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I’ll add here all my backlog from outside Steam, so I can keep an eye on those games, too. Hopefully, the list will get shorter in time. :-)

GOG (4)
The Saboteur™
Hitman Absolution

Epic Games (9+2)
Grand Theft Auto V
Just Cause 4
Close to the Sun
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Batman Arkham - Trilogy
This War of Mine

Total Backlog Count: -41-

NOTE: Sometimes I forget to differentiate between Beaten and Completed, but I don’t care that much so it is what it is. :-)

P.S. L.A. Noire, Velvet Assassin and Memoria are in an adjacent library, might come around to them at some point.

I removed Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris from my backlog because I was contemplating playing it and watched a gameplay video and… oh, my, the cheesiness. I just can’t. And also I don’t think it appeals to me, it seems… arcadey?… Not my kind of game, really, not anymore.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light also removed, it seemed a bit better but I find isometric a bit tiring nowadays.

And I, very reluctantly, removed The Last Revelation, because I really don’t have the mental space to undertake the task to make a 20-year-old game work. I had played it about 15 years ago, anyway.

I thought I made a post, but probably I deleted by mistake.
The gist was, since I dropped below the 50 games threshold, I bought me Shadow of the Tomb Raider and beat it. :-)

I’m a bit conflicted about the trilogy re-reboot. The first game was mostly what I don’t really enjoy, with heavy emphasis on survival (and of course Rambo Lara kills an entire island) but the one with the best flow, the second one was big, but a bit empty, and the third one was basically Underworld with an underwhelming big bad and LOTS of bugs. For a definitive edition, Lara got stuck in the floor and I had to reload an autosave too many times. Also, it kinda felt like an AC game too often. But it had the best tombs.

I don’t know where the series will go from here, but unless they have some really fresh ideas, it’s probably best to put this franchise to rest.

I’ll allow myself another game when I reach 25 games in my backlog (with one exception allowed in case there’s something I really like).

Rise of the Tomb Raider is also done. :-) :-) :-)

I have to say my backlog was bloated with games that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, after the cleanups it’s much easier to find and play games I really want to AND diminish my backlog.

I beat Tomb Raider (2013) in 3 days (sleep is overrated).
That’s what I was talking about, I didn’t even remember I had this game!

I did a great cleanup, basically removing games that I know I won’t play and playing a couple short HOPAs.

I also got and completed Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Unity (I loved it, sue me), Syndicate (I didn’t love it, sue me). This concludes my AC journey, since I’m not interested in playing the new RPG entries.

There’s a final cleanup that needs to happen, and I expect to remove about 10 games or more that seem meh, but I wanted to give them a chance.

The cleanup helped me rediscover some games I have and really want to play. I expect to have more fun going on. :-)

I broke my rule and bought 5 games in Xmas sales…

So now I have 75 games, but my rule stands again from now on, no new games until I have less than 50 games in backlog.

EDIT: Okay, that was fast. I started Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis but it’s nothing like the first game. The heroes were a bit extra but likeable there, here everyone is just straight up obnoxious. I’ll abandon this, and too bad, it was on my wishlist. :-(

I also removed Cannonfire Concerto, I started it ages ago and realized I don’t really like text-based games. I also just realized that I’m not interested to play it and it just stays in my backlog for no reason.

EDIT: I’ll add my progress for this long weekend in this same post, see how it goes…

Long weekend here so I get to play… or do I get to install games, figure I don’t want to play them and clean up my backlog the drastic way?…

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut I tried it, but it was soooooo buggy. It wouldn’t listen to my gamepad and you have to stand to the exact spot or it won’t register to interact etc. Also, it does that thing that some games do, make my cursor go crazy. It’s not worth it to restart my laptop 2 times each time I launch the game to get to use my laptop again. And I kinda didn’t really like it.

Unbox Do I think it’s a cute enjoyable game? Yes. Do I have the patience to retrain my reflexes for this game as a chore and not have a good time playing something else this weekend? No.

The Walking Dead. I can now say with absolute certainty that I dislike the zombie genre in any medium. I’m a vampire gal and that’s it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I’m not a QTE fan, and it seemed kinda boring overall. I believe everyone who says the game has a great story, still not for me.

Black Rainbow Done, little fun HOPA.

I guess there’s a very specific niche of “ACII-trilogy-and-TR-1st-reboot-trilogy-era” games that I enjoy and nothing more “classic” (= painfully outdated controls and graphics, great stories maybe but a pain to play today) or more “impressive” (=RPG-grindfests that require roughly 2,5 times the HW/SW I have) will please me ever again.

So… maybe it’s the heat wave, but I felt like playing today.

Angelica Weaver I tried it, but it’s too slow for me, so I uninstalled.
Layers of Fear It refused to play properly, and honestly I find it too demanding on my laptop for this kind of game, it’s not a 40GB RPG after all.
Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Boring and a story that doesn’t interest me at all (a girl wanted her boyfriend to propose to her so she used a spell, but it backfired. Ugh.).
The 39 Steps Beautiful art. The gameplay isn’t my style, but I would recommend the game as a whole. Maybe because I’ve read the book and watched the movie, I wasn’t eager to follow the story.
Albedo: Eyes from outer space It’s supposed to support controller, it doesn’t. Also, buggy from the get-go.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive I would be interested, but it’s listed on Steam as multiplayer only, and I’m not interested in multiplayer, so… The same goes for Tree of Savior. I guess I got them during a short period when I was contemplating online gaming.

General rant: I don’t like and won’t play games that require much better equipment than they’re entitled to.

Once again, I ended up cleaning house and not actually playing, but it is what it is. :-)

I won Kathy Rain on Steamgifts and played it (not bad) and I’m also trying to play/ finish a couple other wins. Working in front of a computer all day makes me really tired with screens and I end up not playing, although I feel like it. :-(

I had written a great post with all the latest victims of my winter cleaning, but my laptop decided to act up, so let’s just say that removing games from my backlog that shouldn’t even have made it in my library is going well.

I hope everyone is doing great, xoxo

164 games (+8 not categorized yet)
12% never played
8% unfinished
18% beaten
7% completed
55% won't play