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Log #3
Momodora III

I’ve completed the main story of Momodora III, but I do plan on running through it again to get all the cheevos. I’ll post another update when I 100% it. Here’s my review of the game though.

Momodora III surely is short, sweet, and enjoyable. The gameplay isn’t hard enough that it’ll leave you in frustration, and the controls are easy to master with only movement keys, an interaction button, attack, jump, inventory, and pause. The overall atmosphere of the game is light thanks to the vibrant colors and the tranquil music. The cheevos are fairly reasonable to obtain too, for the achievement hunters out there!

Friendly advice for those that like to goof around with settings:
DO NOT go to the controls and blindly reassign the hotkeys or you’re about to have a hard time trying to figure out which action is bound to which key. You might need to use a notepad to solve this.

Log #2
Broken Dreams

100% completed, bonus stages included. This game has no cheevos at all. It’s a short game and easy to understand. Quaint, but a little cringey due to the dialogue. Not sure what else to say about it.

I’ve been taking some time to work on my backlog since I’ve been:
1) Alternating between games so as to not get bored
2) Kept busy by college

I do feel bad for not visiting the site more often. :( I will try to make an effort to poke my head in here more other than just coming by to make update posts.

Plantera added a new achievement. I just re-completed the game and got all the achievements.

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