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I’m using BLAEO mostly to organize my backlog and to participate in Play-or-Pay.

When a completed game has two “Beaten / completed” tags, it means that it was beaten and completed in two different years.

Today I officially “beat” Baba is You. It’s a bit weird because I probably only completed like 1/2 of the game (more likely 1/5), but I just got the “beat the game” achievement after solving a level titled “the end?”. It feels kind of arbitrary. But hey, I’ll just slowly continue playing through the levels until I get the “really beat the game” achievement too :D

Baba Is You

24.2 hours, 5 of 18 achievements

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I think this is the perfect puzzle game. Starts easy, but the difficulty continuously ramps up. Contains huge amount of content and allows custom user-created levels. Doesn't feel unfair, doesn't require quick timing. Solution always feels very satisfying.

Hi, new here. Can anyone give me some tips on which custom game lists to make? Beside the defauly “won on SG”, I made “playing now” and “want to play soon” which are very good RPG games that I really want to try soon (e.g. Fallout: NV). What other categories do people usually make? Thanks for your tips.