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Someday i will finish my backlog.

I usually aim to get all achievements but since i’m not a masochist i tend to skip the ones that require an insane grinding or are way too hard for me.

  • Notes on SteamGifts wins:
Game Notes
7th Legion I can’t launch it. The “fixes” i found on the guide section and google didn’t work.
Ara Fell Beaten before it had achievements.
Bioshock 2 Remastered I choose to play the original because apparently is the one with fewer issues.
Dark Years Achievements are glitched, they don’t pop out.
Guncraft Servers shut down. The only offline mode available is onslaught, played it but didn’t get any achievement.
Overlord I can’t launch it.
Pillars of Eternity Launch resolution error, changing it manually, running as administrator and using compatibility mode didn’t fix it. Still looking for a solution.
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 Played all maps on solo, i’m so bad at it that didn’t earn any achievement. At least i have the best score among my friends :bite: (i’m the only one who played it).
The Butterfly Sign Whole computer freezes every time i try to start a new game.