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I’m trying to reach at least 70% achievement ratio on Steam and finish at least some games. I prefer to play big games and I’m very slow, so not much progress in terms of assassinations expected. I’m also not very good with English, so sorry in advance.


* Won’t Play
* Unfinished
* Beaten
* Fully Finished

* 10 / 10-9 / 9 / 9-8 = Favorite Games
* 8 / 8-7 / 7 / 7-6 = Liked
* 6 / 6-5 / 5 / 5-4 = Decent
* 4 / 4-3 / 3 / 3-2 = Sorta Bad
* 2 / 2-1 / 1 / 1-0 / 0 = Just Why

Mostly Yes - I find game quite appealing for most people or as some interesting representative in its genre
Probably Yes - I guess that it may be appealing for most people or be interesting as part of genre
Partly Yes - Some aspects are good enough to recommend this game
Depends - Really depends from person to person and is more debatable game in its genre
Not Really / No / Just Run - Games which aren’t good enough, are bad or awful.
Dead Game - Usually MP game.

Monthly June 2022 Report on progress

Reached 60% ratio for achievements on Steam again and got 1000+ achievements in total.

Got a lot of progress with Left 4 Dead 2 new achievements and while I wasn't impressed with new campaign chapter, I found few mods which signifcantly improve bots and that brought up a lot of joy to playing it.

Also finished Alien Swarm and got a lot of achievements in it.

Status: Base Game was finished, same as most achivements achievable with bots.

About: Free game. You play as 1 out 4 Marines in missions swarmed with alien bug like parasites. Need to kill these aliens. Possible to play with bots.


  • As been said it's free
  • Possible to play with bots
  • Big arsenal to select from
  • Difffuclty affects game in advanced ways (more and more diverse enemies starting from first level)
  • Different enemies presented
  • Progression system
  • 7 missions to play and each of them could be selected via console
  • Most achievements could be achieved with bots
  • Some achievements are interesting
  • Has some plot


  • Hard with bots above 4th level to the point that I couldn't finish last mission for long time and which makes big arsenal quite small
  • Small parasites could kill in seconds, can't be taken off and require medic assistance and/or special armor to counter (bots can't use this armor electric potential)
  • Big armored bugs in tight areas
  • Big and small spitting bugs are hard counter to bots
  • Bots are not the smartest and sometimes get "stuck" in some areas trying to fight bugs or just for unknown reasons
  • After progression is completed there is not much things to do
  • No saving system
  • Manual reloading system seems needless - distracts from shooter gameplay and makes you lose ammo clips when fail to reload (but this could be skipped, if to wait for reloading to finish automatically)
  • Enemy presentation is not that diverse and not that big in numbers on difficulty Easy/Normal
  • Most achievements are grindy and some would probably require people to finish, since bots are not enough for requirements
  • Doesn't show in Steam library after being deleted

Summary: Interesting game, especially as it's free to try, but playing last missions with bots could be annoying.

Status: Almost Finished. 1 grindy achievement left, which I probably get soon and few which require people, I probably won't finish at all.

About: You play as 1 out 4 Survivors (8 characters) in zombie apocalypse. Need to survive futher, because why not. Ability to play for Zombies presented among Modes.


  • Interesting Modes like Versus
  • Has Steam Workshop with many mods
  • Fine and engaging AI, which could be severly improved with same mods to the point that bots could finish campaign on their own
  • Good and addictive time killer
  • Pleasant visuals and graphics
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Has some plot
  • Most achievements could be achieved with bots
  • Some achievements are fun and interesting
  • Cheap, especially during sales
  • Has Cards


  • Some achievements are too grindy
  • Could be frustrating sometimes due to how some gameplay aspects work
  • Takes a bit of space
  • Some achievements require people to finish

Summary: Very solid game, but must admit that I like to play for Zombies, rather than for Survivors, since gameplay for Survivor side is partly your typical zombie shooter.

I finally got hungry for achievements and progress, but it wasn't for long and I got sated quite fast, since a lot of games and achievements require to grind or play for long to unlock them. Most interesting already achieved.

  • Alien Swarm

    19.8 Hours playtime

    50 of 66 Achievements

    Most interesting are finished and only few non-grindy one left, but they probably require people.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    522.9 Hours playtime

    3 of 32 Achievements

    I really liked this game, but currently it feels like a chore to hunt for achievements.

  • Don't Starve

    176.8 Hours playtime

    No Achievements

    Didnt' finish story mode and 4 characters left to unlock.

  • Doom Eternal

    133.5 Hours playtime

    43 of 50 Achievements

    Need to get last extra life achievement. I won't touch MP one probably.

  • Left 4 Dead 2

    134.8 Hours playtime

    95 of 101 Achievements

    Last grindy achievement left. Rest require people, so probably won't be finished.

  • Total War: Warhammer

    709.8 Hours playtime

    45 of 185 Achievements

    While having absurd amount of playtime and love for this game, only now I was able to finish my first campaign.

Summary of previous years (2022-2020) and current progress

Summary of the things, I've done for past years.

Almost all were beaten/finished in 2022, apart from Stubbs and Alice Mcgee, which were finished in 2021 and F.E.A.R. 2, F.E.A.R. 3, which were partly finished somewhere in 2019-2015.

Status: Almost Finished - 1 achievement left. Played versus bots.

About: You play as Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. Plant/defuse bombs, protect/rescue hostages or just kill opposing team.


  • Was cheap and now it's free
  • Good and addictive time killer
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Has Steam Workshop with maps
  • Fine and engaging AI
  • All achievements could be achieved with bots
  • Some achievements are fun
  • Has Cards
  • Possible to win skins, if to play vs players


  • Takes too much space compared to content it provides
  • Very MP oriented, which is a shame for me, since I'm not into MP games usually
  • Some achievements are too grindy
  • Could be frustrating sometimes due to how bots and aiming work in this game


  • Got a badge level 5 long time ago, since it was cheap back then

Summary: Not much to say on top. It is what it is. Not something great, but not something bad. Definitely good time killer as you could see based on my hours in this game. Some people make career playing this and I just enjoy beautiful maps, interacting with AI and sound from headshots.

Status: Base game, DLCs and Horde Mode were finished. MP and extra life achievements left.

About: You play as Doom Guy, who has anger issues, lots of guns and don't like demons. Enjoy your vacation in Hell.


  • Very satisfying, addictive and aggressive combat loop
  • DLCs, which expand game further
  • Very diverse enemy roster with different behavior patterns
  • Very cool Soundtrack
  • Very good looking graphics and level art design with solid optimization
  • Has some interesting plot
  • Has lots of secrets
  • Has fun Horde Mode and cheats
  • Diverse locations
  • Online progression with rewards increases replayability
  • Good time killer
  • Difficulty settings aren't too straightforward
  • Good continuation of the series overall
  • Cards


  • Last levels of base game and DLCs were a bit tedious
  • Platforming may be a bit annoying, especially in base game ending and 1st DLC
  • DLCs and Horde Mode swarm with enemies in tight arena space, which is also a bit annoying
  • Takes a lot of space
  • A little bit hard for the first playthough even on Easy
  • Replayability may be not that rewarding, if online progression would stop to exist
  • Some secrets are a bit too hard to find
  • Some achievements require people to finish


  • Has MP, where possible to play as the Slayer or as one of the demons

Summary: Adrenaline packed action, which requires some thinking. Nothing more, nothing less. For me it was really fun and very solid, even though I stilll enjoy Doom 2016.

Status: Fully Finished on EGS.

About: You play as Stubbs ex-salesman, who resurrected from his grave and is very hungry. Thankfully whole city is his restaurant and each citizen is a meal. Love story presented.


  • Fun and funny
  • Cool Soundtrack (unfortunately used only in dance sequence in current non-CD version)
  • Has own style both in terms of visuals and humor
  • Nice and unique abilities
  • Different weapons, enemy types and locations


  • Visually and gameplay wise a bit outdated
  • Last levels are a bit weaker and less interesting

Summary: Fun to play and to replay periodically. Have it on CD and got it during giveaway on EGS. If you like zombie games or want to have some fun - this one may be worth a try.

Status: Almost Fully Finished. Few in-game goals weren't achieved and 1 achievement was SAMed due to a bug.

About: Control Zombie hordes, let them eat these juicy brains and produce more zombies.


  • Very cool Sountrack
  • Quite stylish for a black and white game
  • Rare and unique in its genre
  • Fun and funny
  • Has some plot and lots of references to some famous Zombie films and other stuff
  • Require brains to plan your actions
  • Quite unique abilities
  • Different locations and type of enemies
  • Cheap, especially during sales
  • Has Cards


  • Some in-game side goals are annoying, since they are restricted by time


  • I've got a bug with 1 of the achievements and therefore can't finish it without SAM

Summary: Zombie life ain't easy. Need to have brains, need to eat brains, need to brain brains. Quite fun game. Glad that I won it.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: Lunacy Part I. You play as Alice, who lost her family in a fire. Now she's in mental hospital and need to put herself back together fighting through her Wonderland.


  • Cool Soundtrack
  • Unique weapon roster
  • Different enemy types well presented in the world
  • Interesting and well implemented storyline
  • Varied locations and good world building
  • Enough platforming and secrets
  • Pleasant art style


  • Looks and plays a bit outdated
  • Platforming could be really painful

Summary: Lovely game, which has a little bit of this and that. Liked it a lot.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: Lunacy Part II. You play as Alice: her Wonderland was corrupted and in danger, same as her sanity. You need to save it. Fighting, jumping and searching are part of a deal.


  • Very user friendly platforming, secrets and fights
  • Beautiful and atmospheric in general and in level art design specifically
  • Has quite interesting plot
  • Unique enemies related to each chapter
  • Varied locations
  • Unique weapons
  • Has some mini games
  • Nice music
  • Nice gameplay aspects like costumes with effects or weapon upgrades
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Pre-last chapter is a bit unimpressive and feels too long
  • Mini-games, jumping, searching and slaying enemies could become boring at some point, since they have same repeating patterns
  • Weapon roster is poor
  • Enemy roster not that big and enemy encounters are scarce
  • Action part is generally a bit weak

Summary: Quite solid game overall. Has enough of everything to entertain and this everything has mostly fine quality. If it would be a bit shorter it would be a bit better.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: Solid first person shooter with smart AI, horror elements, slow mo and other stuff


  • Combination of level design and AI still among the best in my opinion
  • Combat in this game still pleasantly good
  • Was kinda spooky when I played it for the first time
  • Built-in DLCs, which increase amount of playtime
  • Visual effects still hold to this day in my opinion
  • Has some interesting plot
  • Nice music
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Level design visuals aren't something very interesting to say at least, especially last chapters
  • DLCs are generally weaker, compared to a base game: Extraction Point DLC is too short and Perseus Mandate seems partly unfinished

Summary: Back in the days, when I played it on CD, I finished base game 60+ times. I was very big fan of this game and still enjoying it a lot.

Status: Base game was finished. Don't have DLC to finish it completely.

About: Continuation of a solid first person shooter with kind of smart AI, horror elements, slow mo and other stuff.


  • Combat in this game still pleasantly good
  • Was kinda spooky when I played it for the first time (specifically School level)
  • Visual effects and varied good looking locations still hold well to this day in my opinion
  • Looks better and more diverse in general compared to a first game
  • Has some interesting plot
  • Nice sound design
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Level design and AI are weaker/less efficient compared to first game
  • Bloom, blur etc. can't be switched off

Summary: Nice sequel for the first game. Some aspects become better, some worse, but overall still pretty good. Have desire to replay it someday.

Status: Solo part of a campaign was finished. Need someone to get all coop achievements.

About: Continuation of a continuation of a first person shooter with some horror elements.


  • Shooter elements still good
  • Nice visuals and diverse level design
  • Horror elements and AI presented
  • Has some interesting plot
  • Varied good looking locations
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Horror elements not so strong as in previous games
  • AI is weaker compared to previous games

Summary: Good shooter, but not so good triquel of F.E.A.R. Still like it.

Status: Never played and can't be played at all.

About: Online sidekick for F.E.A.R. series. Dead on arrival.


  • It's possible to find and launch main menu
  • Guess, thanks for try and effort
  • Had Cards


  • Dead game almost from start and now hidden and truly dead
  • No bots to play with
  • No access to maps in Solo, if I recall it correctly

Summary: I think it's safe to say that Alma won't appreciate such game.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: You play as a prisoner, who escaped from spaceship and get on unfriendly planet. It's time to get out.


  • Quite pleasant combat
  • It's fun to fight versus bots to a point of an addiction
  • Has built-in expansion, which I played when I was a kid
  • Has lots of secrets
  • Has nice arsenal
  • AI and plot presented
  • Good time killer
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Horrible repetitive level design: I even watched playthroughs to progress futher
  • Some bugs, one of which forced me to use cheats
  • Campaign walkthrough felt tedious
  • Visuals are heavily outdated
  • Enemy roster not that big

Summary: Fine game overall, but mostly I enjoyed playing vs bots on some maps over playing a campaign. Nice time killer.

Status: Finished apart from Insane difficulty and Co-op. Played versus bots.

About: Multiplayer oriented sci-fi shooter. We'll show these dam' aliens! Campaign somehow presented.


  • Different types of modes to play
  • Diverse arsenal and gory kills
  • Looks nice even for today standards, in my opinion
  • Relatively fine to play vs bots
  • AI presented and sometimes perform well
  • Fine time killer
  • Has game modes with vehicles
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Campaign is nothing, but same maps from online modes
  • Repetitive visual level design for some maps made me feel dizzy and lost even on some small maps
  • AI seems weird: it feels like bots are deaf, but also could see through walls sometimes. On top of that bots have different accuracy with different weapons - with some they are too good even on Easy, with some they are too bad even on Hard, which ironically makes AI a bit worse, than one in Unreal Gold
  • Insane difficulty for campaign is too hard and unfair, because periodically player's team has less bots, than opposing team.
  • Some achievements require people to finish

Summary: It's a fine time killer and could be even fun to play vs bots.

Slowly progressing to reach average 70% achievements/game on Steam
  • CS:GO

    733 Hours playtime

    166 of 167 Achievements

    1 achievement left, but it's a grindy one.

  • Don't Starve

    175 Hours playtime

    No Achievements

    Didnt' finish story mode and didn't unlock all characters.

  • Doom Eternal

    105 Hours playtime

    32 of 50 Achievements

    Need to get extra life achievements.

  • Hard Reset Redux

    4 Hours playtime

    10 of 115 Achievements

    Discontinued. Need to return and grind a bit.

  • The Path

    3 Hours playtime

    No Achievements

    Boring. Didn't finish much.

  • Total War: Warhammer 2

    594 Hours playtime

    20 of 152 Achievements

    Got stuck globally. Don't know when I finish at least one campaign.

Summary of previous years (2019-2015 and before) and current progress

Summary of the things, I've done for past years on Steam, before BLAEO.

2019 was a bit more about Achievement/Completionism.

Monstrum was finally fully finished: Fiend was too spooky so it took some time to play vs him and if I recall correctly there still 1 note missing.

Postal was fully finished for second time even though Linux Achievement was SAMed and I reset achievements on accident and regained them manually.

There was some more "a bit here, a bit there" progression for other games as well - not full though.

Status: Fully Finished, but didn't find 1 note.

About: Big ship, 3 monsters, 3 ways to escape. Good luck.


  • Partly procedure-generated ship, which increases replayability
  • You face 1 out of 3 unkillable monsters which have different behavior patterns
  • 3 ways to escape
  • Fun AI
  • Fitting music and nice sound design
  • Atmospheric ship and monster design
  • Achievements are relatively easy to get
  • I actually find it scary, especially facing against Fiend
  • Plot somehow presented
  • Cheap, especially during sales
  • Cards


  • Relatively poor optimization, especially visible when game session is long enough
  • Game feels a little bit raw due to some minor bugs
  • Basically nothing to do apart from hiding, reading/listening to notes and escaping


  • If I recall it correctly I still didn't find 1 letter, but I know for certain it's there
  • Permadeath and no difficulty settings, which some may like and some may not

Summary: Quite spooky horror with interesting approach. If you are a fan of horrors - it may be worth a try.

Status: Fully Finished, but 1 achievement was SAMed.

About: You play as Dude and there is something in the air, earth is hungry and you had your last straw. Guns don't kill people - they need assistance.


  • Was cheap and now it's free
  • Interesting dark visuals and sound design (mostly during level screens) create grim stylish atmposphere
  • Difficulty affects gameplay in advanced ways (more enemies with different weapons etc.)
  • Different modes, enough maps, weapons and targets for them
  • Some achievements are specifically interesting or nod at gameplay basics
  • Gameplay could be fun for a while at least for harder difficulties
  • Has sort of story
  • Had Cards (with being free Badge still achievable, but Cards are not farmable)


  • Often Crashes (Win 7)
  • Some people may dislike violent concept
  • Heavily outdated graphics (at least in case of characters)
  • Repetitve gameplay with not much sense
  • Clanky and weird controls
  • Some achievements are too grindy or not very readable (like no Civilian Kills)
  • One achievement required to have Linux, which in my case means either install additional system or emulator or SAM. I used last one
  • Has improved analog (Postal Redux)

Summary: Since this game is free now, it could be really worth a try. Crashes may be annoying and gameplay a bit repetitve, but for slow progression after hard day may fit well in my opinion.

P.S. I finished it twice, since I deleted all achievements apart from "Linux" one with SAM on accident. But…I regret nothing.

Finished Postal 2 on Steam, although I finished it many times, while having CD of it.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: You play as Dude, who started his new life in Paradise, Arizona. Time to buy some milk and not get in troubles.


  • Enough content with DLCs
  • Sort of open world (with loading screens and only for Monday-Friday) for both original game and Paradise Lost DLC
  • Difficulty settings could affect gameplay drastically
  • Significant weapon arsenal and items to play with - some of them are quite unique
  • Has sort of story and own approach to satire
  • Visuals are somehow within its own style
  • Sound design ain't that bad
  • Has Steam Workshop with at least few interesting mods
  • A lot of secrets of different sizes
  • Some achievements are fun, interesting or nod at game basics
  • Cheap, especially during sales
  • Has Cards


  • Sometimes crashes, which in case of Postal difficulty achievements led to very annoying experience to the point that some levels just refused to load and game required more older saves (Win 7)
  • Fun, but not for everyone, especially in context of potential violent nature and "entertain yourself" gameplay
  • Some bugs, including being permanently stuck in world elements
  • A bit outdated and may seem quite empty compared to many actual open world games
  • DLCs (built-in Apocylpse Weekend and separate Paradise Lost) are weirder to the point that last one ended being like Fallout
  • Built-in AW DLC isn't open world; PL DLC has enough own issues (like NPC spawns etc).
  • Some minor mechanics aren't important to the point that you probably won't use them for anything apart from achievements
  • Some weapons quite a bit imbalanced (some are weak, some are no brainer)

While I can't recommend this game for everyone, due to concept, it's among my most favorite games.
It has enough flaws on its own, but if you are fine with it on a concept level - it may bring you fun or at least stuff to screw with.


  • You could go Postal here, after long hard day without issues for others
  • You could buy milk and ask to sign a petition - just like in real life
  • People falling and they can't get up
  • It keeps your brain safe, while eating your face
  • Sun is shining and birds are singing, what could go wrong

Special Delivery Love Letter:
I played it since I launched demo on one of game magazine CDs and I still periodically play it.
This game helps me or at least just doesn't require much from me to get involved into when I'm angry, sad or sick.
I know most (if not all) of its secrets and locations probably better, than my own neighborhood locations.
Sure, more experience with more games makes it look empty and outdated (even compared to 2003 game standards), but there are just games, which are "yours" regardless of their downsides and Postal 2 is definitely "my guilty pleasure" type of game for me.

Fully finished Abzu and Neighbours from Hell and it was fun.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: Swim with fishes, discover secrets.


  • Visuals and Aestetic are gorgeous
  • Pleasant sound
  • Relaxing almost in each and every aspect
  • Has small additional activity
  • Has story
  • Was cheap, when I bought it on sale
  • Relatively easy to complete both base game and achievements
  • Has Cards


  • Short
  • Not much to do apart from main progression and small additional activity, if you don't plan just to relax

Summary: Nice game to relax and to enjoy, but quite fast to finish and small in terms of doing anything apart from swimming with fishes and progressing through main plot.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: You play as a guy, who has issues with neighbour and who wants to make revenge.


  • Relatively funny and fun
  • Engaging and entertaining
  • Somehow easy to complete
  • Cheap, especially during sales


  • Repetitive
  • Basically only requires to do specific activities in specific way
  • Kinda short

Summary: Played it before long time ago. Not much to say on top about this game, apart from that game was engaging enough to fully complete it and I felt sorry for this neighbour after some time.

Fully finished Lucius. Was a bit tedious.

Status: Fully Finished.

About: You play as Lucius - Devil spawn. Need to kill people in specific way, because reasons.


  • Cheap, especially during sales
  • Indie, so smaller expectations
  • Mansion looks nice
  • Interesting theme
  • Has Cards


  • Even after buying it with decent discount it felt not worth it slightly (maybe if I would buy it with current discount would worth it though)
  • Basically whole game is in one mansion with only one goal - to kill few people with specific tools in specific places
  • Not that much to do - just driving on a plot rails
  • Side activities, which binded to achievements are minor and not that interesting
  • Short and repetitive
  • Achievements related to playtime require to replay game, which has very low replayability and by this unreasonably increasing playtime over more shorter, but more worthwhile games - I should just probably SAMed these achievements
  • Achievements aren't that interesting in general and more about "do this X times"
  • Looks and plays outdated


  • Got a badge level 1, since I wanted to get some spooky badge

Summary: Felt a bit like wasted time and money for me, but apart from time based achievements, I would say it's not completely bad. In any case Youtube playthroughs with it looked funnier, than it actually is.

Something-something, what I forgot about already. Also Evolve Stage 2 was sort of finished.

Status: Sort of Finished. Played versus bots mostly (few matches vs players).

About: Dead assymetrical multiplayer game, where you play either as a monster or as 1 out of 4 humanoid characters. Didn't pass the evolution test.


  • Was free unlike Legacy Edition
  • Still possible to play vs bots, which have fine AI
  • Was fun when it worked
  • A lot of monsters and characters and they were quite interesting and unique
  • Fine progression system
  • Was quite rare with its 1v4 concept, when it launched
  • Pleasant graphics and atmospheric art design
  • Map design was enough for gameplay purposes
  • Original Legacy Edition still may have some players
  • Had Cards (maybe still possible to obtain)


  • Eventually died and was closed, so no updates or new content
  • Balance and matchmaking issues
  • No P2P in Stage 2, unlike in Legacy version
  • Took too much space compared to content it provided


  • Got a badge level 1, since I wanted to save some memory about this game

Summary: Was kind of fun, when it worked, but not so fun when it stopped working. Shame. Hope someday it would be resurrected. While I'm not very into MP games, this one was fun both vs bots and vs players.

Slowly progressing to reach average 70% achievements/game on Steam.
  • Aliens vs. Predator

    21 hours playtime

    35 of 50 achievements

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    733 hours playtime

    166 of 167 achievements

  • Don't Starve

    175 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

    33 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Goat Simulator

    44 hours playtime

    88 of 127 achievements

  • Golf It!

    23 hours playtime

    12 of 41 achievements

  • Grand Theft Auto III

    33 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Just Cause 2

    24 hours playtime

    22 of 50 achievements

  • Left 4 Dead 2

    90 hours playtime

    62 of 101 achievements

  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation

    35 hours playtime

    61 of 107 achievements

  • Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Total War: WARHAMMER II

    594 hours playtime

    20 of 152 achievements

  • Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition

    147 hours playtime

    47 of 57 achievements

  • Unturned

    21 hours playtime

    31 of 63 achievements

  • Worms Clan Wars

    8 hours playtime

    6 of 14 achievements