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I do things a bit differently.

not categorized = Early access game or yet to be categorised
beaten = Played enough to be fulfilled and/or the game is multiplayer (so cannot be completed)
completed = Story completed

I don’t care for achievements, so if I sorted my games in the site’s proposed style then the “completed” category would be very empty. I like to indicate to myself when I am finished with a game as opposed to letting an achievement list dictate that to me.

Probably my favourite game this year. Was playing this once a week with friends so it took a while to finish but it was so enjoyable the whole way through.

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    83 hours playtime

    40 of 97 achievements

Mutant Year Zero was pretty damn difficult, even on “Normal” but I eventually got to grips with it. For anyone interested, it’s a story based XCOM-like which allows you to use stealth to get a good position and get the jump on your enemies. I enjoyed it and would recommend.

  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    14 hours playtime

    17 of 36 achievements

For some reason, this site won’t detect that I own Steel Rats but I just beat it. Pretty enjoyable game but with some bugs and a couple of set backs but overall I had a good time and wanted to see it to the end.

  • Steel Rats

    8 hours playtime

Had fun with consoles recently and completed the following…

  • Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

  • Super Mario Odyssey

    Super Mario Odyssey

  • Detroit: Become Human

    Detroit: Become Human

Done with this. Had quite an enjoyable run and look forward to any new content they bring out,

  • Path of Exile

    81 hours playtime

    47 of 120 achievements

2 more enjoyable games done with :)

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    14 hours playtime

    29 of 63 achievements

  • Stardew Valley

    43 hours playtime

    14 of 40 achievements

A gripping story and fun beat ‘em up gameplay. Another one off the backlog :)

  • Yakuza 0

    38 hours playtime

    24 of 55 achievements

2 enjoyable games done. Moonlighter was nice and simplistic but had some interesting gameplay.
Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 was good to play with friends and only takes an evening to beat.

UPDATE: Added Frostpunk to the list. On a roll here ;)

  • Frostpunk

    10 hours playtime

    10 of 52 achievements

  • Moonlighter

    10 hours playtime

    22 of 57 achievements

  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

    3 hours playtime

    10 of 20 achievements

  • Nioh: Complete Edition

    53 hours playtime

    36 of 79 achievements

So the main game was pretty enjoyable but even after doing all the side missions, I was too under-leveled for the DLC. It turns out the best way to do it is to beat the game multiple times (unlocking each difficulty each time you beat it) but no thank you, I chose to struggle. :P

Admittedly I got a little bored with this one but then I found out that the objectives were optional so that’s my fault I guess :P

  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

483 games (+17 not categorized yet)
2% never played
0% unfinished
40% beaten
47% completed
11% won't play