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Generally open to all genres, though I tend to gravitate towards RPGs, Strategy, Simulation, and Puzzle games. Feel free to add on Steam and we can tackle our backlogs together!

First post! Still kind of getting the feel for everything, so I’m starting with an overall August wrap-up. I’d say hopefully I’ll start updating on a weekly basis, but I just picked up Baldur’s Gate 3 and am sinking all available time into that. So maybe I’ll start weekly updates at the end of October?


37.2 hours
Played on Steam

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Half-Life 2

Gas Station Simulator

9.5 hours
64 of 91 achievements

Like mainlining espresso -- heart-rate shoots through the roof trying to balance everything, but you don't realize that it makes you feel bad until you're coming down off the high. Luckily, you can turn aspects off to slow the pace down if you want (immediately turn off dust storms after you get the achievement, for instance).

Half-Life 2

Renowned Explorers: International Society

9.0 hours
52 of 165 achievements

Very fun little gem; a virtual tabletop experience that I would actually love to have in physical form. Deceptively simple with a lot of hidden depth and strategy, though nothing that you wouldn't be able to figure out after one or two runs.

Half-Life 2

Assemble with Care

2.7 hours
14 of 14 achievements

Cute, but short and not really the puzzle game that it purports to be. More of an extremely low-stakes VN. Inoffensive, but nothing of real note beyond that.

Sudoku Universe

46.1 hours, 75 of 76 achievements

Number puzzle make brain go brrrr

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

5.2 hours, 6 of 50 achievements

Cute, but not super challenging. Might go back to finish up one day, but officially on the back-burner.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

7.5 hours, 4 of 129 achievements

Had this on the docket for a long time, but only started playing it as holdover until I could pick up BG 3. It'll be a minute before I go back to this now that I do have BG 3, but I will eventually return since I was enjoying my time.