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Let’s try to at least spot the big games I still haven’t played and finish them. I’ll only mark those as unfinished (the “small” games will go directly to beaten or wontplay, as appropriate)

Not trying to go for 100% achievements, I prefer to just enjoy the game without going into the grinding part ;) After all, even in Postal 2 I didn’t get all the achievements ^^
If I don’t like a game, I’ll at least give it a decent chance and try it long enough to get 1-2 achievements (unless the first attainable achievements are exceptionally hard)

Game marked as “beaten” = either:

  • main quest finished, or
  • game is based on repetitively grinding the same level / campaign and I estimate I played it enough to be bored, but the game is decent (e.g. Renowned Explorers: International Society or Turbo Pug DX) - if the game is bad I’ll rather mark it as wontplay, or sometimes
  • I played the game before having it on Steam (e.g. Railroad Tycoon 3)

5496 games (+1071 not categorized yet)
90% never played
0% unfinished
2% beaten
3% completed
4% won't play