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Report #25
Hello again. It seems that I kinda keep up with posting, even if they are small and ugly. This one will be smaller than ussual.

Nothing much to report for March.
Kinda abandoned HL2 in my work breaks as I bought the battle pass of apex legends and all my focus is on it at the moment to get to the top rewards of it till the season end. More on the origin side, managed to finish Fe. Also managed to finish the dlcs of Witcher 3, made all side quests for my run, but didn’t bother with all side-activities( all the question marks in Skellige are killing me). Also finished first part of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 event(the 10 transports from the cities) and as a side note today also finished the 5 different destinations( as just today it unlocked, each destinations being active 3 days). Also started Crysis 3 and Styx: Masters of Shadows. Also small progress on the road to 100%-ing the steam achievements of Clicker Heroes.

For the current plan the plan will be focus on damn apex battle pass and in between finish some of Origin games where managed to snatch 2 months in the giveaways from march. As I mentioned untill now managed to beat Fe, and started Crysis 3( still haven’t played Crysis Warhead, have it on steam, maybe will finish soon as well) where I managed to finish like 2-3 missions so far. The plan will be to finish it, and as well finish Unravel( have progressed somewhere around half of it some years ago when I got one month of origin acces), Unravel 2, A Way Out( after I find a partner, cries in forever alone), story of fifa 17 so I can play the story of 18 and 19 as well, but these 2 I own so not much rush with them. And probably if will have more time left, which most likely won’t have, maybe give a try to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Dragon Age Inquisition. Regarding the Clicker Heroes, with some luck will be able to finally finish with it this month( have 10 revives left and around 20 buries left). Also will focus on doing one transport for each destination that is yet to come of the ETS2 event just for the sake of it(the event will go up till mid May if I remember right).

This was all for this month(it ended a bit longer than what I expected). Happy gaming and see you the next time.

Report #24
Well, here I am after a month(who could’ve guessed) and not going rogue again, hopefully next month will be here again.
Not much happened in February, as games completed only Half Life: Opposing Forces and Half Life: Blue Shift, and started Half Life 2.
On Witcher 3 side finished Heart of Stone, and made some progress with Blood and Wine. Not sure how far managed to get in blood and wine, hopefully around 75% if not more. Did every side quest and for the main quest I’m in the book of whatever is was called.
Made a little more progress as well on Time Clickers and Clicker Heroes but still long way till I 100% them.
Also small progress on backlog is mainly due to Apex Legends. Managed to get around 50 something hours in it, probably will sink some more hours this month as well.
For future plans, to finish Witcher 3, continue on my clickers, and hopefully to finish with half life as well which I only play at breaks at work. Probably for my home runs after I finish with Witcher will continue with GTA IV or start with the Styx games, remains to be seen how I will go.

Guess this was all for February. See you next time and happy gaming in the meantime!

Report #23

Will try to keep my ugly updates on a monthly basis, to have some incentive to play more games( ha, ha, updates that are with jokes). So will try to keep it short not go again full monologue.

So for January, managed to finish Assassin’s Creed Unity and Overlord, and today managed to finish Half Life(yeah, never played them, a mission of hl2 for some playfire rewards some years back but let’s say that doesn’t count).

For things I started, Witcher 3 Hearts of stone and will continue after with Blood and Wine( finished the game back in summer and abandoned the dlcs, and the plan was to free some space for Metro Exodus, but everyone should know what happened with it, and decided to cancel my preorder of the aurora edition). Also going forward with Half Life Opposing Forces( like with HL will play it only in my breaks at work). Along with those two continuing my quests to finish the clickers that i started ages ago, Clicker Heroes and Time Clickers, for Clicker Heroes have two steams achievements left(revive and bury mercenaries) and for Time Clickers a lot of progress left to make to get all achievements.

Guess this was all for January. See you next time and happy gaming in the meantime!

Report #22
If people might wonder who am I, the answer is the laziest assassin. So much time passed since my last update that I even forgot what are the few games that I managed to finish in the meantime.

Last few months played mostly FUT of FIFA 19, but no more. The game, is not the best, and it’s a bit p2w and a bit more time wasting so I am in the quitting zone. Even after a good last day of fifa when I managed to win like 5-6 of my 8 games. Tried two more times to quit it during rage quits and no luck, but tomorrow will make my week since last fifa game.

So back to the main topic….completed games… after a bit of digging, around 1-2 games for the monthly themes between march-august, or something like that, some hogs, some small games. The big ones that I remember finishing Witcher 3(just main story, with bad ending :(, and then lazied out of the dlcs…maybe will start them now that I have more free time since I quitted fifa), Darksiders.

Last two weeks were better, made the events in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, finished the chronicles series of assassin’s creed( just normal, won’t bother with the extra modes, probably won’t even bother any more with 100%-ing games unless they are easy), and today finished the story of Asassin’s creed Rogue and got the pilot ending of Metro 2033( started Last Light as well today, made small progress), regarding metro started them where I #yoloed and pre-order exodus(at least read the books at the beginning of 2018, so wasn’t that out of story). Probably will focus on just 1 game as on Monday back to work( last two weeks have been on “holiday leave”), as till now splitted my time between two games. Probably will soon begin Unity and then Syndicate( wasn’t sure what to buy on sale, was close to buy rocket league, but I’m sure would’ve have drowned all my hours in it, so I went for the AC bundle( where I had black flag already) and hopefully can focus more on playing games than buying them for 2019.

Thanks for your time, sorry for the wall( I suck at formatting) and happy gaming till we see the next time(whenever that is, and if you are still around :D: )!

Report #21
Last week had it free of work. Had some days for gaming, some for traveling.
This is will be another lazy report with no formating. Managed to finish Crusaders of the Lost Idols(untill they will add more campaigns…they will surely add more, will just hang with it during it’s events), AR-K and Hero of the Kingdom.
Since I got back from my travelings last week didn’t managed to play too much. Haven’t started anything to play during my breaks either because I will get moved soon to another floor and probably will start after something.
Probably next report won’t be too soon. Till then happy gaming everyone!

Report #20
Too late and too lazy at this hour to make the post nice. Maybe will edit tomorrow but don’t count on it.
I think I have some serious issues. Can’t stop from starting new f2p games with achievements, and not the easy and fast ones. The grindy ones. :(
Now to serious stuff. Managed to finish three games since my last post. They are in chronological order: HellBlade, Little Inferno, Ryse: Son of Rome. First two were also in the ABC challenge. Ryse left it outside because I lied to myself that I will finish Reaper: A tale of a pale swordsman( hope i got the name correctly) that I started long ago and abandoned it posibly half-way through.
Have a nice time, happy gaming and see you next time( whenever that would be).

More like a notice to people around here. If someone is interested and/or playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 they have an event running from today till 1st October regarding to 10 cargos from/in France from other 10 countries. Vive la France is not required to complete it. Rewards some inventory items(can be used as cabin accesories, or sold xD) as they added steam inventory with last update(hopefully they will add steam cloud too soonish xD).

Hello again. This time my post is about progress, not asking for recommendations. So today was able to make last achievement from Spellstone. Will play 1-2 more days to get enough items to make one more craft to get the equivalent of the last steam achievement for the android version of the game. Also gotta farm some more idols to finish Crusaders of the Lost Idols untill more campaigns/objectives( aka steam achievements) are added. Probably it will also eat some of my time from time to time to get the event crusaders to be ready for new objectives.

  • Spellstone

    132 hours playtime

    29 of 29 achievements

  • Crusaders of the Lost Idols
    Crusaders of the Lost Idols

    228 hours playtime

    86 of 88 achievements

Also entered for the ABC challenge. This will be my list. Hopefully I can finish Hellblade by the end of month so I could “say that I made a bit of progress towards the monthly challenge”. Except Hellblade I have some progress from before on Reaper And Kingdom Rush. Plants vs Zombies have to start it again as it doesn’t have cloud saves. Don’t have a set limit when to finish it. Hope I won’t have to change games from it because they won’t run on my crappy laptop( Hellblade I play at work during my lunch break…xD ). There are some games that I got recommended that I can play in small sessions so probably I will try to play them in my small breaks.

L.e: Apparently got a game wrong in the first list…was thinking of adding Mars: War logs and added Mars 2030. Swapped them and the list is as it should’ve been from the start.

This is everything that I have to say. No planned date for next post. Saw that I have no chance to post weekly in numerous chances so I’ll just post when I’ll have something notable to say.

Happy gaming and see you next time.

I need you help guys…in the next week or so I should finish Spellstone and was wondering if you know some small games that I can play in small sessions(5-15 mins).
Thanks in advance. :)

Welp…not much happened since my last post. Kinda went overboard with the overtime hours at work and most of my home time is spent sleeping.
In other news managed to finish the story of DOOM at work(i have some nice computers there and i play during my lunch break). Will leave 100%-ing it for other time. Next one I will begin Rise of The Tomb Raider…not sure when I’ll be able to finish it as I play sessions of 15-30 mins based on how fast i finish eating my lunch.

  • DOOM

    18 hours playtime

    16 of 54 achievements

Except those progressing steady(or so I hope) in my way to 100%-ing Spellstone. And started Strata from last challenge me and hoping that I can finish it soonish.

  • Spellstone

    110 hours playtime

    27 of 29 achievements

  • Strata

    29 minutes playtime

    9 of 24 achievements

See you next time and happy gaming in the meantime! :)