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The biggest and baddest backlog around!

#5: Raiding tombs

The title is a little misleading because there weren’t that many tombs in Tomb Raider, but anyway.

I finally got a chance to play Tomb Raider two weeks ago, and since then also completed the story of the game! I never expected it to be that fun and enthralling, and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn’t played it yet. Now that the story is done, I’ll have to find all the relics, collectibles and documents I’ve missed on my way in Yamatai, but in the meanwhile I can classify it as beaten. I hear the multiplayer is dead anyway so I won’t bother with those achievements.

As for the next weeks, I guess the focus will be on the games that I’ve won in SG, including finishing up Tomb Raider.

#4: Summer’s out!

Finally, it’s summer! And in Norway that means a couple of days with sunshine, and rain, snow and who know what in all the other days. I suppose that means some time to work on the backlog!

Yesterday I completed Lumino City. It’s a lovely little puzzle game, with beautiful graphics and a very atmospheric soundtrack. And since it has no achievements, I can that one completed!

So the plan for the next weeks is to focus mostly on games that I’ve won on SG. I think the focus will mostly be on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Tomb Raider, but I’ll probably play whatever I feel like playing.

#3: It’s fun to update when there nothing to update

Has it really been a more than a month since the last time I posted here? Time flies, I guess! I haven’t had much time to complete my minuscule backlog, and with exams coming up I don’t expect to get to it in at least a couple of weeks.

Since my last update I have only played about two hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where I’ve now got a lovely home in Whiterun.

In keohookalani’s Berlin event I managed to win Tomb Raider, which I have yet to even install (but it’s on priority!) and the day after I managed to win Burnout Paradise in a public giveaway, which I have tested for a few minutes. I used to love playing Burnout 3: Takedown on my PS2, so I’m also pretty exited to try that out!

#2: First update!

It’s been a month since the last time I updated here. I haven’t played too much since then, but I have tried to sink in a few hours to get the last few achievements in Game Dev Tycoon. Only five ones left, although for some reason the ‘Eat Cake’ achievement didn’t fire, but I’m pretty sure I completed it. So four/five achievements left, I guess, then I can call that one complete.

#1: Welcome to me!

I’m in! With my massive backlog of 21 games, this will surely take forever to complete! Glad I’m here with this amazing community (and beautiful website) to help me out.

I haven’t completed any game fully yet. Such a shame. But there are some that I’m not too far off either, so I guess it’s best to start with those.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! · I’ve recently upgraded my lovely restaurant to a 4 star restaurant, and when I’m at 5 stars, I can classify this as Beaten. Still a bunch of achievements to clear, but apparently they’re not too difficult to tackle.

Portal 2 · Still missing a few achievements, but most of them are completed.

Game Dev Tycoon · Same story as with Portal 2. Most achievements completed, but I’m missing some. Mostly hidden achievements in this one, but fortunately there’s some great guides in the Steam community for this, and they’re quite easy to get.

29 games (+1 not categorized yet)
28% never played
45% unfinished
24% beaten
3% completed
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