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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Another year, another call of duty. Still good, just don’t expect anything different.

A story about my uncle

I rather liked this little platformer. The story/premise was rather unique. It was entertaining while i played it, and I think the length was just right, as too much more probably would have stretched it a bit.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Not gonna lie, this one was a tear-jerker at the end there. Fantastic story, and I enjoyed almost all of the puzzles. Oh, the lore. Like reading a history book, only you want to do it. Definitely recommended, even if the type of game usually isn’t your “jam”, as the kids say these days

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Another puzzle game, I kinda saw the ending coming, but it was good none the less. Can be a bit difficult starting, as the game, albeit purposefully, doesn’t guide you on how to begin. I beat the redux version of the game, which is why no progress is shown.

Steel Invaders

A cheap space invaders knockoff. difficult for 10 levels, then insanely easy for the next 30.

Road Madness

Terrible controls, terrible graphics, and poor mechanics, all rolled up into a single package!

Mad Hunter

See above, but add some russians to the mix.

Slingshot People

Absolutely terrible as well. Achievements are broken in this broken game. Who the hell uses a slingshot when going against rifle-armed rebels anyhow?

Let’s Draw

On a roll here with terrible games. Comes with 3, count them 3, pictures to colour in. Imagine paint, but much, much worse, and it costs money.

Black Mesa

And the terrible game streak ends. I loved black mesa. I have never actually played half life I know, shame shall be forever mine. It was a good bit longer than I expected, which is good, the story was fantastic , and the weapons unique. As a stand alone product, it was fantastic. As alluded to previously, i would not be able to comment on how it stands up to the original. Can’t wait for the xen levels to be published.

Time Gentlemen, Please!
Had very low hopes upon booting this up, but was pleasantly surprised. A point and click that was fairly challenging, for the novice at least. Couldn’t get it to play in my native resolution, so it was stuck to a small window instead. British humor at it’s finest.
Terrible and buggy. Booting up completes it’s 1 achievement, and even that was too much time spent. Think Minecraft, except take out everything accept mining.
Neat little puzzle game. I wouldn’t buy full price, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Having not played many puzzle games, it seemed to innovate with a few mechanics, but that could be my inexperience talking.
Finding Teddy
A cute little Point-and-Click game. I don’t play them often, so for me, a few of the puzzles weren’t immediately evident that they were even puzzles, causing a bit of confusion, but that could be all operator error. Could easily beat in one sit-down.
Monument Builders - Alcatraz
The first few levels were neat enough, but quickly gets repetitive. A jerry-rigged micro-transaction system is still in place, albeit free this time around, however you can not complete most levels without using it. Impossible to complete to the fullest without lots of grinding early levels.
Proxy Blade Zero
Very short, but new enemies are challenging, particularly the final boss. No real story to speak of. Controls could certainly be tighter. While not a bad game, it certainly isn’t a good one in my book. The mechanics of the games it tries to emulate (DMC and the like), and this one’s don’t quite mesh, leaving combat nothing more than kiting.
Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking
Watched as the little sister played this one. Great for kids, she loved it.
Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure
Sister played this one as well. This bear sure gets himself into a lot of trouble.
Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race
No real connection to the previous titles excepting the titular character. Imagine every go-cart game, except slower, poor controls, useless power-ups, and very unforgiving AI for the intended audience
Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise
Who names their teddy bear “Fatty”? Sister loved this one as well she came over the house for a day Also, pro-tip, don’t leave a live puppy wrapped up in a present over-night. Your kid will just wake up to a box of disappointment as at least, the puppy shit all in the box when your kid opens their present.
Insecticide Part 1
A cliff-hanger of a story, because there is no part 2. Actually not that bad. Combat is okay, but the point and click sections are pretty good. Could have made something of itself should it have ever been finished.
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
I remember when this was released and everybody freaked out about the story premise. Personally, I thought the story turned out great. Well done combat, almost a mirror of Mortal Combat. Only Issue I had was CONSTANT frame rate drops and general low frame rates, like it kept trying to use my integrated GPU, instead of my dedicated 760, which should have smashed this game easily. I had to turn settings down to even make it playable, when I can run most modern games on ultra, or very new releases, at least high still. Very fun split-screen and multiplayer
ORION: Prelude
No real “ending” to this, as it has no story mode, I just felt that there was enough hours and achievements to be considered “beaten”. I actually liked this, however most of the weapons are no good, nor are they balanced. In the end though, shooting lots of dinosaurs is fun. I only played solo, and the bots are dumb as hell, so you might as well be playing by yourself, even with them. You can get eaten by a T-rex. What more could you want?
Poker Night 2
While certainly not a premier poker simulation, it was good enough for a novice like me. Ash isn’t voiced by bruce Campbell, but you can’t tell for the better part of the dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, after no less than 2.5 hours, you will have heard every quip this game has to offer. The short cutscenes are funny, but unskipable, and will quickly diminish in funniness the 12th time you’ve heard it. Don’t expect this to be your only poker game if you want to play it, but it might not be too bad to go back to every once in a while.
Remember Me
I absolutely loved Remember Me. The controls were tight, and the combat system was fun, and something I hadn’t seen before. The story was compelling. The parkour system was very well done as well, opposed to Assassin’s creed, where you will accidentally run off a rooftop at least once a playthrough. On top of that, the visuals were top notch as well. Definitely one of my favorite games I have completed.

MGS 5 Ghost Ghost 2 Endlesssss... Infinateeeeeeeee.......

It’s 5 down this time, so I’m pretty happy.

Ground Zeroes

This being my fist MGS game, it took a while to figure out the mechanics, but once I did, it was fairly enjoyable. Highly looking forward to the full game, though I would have been disappointed had I payed anywhere near full frice, due to it being a demo for the full game at best, plus some side missions.

Ghost warrior 2

I actually like the ghost warrior series, and I remember playing it back on the console. Enjoyed it this time around, though more visceral bullet wounds as seen in the the sniper series is better. a very solid “o.k.” game

Call of Duty

I had put some time into the extinction mode with family, and that was a fun experience, although it took me a while to go through the campaign. Didn’t really innovate with anything, but still a solid “on the rails” shooter.

Dungeon of the Endless

Another one I came back to after almost finishing it previously. A lot of fun, definitely one I’m going to keep coming back to over the years. One of my favorite wins so far.

Ballpoint Universe

Fairly “artsy”, but honestly, not that bad for what it is. Nothing great here, But i enjoyed it as much as I could I think.

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Regency Solitaire
Blood and Bacon

Well, another 2 down. I rather enjoyed booth of these actually, and my “quick and dirty wins” list is shrinking pretty decently.

Regency Solitaire

It’s actually a fairly decent solitaire game. There is some sort of story involved, however, to be completely honest, I skipped all of the cutscenes where the story takes place, as “princess and swooning men” aren’t really my bag. It’s been a while since I sat down and played a card or solitaire game, probably since I owned all of 5 or so games and had beaten them all no less than 5 times.

Blood and Bacon

Well, this sure is something all right. I honestly had a bit of fun with this one. Not for those easily grossed out. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it is. I could see this as being a great time killer with a group of friends on the couch, or and oldschool LAN party, but I admittedly stated getting bored half way through playing alone, since it is a repetition of every previous level. Always got a kick out of REVENGE DAY

Fine sweeper Airstrike HD
Well here it is. My first real punch to tackle my backlog. I’ve been working away at it for quite some time now, working on my won games as a priority, but maybe this will give me a bit more “oomph”. Just beat both Fine Sweeper and Airstrike HD

Fine Sweeper was actually a pretty good variant of the classic minesweeper. The boards are all of varying, increasing difficulty, and a more traditional mode is available as well, for those that want to play exactly as a classic. Nothing really innovative here, but it doesn’t screw anything up in the process either.

Airstrike HD on the other hand is anything but. Completely uninspired, the only reason I 100% this game is because I was so close to doing so by completing the main game. For an “HD” variant, the graphics are terrible, the gameplay quickly becomes stale, and the “bosses” are the easiest part of the game.

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