Backlog Destruction Girlbeard’s profile

Year Total Games Complete/Beaten Unfinished Never Played SteamGifts Wins SG Completion
2017 1107 59% 4% 33% 208 69%
2018 1192 70% 2% 25% 239 80%
2019 1253 80% 0% 19% 269 88%
2020 1370 84% 0% 14% 288 91%
2021 1391 87% 0% 12% 293 95%
2021 Goals Complete?
90% of all games Complete or Beaten No (87%)
95% of SteamGifts wins Complete or Beaten Yes (95%)

It’s getting tougher to finish games now that the ‘easy’ completes have dried up. The goal is 90% (1252) this year, 44 games to complete as long as I don’t collect more. 95% (278) SG wins to complete should be manageable, only 3 to go!

September Backlog report. It was truly a massacre! Around 40 games bit the dust, most of them trash that I picked up for free somewhere but a few were good so I will only talk about those to save space. Lots of them were awful and I hope I never have to play them again D:

Game Completed Recommended? Quick Notes
Eternal Hour: Golden Hour Yes Decent, short visual novel
Terra Lander Yes A classic arcade style game. Difficult at times but worth playing
Lugaru Yes/Maybe Very dated graphics but it’s a good rabbit-based brawler
Figment Yes A action-y, puzzle-y game with weird environments and singing bosses
12 Is Better Than 6 Yes Wild West Hotline Miami. Definitely worth playing
Tharsis Yes Great strategy dice game. Lots of replay value.
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca Yes/Maybe Relatively short point-and-click game. Not remarkable in any way but still enjoyable.

October is going to be another SteamGifts month, I won a few games and my completion percentage dropped a little so I’m still aiming for 80%. Maybe a little higher so I have a buffer.

Another month down, more games stricken from the backlog. August Backlog Destruction Report! This was mostly a SteamGifts month and by coincidence a lot of them were point-and-click games.

Game Completed Recommended? Quick Notes
Varenje Maybe/No Fairly average point-and-click but it has an intentionally broken achievement.
Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People Yes Decent P&C from when Telltale made good games.
Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum Yes If you can put up with ancient games this is a good choice
Tex Murphy: Mean Streets Maybe/Yes A weird mish-mash of genres but the story is good
Snake Pass Yes The best snake-em-up since Snake
Playing History: Vikings Maybe Short but interesting educational game. No corpse/slave tetris.
Graveyard Keeper Yes/Maybe Stardew’s dark and grindy cousin. Only play it if you are patient.
Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon Yes/Maybe Good story but weird controls from the long-long-ago
Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive Yes/Maybe As above.

Nine games down and only four added this month. I won the Tex Murphy Collection many years ago on SG and thought it would be a good idea to play through them all in one go. Unfortunately Overseer doesn’t seem to work on my PC and a lot of reviews say it is buggy for them too. I’ll probably watch a Let’s Play and mark it as Beaten even if that is cheating. It’s a decent franchise but very dated control-wise.

I decided that I have done a decent job so far this year and had a little break from the backlog destruction. Snake Pass was something I have been wanting to play for a while so I played that and also treated myself to Graveyard Keeper (with a 30% off coupon that appeared from nowhere). Both are worth playing but require patience. Snake Pass can be frustrating because controlling a snake is odd and Graveyard Keeper is a grind-fest (though the developers are rebalancing it quickly).

In September I will be blasting through some trash games that I guess were given away for free. I’ve assembled a temporary list Here. I doubt I will fully complete each game but I’d like to give them at least a few hours before being crossed off the backlog and never played again. Maybe some will be redeemed and get to live with the other not-trash games in my library!

July backlog report. A fairly slow month as I decided to play some of the longer games that have been building up. It was also really hot for a few weeks so I was busy trying not to melt.

Period Total Games Games Complete/Beaten SteamGifts Wins SG Wins Complete/Beaten
December 1107 59% 208 69%
June 1142 (+5) 65% 226 76%
July 1145 (+3) 65% 228 76%

Backlog Completion Stats

Start 53% Completed 6% Beaten 4% Unfinished 3% Won’t Play 33% Never Played
June 60% Completed 5% Beaten 2% Unfinished 3% Won’t Play 30% Never Played
July 60% Completed 5% Beaten 2% Unfinished 3% Won’t Play 29% Never Played

July Backlog Destruction!

Game Completed Recommended? Quick Notes
Broken Sword 5 Yes A decent point-and-click that brings the series back
Last Door 2 Yes Short but creepy point-and-click game. Play the first game before this one
Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut Yes Decent ARPG with lots of potential for build variety
Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force Yes Turn-based RPG, fun character interactions and multiple story paths
King’s Table: Legend of Ragnarok Maybe Old-school viking chess. Once you figure out the rules it’s okay
Riaaf the Spider Maybe Average puzzle game with pointlessly easy achievements
Solitaire Christmas Maybe It’s not a solitaire game but it’s still good to waste time with

Seven more games down and a few SG wins too. I haven’t planned ahead for August so I don’t know what to play. I’m still trying to get through some of the stuff I have installed first but the monthly theme might give me other inspiration. I might take a month off and start converting some of my ‘beatens’ in to ‘completes’. Who knows?

Another early end-of-month backlog report. Previous reports were a bit unorganised so this time I attempted some fancier formatting! So many tables :D

Period Total Games Games Complete/Beaten SteamGifts Wins SG Wins Complete/Beaten
December 1107 59% 208 69%
June 1142 (+5) 65% 226 76%

Backlog Completion Stats

Start 53% Completed 6% Beaten 4% Unfinished 3% Won’t Play 33% Never Played
June 60% Completed 5% Beaten 2% Unfinished 3% Won’t Play 30% Never Played

June Backlog Destruction!

Game Completed Recommended? Quick Notes
Another Perspective Yes Fun but short platformer. Worth playing but not really special.
Moai: Build Your Dream Maybe Average ‘strategy’ game. Not very deep but still fun to play occasionally.
A Virus Named Tom Yes Quite challenging but still fun. Optional co-op and multiplayer modes.
Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon No Disappointing sequel that moved to 3D. Most puzzles involve pushing boxes.
Half-Life Maybe A decent game but very dated graphically. Play with cheats on for extra fun!
Risen Maybe Average RPG. Combat is very clunky and it’s not the prettiest game. It’s still better than Two Worlds.
Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth Yes It’s a Daedalic point-and-click game. Obviously worth playing!
Mahjong World Contest Maybe It’s mahjong. Nothing more, nothing less.
Kentucky Route Zero No Starts off okay then gets ponderous and boring.
Portal Yes I think it’s a legal requirement to own this game. Definitely worth playing (the sequel too!).
Dice Tower Defense Maybe Very short, very simple tower defence game. Fun in short bursts.

I managed to hold back and not buy dozens of games during the sale. I only picked up Banner Saga 2 and Dice Tower Defence. Did you end up increasing your backlog this month?
July will probably be a SG wins month. I won Fairy Fencer F Dark Advent (that’s a mouthful) and would like to get through a few more gifts. Onwards to 80% completion!

May is (almost) done so it’s time for another backlog report. 2018 Backlog Destruction

I tried to take part in this months theme, grateful assassins, by beating some of my SG games. A lot of them didn’t have achievements so I didn’t submit them in the thread. It was still a good way to get through that backlog and also meet one of my yearly goals, 75% SG completion! My next milestone will be 80% which should be possible by the end of the year. I’ve also increased my goal to 100 total games beaten (up from 60).

Overall 14 games were completed (two of those technically count as five games) with 11 of them being SteamGifts wins. I would recommend Tiny Echo and Kathy Rain if you are interested in point-and-click adventure games. I even wrote a review for Tiny Echo for those interested. I finally finished off Shovel Knight too. The Plague Knight DLC was a bit irritating but I got there in the end! Nothing else I beat this month really stood out.

May was also a month where plenty of games were being given away so my backlog ended up getting 14 new additions. So far I’ve accumulated 39 new games this year but beaten almost 70, which is acceptable I suppose. As long as the backlog is shrinking I’ll manage!

The plan for June is to blast through some of my already-installed games and clear out my library a bit. Unless the monthly theme is particularly interesting of course.

April is just about done so it’s backlog report time. 13 games defeated, five were SteamGifts wins. That’s 54 so far this year.

Owlboy was probably the best of the bunch. A great action game with amazing art and music. I would highly recommend it!
Aviary Attorney was good too. I only played through once and got one ending (I think it was a neutral/bad one) and will likely play again in the future when my backlog is smaller.

I haven’t finished the full game but I did finish off the Specter Knight DLC for Shovel Knight. Overall I enjoyed it even if there were a few annoying moments. Right now I’m trying to endure Plague Knight’s DLC but it’s extremely frustrating since his movement is completely different and a pain to get used to. The base game is good enough that I would still recommend Shovel Knight Treasure Trove.

My plans for May are to finish off some games that are already installed. My library needs a bit of a spring cleaning since I’ve got dozens of beaten-but-not-complete games. I’m way ahead of my targets for the year so a few weeks are well deserved.

March Backlog report!

Things slowed down considerably last month since I was already well ahead of my goals. I spent a lot of time playing Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! since it has a lot of replayability and some annoyingly random achievements. I also finished a couple of games from the monthly theme (threes). The Journey Down Chapter Two, a decent point and click adventure I had for a while and would definitely recommend. The Book of Unwritten Tales and the sequel/prequel Critter Chronicles,more point and clicks that have been in my library for years. They were a bit slow since you can’t skip a lot of the animations, but overall decent games.

Overall I got through 5 games. I picked up 8 new games in March so I ended up increasing my backlog by 3 instead of reducing it. My bad! D:

The plan for April is to complete some more SteamGifts wins (Aviary Attourney, Elizabeth Find, Albert & Otto) and then hopefully finish off Owlboy.

It’s a day early but I figured I’d write up my second monthly backlog report. All is going well, another 18 games done from the backlog! 7 of them were achievement spam games which I hadn’t intended to play this month but I wanted a break from playing SteamGifts games. Speaking of SG games, I blasted through 8 of them (with a possible 9th for tomorrow) bringing my SG completed games from 69% to 71%.

Since I was doing so well for February I decided to end the month of playing Grandia 2 which wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped. Still, another game off the backlog as well as another 100%-er.

Highlights for the month would be Silence, the follow-up to The Whispered World, and Higurashi When They Cry, a very creepy visual novel. Gemini Rue was also good but a bit short and some of the controls were a bit annoying. The Papers Please short film was also pretty good.

Next month is going to be a free-for-all unless the BLAEO theme is particularly interesting.

The first month of the year has been and gone. How goes the 2018 backlog destruction?

I’m well on my way to the 60 game goal, finishing 17 already. A couple of them were quite short or had already been started last year so it’s a little less impressive and I doubt I will keep this pace up for the full year. Even so it gives me a nice buffer for future months when I might be playing much longer titles. It also helped clear out what I had installed so that I don’t have unfinished games cluttering up my hard drive.

The highlights of the month would be One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Lara Croft GO and Cosmic Star Heroine. I wrote some reviews for them so feel free to check them out.

February is dedicated to churning through Steam Gifts wins. Currently I’m at 67% beaten/complete and want to get to at least 75%, meaning I have to finish around 15 games, easy peasy!

I was going to make my first (and very late) post at the end of the year but circumstances are forcing me to make it today. I was originally keeping track of my backlog in a custom text box on my Steam profile but had completed so many games that I was hitting the character limit! Even after getting rid of some of the formatting and shortening some game titles I’m at the limit again. So I’d like to give a final-ish report for 2017 and outline my goals for 2018.

When I joined BLAEO my aim for the year was to get through 10 games per month, 120 in total. I reached that number in August with Sanctum being the lucky game to take the 120 spot. A game I had in my backlog for, I think, three or four years without playing it. Now it is Christmas and I’ve finished off over 190 games! It’s possible I might get to 200 before the end of the year but I’m not going to worry too much about it. Here is my 2017 Backlog list

Looking forward I’m planning on beating some of the longer games in my backlog, aiming for 60 games beaten by the end of 2018. I’m also hoping to get to around 80% for my Won on SteamGifts backlog. I’ll be making an effort to write up a little post at the end of each month and taking part in the community a little more than I have done so far. Updates will include the games I have beaten as well as keeping track of how many new games I have added to my backlog. I don’t want to beat 100 games only to add 200 to the queue!