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stopped playing games a decade or more ago, became addicted to buying games on christmas 2021, was too stressed to play the vast majority if any new games during 2022, and now finally in 2023 trying to play the games i have got and discovering what i actually like.

This is my first post and i’m still learning how any of this works.

i just wanted to share that i’m happy/proud that i bought a game, downloaded it the next day then played it for the next 2 days.

i’ve been mostly buying games that look like people would enjoy them even if they’re from genres i know nothing about, but if a game has 80%+ 90%+ positive reviews then it must be good and i must like it, spoilers, they aren’t, i just buy, download and never touch them, i am more excited about the idea of the game and owning it than actually playing it.

so it was a really nice change to get a game and get into it right away.
the game was the wandering village btw.

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