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Hi! And welcome on my profile! I think it's always better if someone starts with a little introduction! I'm Croquemitaine on Steam, but I also go by Arial. I'm a 20 years old girl who is currently doing a computer science degree. I come from France so English is not my native language and if you come across some mistakes in my reviews, feel free to point them out! I love RPGs, Visual Novels and Hidden Object games.

I joined to keep track of my games and most importantly; my progress. When I can I always try to aim for a 100% completion rate when it comes to achievements. I will just play a game when I feel like it, I won't make myself a list of games to play because I know I won't follow it anyway. I will write a review here as soon as I finished the game!

First update! 7 August 2017

First of all, hi! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I'm new here! I hope everyone is doing well! This is my first update, I decided that I will do one everytime I finish a game, it will be easier for me. The reviews won't be very long and I hope they won't be boring! I also made a quick template to make my review a little more appealing. Here is the first game I finished right after I joined!


Visual Novel
14/14 (100%), 3.5 hours

BAD END is not a game I wanted to play, it just happened to be in a bundle I wanted so I decided I should give it a try. It's rumored that those who make wrong decisions in the game BAD END will also die in real life. We follow the story of Kyuuhei Inui, a student who is not the type who takes rumors seriously, until his best friend mysteriously dies while playing the game. Kyuuhei decided that he has to uncover the truth behind the game. Thus, he started playing it himself. The premises seemed interesting even though it was not very original. Sadly I found that the plot twists were predictable and since the game was based on bad ends, I expected a little more from the death scenes but they were bland and repetitive. Due to the game being short, the true ending was not really exciting. I was not attached to any of the characters, we know basically nothing about them and they were not really interesting.

However, I liked the concept of playing a game within a game. Most of the choices we make in the game can lead the main character to a bad end in game, which will lead him to a bad end in his real life. The first choices were random but then we have to think about the outcome to make a wise decision so I still had some fun trying to achieve all the bad endings. Also, the translation was not perfect but it was readable and despite the "horror" tag, I didn't find this game scary.

The soundtrack suits the game well and it was enjoyable, it fits in the situation. The art style is decent, it's nothing special but it's effective! I wish there was more CGs because I found that they were nice. The game gives you a score when you beat it based on how many bad endings you had before reaching the true one, I found that it was a nice little touch!

BAD END is far from a masterpiece and it's not something I would recommend if you are looking for a good horror themed visual novel. However, since it's really cheap and if you have some money to spare it might be a good way to entertain yourself for some hours.

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