Slowly but steadily Detective Draco’s profile

Someday i will finish my backlog.

I usually aim to get all achievements but since i’m not a masochist i tend to skip the ones that require an insane grinding or are way too hard for me.

  • SteamGifts wins:
    • 7th Legion: I can’t launch it. The “fixes” i found on the guide section and google didn’t work.
    • Bioshock 2 Remastered: I choose to play the original because apparently is the one with fewer issues.
    • Overlord: I can’t launch it.
    • The Butterfly Sign: Whole computer freezes every time i try to start a new game.
    • Pillars of Eternity: Launch resolution error, changing it manually, running as administrator and using compatibility mode didn’t fix it. Still looking for a solution.