coming to life!

Time to rip everything up for achievements, I will start with all the books from unpacking.

Old Man's Journey

1.6 hours, no achievements

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I did enjoy how the story is told… but the gameplay… point and click adventure game nonsense… but double it.

OMG! Not Another Isekai

2 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

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Wait this releases Dec 1st 2023! Welcome to reddit giveaways, dev was looking for testers/reviewers and I raised my hand.
I did my job and reported some spelling/grammar issues. So those will be fixed up for those who actually spend money on this when it releases(hopefully its only a couple of dollars).

2 character routes, 2 sex scenes, a secret ending that isn't a harem ending(sadge), no VA/animation, good for those that enjoy their simple short visual novels, but if you want a great story, or amazing tier artwork you will need to look elsewhere.

Since the odds of me finishing the next game I started today… are 0%, Weekly update!


6.7 hours, 66 of 120 achievements
its fun!

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Technically beaten on easy… but its an action roguelike so there is still plenty of game time worth of unlocks and challenges to do.

Death's Door

9.7 hours, 9 of 24 achievements

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great game, I do have a few complaints about it… mostly between color scheme/the zoom/character size I occasionally lost where the player character was on the screen mid combat. Nothing that really took away from the overall enjoyment of the game though.

if there is ever a sequel I look forward to it.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition

11.1 hours, 7 of 18 achievements
Story mode is great

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the combat didn't click for me, don't know if I just wasn't in the mood for the turn based combat or if I just want to play Golden Sun again.

Fortunately there is story mode… which automatically 1 shots everything so you can focus on exploring and the story which is the other big parts of games like this and I definitely did enjoy those aspects.


3.1 hours, 7 of 7 achievements

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Cute girls, good story!
DLC scenes… not as good as Nekoparas, but hey I won't complain, I am here for the story anyways, everything else is just extra

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

0.6 hours, no achievements

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This is my first dive into this franchise(never owned a playstation and my friend never owned any ratchet and clank games).

Did the introductory segment, seems fun

Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-

0.2 hours, no achievements

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have only done the prologue for a vibe check so far, will likely read through this much later in the month.

and now the plan to plays for the month!

Half-Life 2


0 hours
0 of 18 achievements

Cute frog puzzle platformer.
seems fun… hopefully I don't suck to the game to much

Half-Life 2

Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy

0 hours
0 of 105 achievements

Some overly generous soul gifted me a key to this, no strings attached!
I have played a bit of the first game… as a kid… when I was at my friends house so I have not even seen every level!
I played Season of Fire? Ice? or something on the GBA before, so not new to the franchise at all.
goal is to play the first game at least, might do all 3 depending on CJ's event.

Half-Life 2

Redout: Enhanced Edition

0 hours
0 of 34 achievements

who doesn't love adrenaline racers?

my childhood favorite was XG2.

Half-Life 2


0 hours
0 of 10 achievements

just some cozy SG win

Half-Life 2


0 hours
0 of 42 achievements

I will see how I am feeling next week, dunno if I will want such a challenge coming up to the holidays when I need to focus on other things.

Half-Life 2

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

0 hours
0 of 12 achievements

my 3rd game picked for me in the PAGYWOSG event.

Half-Life 2

Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition

0 hours
0 of 55 achievements

My name is commander Shephard and I wholeheartedly recommend this shop, this shop, that shop, and hell why not that one.

been a while since I touched the franchise, but looking forward to playing the weakest title in the series

well CJ posted his event… I was hoping for a 2 month cycle because of holidays… but 2 chances at Sea of Stars is to nice to pass up, so adding below to plans for the month for his event and 1 other(might do all 3 spyro games for trilogy, might do hellpoint, might just choose another short game)… looks like the odds of touching Mass Effect dropped big time.

slow week. I definitely wasn’t playing Diablo 2…. again…. for the 471231th time

A New Beginning - Final Cut

6.8 hours, 28 of 28 achievements
I wasn't expecting that ending

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You bet I followed a guide instead of trying to figure out what to do, I am here for the story after all.

that ending isn't what I expected.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

12.6 hours, 14 of 14 achievements
Its most definitely a cheerful story, I promise

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I think I will be hearing the Chicada's(Higurashis) while I sleep tonight… I uh… marathond half the game today so I could finish it during October.
Screenshot has no spoilers. Can't really comment on the story without spoiling things.

anyone looking to play this, its recommended to use this mod: https://07th-mod.com/home/
updated visuals from console remakes and such.
will definitely get at least chapters 2 and 3 come the winter sale(will be to busy with other games to start chapter 2 before then so why bother getting it earlier)

October 2023 week 3!
making progress on Higurashi and will maybe finish tomb raider + one other game.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

8.0 hours, 19 of 25 achievements

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I still don't know if I enjoyed this game having beaten it.
I do appreciated the skip buttons on parts I didn't want to do.
maybe better off avoiding other sherlock holmes games since its not a clear liked it.


1 hours, 8 of 10 achievements

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the game someone made so people would create fanart of his preferred type.
100% free, 100% awesome… and I suck at examtaker, I am ultimately giving up over spending hours trying to 100% it.

Hell Yeah!

6.0 hours, 10 of 12 achievements

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overall the game was fun… but I do wish the controls were tighter… and there were some better color palette options in some places… one of the boss monsters(the golem) I could barely see in the final phase because it perfectly color matched the background.

Cave Story+

0.0 hours, 0 of 76 achievements

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this game actually has technical problems making it unplayable on my PC(I either have only the top left quarter of the game, missing the top/bottom portions… or no audio and a tiny screen I can't see from my preferred gaming position(on the TV in a recliner)..

however upon looking at the games visuals then checking gameplay videos while looking at the solution to the problem made me realize I have already played/beaten this on some other platform or through steam family sharing. So I have marked this as beaten and called it a day.

CJ’s event that will let me enter for BG3 is taking my time away from old wins and old unfinished games I was going to work on this month… upside is I am working on my last one now for that event… so I should be able to at least clear some of those wins.


14.1 hours, 15 of 45 achievements
I loved and hated this game

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overall this game was enjoyable but there was definitely some aspects I hated.
mostly the absolute need to use the parrys to defeat one of the bosses… I think a good 1/7th of my playtime was the 2nd to last boss… where you have to get good at parrys or you just won't succeed. Also so many things are so well hidden I know I didn't get many of the relics or w/e they were called that let you actually explore everything.

Upside if I ever choose to replay this… I know there are many hidden secrets for me to discover that I never discovered, I know one of them lies in the statues that let you clear your guilt because I noticed I was able to hit them… no idea what happens if I keep hitting/break them.

Definitely do want to play the 2nd one, cheap bundle when?


8.6 hours, 20 of 20 achievements
Favorite Neko time!

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<3 Azuki.


4.5 hours, 13 of 13 achievements
its alright

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I thought there was going to be a little more to this, ultimately was a bunch of essentially fetch quests, a few weird segments of cooking things for quests and the scavenger hunt for all the animals.
I felt obligated to 100% this when your 90% upon beating the game.
glad I didn't pay for this at least.

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

1.0 hours, 7 of 19 achievements
short and sweet

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Not to much to say here
Super short and enjoyable, didn't realize I was going to miss so many achievements on a blind playthrough.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

5.7 hours, 11 of 25 achievements
The great detective is doing his work

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this is my #6 for CJ's monthly event
I still don't know if I like this game, there are pieces I like, there are pieces I dislike.

really do enjoy that they give you a skip button(at least in the easy mode) for things that can lead to failure/character portraits that auto completes them after a short period of time/number of failures so you can focus on doing the actual detective parts of the game.

did experience a couple issues, first … the dreaded camera spin with no input, fortunately a solution was found here https://steamcommunity.com/app/350640/discussions/0/3003304160969089624/ … looks like it might fix it for many games, I have enough game locked away for this issue I will test it on soon enough(borderlands pre sequel… the 1st borderlands just appears to be a lost cause for me).

second was the game crashed and when reloading the save file it automatically CTD'd… fortunately going back 1 autosave was able to fix that and only had to redo a few minutes of game.

now some ancient… and newer wins/unfinished games I am hoping to get to this month, Danganronpa 2… is taking a backseat for next month to continue.

Half-Life 2

Hell Yeah!

0 hours
0 of 12 achievements

this is a win… from 2013
higher priority for me to finish this month

Half-Life 2

Cave Story+

0 hours
0 of 76 achievements

this is another win… from 2013
higher priority for me to finish this month

Half-Life 2

A New Beginning - Final Cut

0 hours
0 of 28 achievements

this is a newer win
medium priority

Half-Life 2


0 hours
0 of 10 achievements

Free game in backlog that I have been wanting to play
low priority, but easily knocked out during any free time.
has some great fanart out there if you go looking.

Half-Life 2

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

0 hours
0 of 14 achievements

part 1 of a series, I do want to know if I want to buy the rest of it outright when it comes back on sale…
medium priority

Half-Life 2

Rise of the Tomb Raider

9.3 hours
13 of 143 achievements

this is something I bought the humble monthly for when it came out, I do not remember why I didn't finish it… must have been time for some OT at work, new path of exile league or something
highest priority of my unfinished backlog for the month… if I get to it

Half-Life 2

BioShock Infinite

8.2 hours
9 of 80 achievements

this game I got for "free" ages ago when I bought a new GPU, I was enjoying it alot… then I accidentally clicked restart from last checkpoint or w/e its called… there was no confirmation box and I lost 30 minutes of progress and uninstalled out of frustration.
dear devs… please have confirmations on things that can make you lose progress
mid priority on unfinished games

Half-Life 2
last time I played this... it wasn't fully released


60.0 hours
2 of 51 achievements

this is something I picked up during early access/steam greenlight because I enjoyed terraria and wanted something slightly different.
along with edge of space(this one was a major flop)…

will be nice to get back in and see how it turned out in full release, lowest priority of everything I want to try and squeeze into this month

weekly update! … went ahead and fixed the code for the box since I was editing anyways(finished a hat in time)

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

18.5 hours, 32 of 50 achievements
good game with a few major bugs

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not the biggest fan of moving to traditional RPG stats on items… as once again… if it has no crit, it isn't worth using.
Overall I prefer playing 1 a little more than this, but its still a great game even with its flaws.

this game has a few major bugs mostly crashing related… all crashing related, first is the game freezing when leaving the menu… apparently a bug with in game Vsync, fixed with the NVIDIA control panel solution found here https://www.reddit.com/r/Darksiders/comments/8g1qs0/gameunplayablewhitescreenafter_closing/ , secondly the game crashing to desktop if a certain quest finishing would cause you to level up… forcing you to backtrack and either grind out a level or do some side quests so the quest completion would not level you up. Third… game crashes in a certain zone when I alt tabbed(the area where you get the portal). Fortunately the game effectively saves every single room so you never lose more than a couple minutes progress.
the part on earth(the part where the game becomes a zombie swarm FPS game) had a wall not properly unload so it became an invisible barrier… and the wall for a mini boss arena not despawn after beating the mini boss… both solved with save/quit/restart.


1.6 hours, 6 of 13 achievements
short and interesting

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Interesting puzzle platformer, only real complaint was the camera, it would be moving as I was trying to do something causing the direction I was holding keys for to change as it was moving itself(so I did occasionally walk off the edge a few times), and that the run function should be a toggle… or just on by default(my finger started to hurt from holding shift). Was fairly easy and short but I didn’t give NG+ a chance as all it did was move the collectible thing you needed to get around to more difficult locations. The game didn’t tell me the map layout itself changed so I see it as a missed opportunity.

A Hat in Time

7.6 hours, 4 of 46 achievements
finished faster than I thought

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Mario Odyssey - hats!
A hat in time - hats!
its the same game right?

also the most comfortable looking room on a spaceship I have ever seen

The final level and boss fight… were amazing.

I have only done the bare minimum to beat this game so far, will toy around some more but that free roam level I was struggling with so only have the bird cage one, questioning if I can even unlock the 35 clock area while having fun. Future me problem, I enjoyed what I played so far that is all that matters. Currently have one bugged achievement that didn't lock(the 3 badge one)

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

5.7 hours, 2 of 47 achievements

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As of doing the prologue and chapter 1, the gameplay here feels inferior to the first game in every single manner, story is to be seen, I am still enjoying myself nd will finish it… but I might come to regret buying the collection many years ago.

might not finish this in October, CJ's event is taking priority and this is a PoP pick so I got until EOTY

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate

11 hours, 18 of 2705 achievements
1,000 piece puzzles!?

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Horse and Bear packs completed!
… just tons more to go
… although the game isn't recognizing my completion of one of the bear puzzles, anyone have an idea on the solution so it properly gives credit/achievements?


1.7 hours, 12 of 20 achievements

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Plans for the month: + 3 other humble monthly/choice games I haven’t touched… uncertain which ones atm.

week 4 of September update!

Ghostwire: Tokyo

18 hours, 28 of 66 achievements
played on hard! its fun!

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You can pet dogs and cats.
don't ask how much of my playtime was me doing that… it was to much of it

didn't care to much for the story around chapter 3 I just started skipping it

planetarian HD

3.0 hours, 21 of 21 achievements
the anime is a good substitute for this

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this is something I watched the anime of before back in 2016.
both times I experienced this story it has successfully made me cry.
personally either is a great experience

I have also just been made aware of a movie with content not in this VN! https://myanimelist.net/anime/33190/Planetarian_Hoshino_Hito

another weekly update, backlog assassination is making progress… in the wrong direction? I need to activate less than I beat.

Road 96

7.7 hours, 11 of 12 achievements
I missed an easily missed achievement :/

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I won't say I loved it, I definitely did enjoy this though, I apparently missed an achievement right at the start(blowing the fire when at the campgrounds with Zoe) and making a new game(both NG+ and regular) didn't give me that event at the start again… I could theoretically do many more playthroughs without seeing it again as all the stuff going on in the game is randomized to do some extent at least.

if you have it, I recommend playing it.

Alien Breed: Impact

5.0 hours, 3 of 13 achievements
not bad, not great.

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game is ok, not to much to say about it but it felt to … similar throughout the game with minimal variance.

going to drag myself through 2 and 3 eventually… they don't look like they changed much, fortunately these are short.

I do not recommend buying these games


1.7 hours, 5 of 21 achievements
I regret entering to win this, I regret playing it.

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Very short - check… game can be beaten in under 3 minutes if your very good at it(I am not)
awkward controls - check
is it hard - yes
game somehow still enjoyable -… yup
would I rather have this playtime to start up another VN… yes. Mostly because it was frustrating at times

Vampires' Melody

8.1 hours, 21 of 21 achievements
I didn't pay enough for this masterpiece

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This game seriously needs to at least double its price… its more than worth it for a VN enjoyer at full price, let alone the sale price it consistently gets.

Great Art(see SS's, minimal spoilers there… you would need context which isn't in the SS's)
Great Music
Fully voiced female lead
sold story, multiple routes and a flow chart in game to help you see what you missed(certain choices determine what can happen much later)… I had to go back quite a bit to get the true ending(you can skip anything you had already been through, but not new paths)

Ghostwire: Tokyo

3.7 hours, 10 of 66 achievements
I can see myself getting addicted

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recently got the fire skill and I do find myself doing side quests and going around exploring.

I suspect this will eat up the rest of my game this month and I won't get to outer worlds(and come October I am selecting new games to play, so it will get benched for later).