Hi, my name is Gainja, I used to be a bundle addict... Gainja’s profile

It was fun buying bundles, it was never really a problem - I was addicted though. I wanted them all!

But there were more and more bundles… first I had to restrain myself to only buy from Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, Groupees, BundleStars and Indie Royale - that was my first victory, convincing myself that I did not need to keep up with every new bundle site.

Then, at some point, I managed to not buy a bundle for a whole month! Hard to believe, I know!

For a while I got my fix from a bundle group, where over the past 12 months I have won 73 games. But, I’m proud to say, that during the last 4 months I have only won a single game from that group :)

I have had different ideas and strategies about playing my games; both games I have won and games I have bought - but it always comes down to one thing missing: time!

I’m an ungrateful bastard. I have a great family, but sometimes I just wish I had time to play my games! Now, I’m hoping this group can help me - no, please don’t kill my family, I’m sure I will eventually miss them - help me better organize my games so I can spend my playing time more wisely. I’m still not sure how, but I have high hopes :)

Novemeber started out so good

…the last two weeks not so much

Titan Quest and BioShock Infinite were my next two projects. They’re turning out to be BIG projects. I thought I was nearing the end on both of them, but I was so wrong! Act III in Titan Quest surprised me; I was starting to get bored with the game so after turning literally every stone in the first two acts, I rushed Act III - and finished it!

Titan Quest Act III

But then it turns out there’s also an Act IV (I suppose that’s the expansion Titan Quest Immortal Throne)… Not sure when I’ll get around to rushing through that :D

BioShock Infinite… as I said, I thought I was nearing the end, but then I happened to be looking at some online guide for something, and it looks like I’m at part 28 of 40. I have been rushing a few chapters but there’s still a good way to go before I can say I have finished the game I’m afraid!

So I need something else to mix into my playtime… Faerie Solitaire should be good, but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to starting it up since August.

Something I should prioritize “soon” is updating my attack plan. Yay, I did that just now :D

Shadow Puppeteer would be nice, I remember really enjoying that (even playing it solo), not sure why I stopped… I also installed Shelter and Shelter 2, as they should be easy games to finish (which should bring motivation to keep fighting the backlog!). I started The Wolf Among Us but it didn’t really catch my attention… I think I’ll try that again.

Everything* completed on hard! Except DLC, I’ll have to get back to the game if I get my hands on the DLC…

Day D: Tower Rush

Jurassic period   Triassic period

I like tower defense games, and this is a simple, classic tower defense game. It is really easy to get all the achievements in this game, you’ll probably have at least 11/12 just from playing the first 20 maps on easy. I don’t remember how long it took to get the last one, which is “kill x dinosaurs”. Luckily the achievements-design is not the most important thing, so I put in several more hours so I can now say that I have completed all the levels on hard difficulty :)

Edit: Forget to say what game it is :D

Yay, it’s going well over here :)


First thing: This is really short compared to the first two Walking Dead games.

Second thing: This is really uninteresting compared to the first two Walking Dead games.

Especially the first game had me second guessing my own choices and decisions, but in Michonne I mostly didn’t care. I only remember one time when I wanted to go back and say something else…

I heard that Michonne is well known and liked by many people, but since my only experience with The Walking Dead is Telltale’s games I didn’t know her before starting the game, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t impressed with it.

Edit: Reading it again it sounds very negative; that was not my intention. I enjoyed the game and the story, just not as much as the first game :)

I suppose you can’t make the same connection with the main character(s) in a 4-hour game as you can over 15 hours, and with a well-know character leading the show I guess I just fall outside the target audience.

Posting my attack-plan here helped me get back to The 39 Steps and finish it :)


It’s a nice story, not much “game” in it but you do have to do a little clicking and mouse moving now and then. Some people say you’re better off reading the actual book, but I enjoyed the voice acting and most of the clicking to get the story going.

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