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I've been gaming since I was a child, starting with various consoles and gradually moving up to PC gaming which is pretty much all the gaming I do now, with the exception of the Wii! I'm very passionate about gaming, and the benefits it can have on people's lives. While my favourite games are generally RPGs and strategy games, I enjoy a bit of everything!

If you ever want to play, have questions about anything, or just want to talk about games (or anything really) feel free to give me a shout!

Earlier this year (2020) I created a review site for a university project, but I've kept it on as a personal project since, as something I generally enjoy, whether it's playing games, reviewing them, or developing the site some more. Of course, I have a curator page and group to accompany this.

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Coming soon!

1526 games (+58 not categorized yet)
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