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I am married and we have three children ages 4 and under. I manage a 15 apartment bed and breakfast. My wife teaches grade school. I have little time for gaming.

I love big rpgs the most. My favorites are Arcanum, Bloodlines, and Fallout.

I only have short spurts of time to game nowadays. But I feel like we are in a golden age of gaming right now. It’s messy, and there’s a lot of crap out there. But there also are some of the best games I’ve ever seen - from big actiony rpgs like Skyrim to throwback rpgs like Lords of Xulima to indie platformers like Elliot’s Quest and Mr. Bree+… I love it!

See you around!

Finished! Batman: Arkham Origins
Finished! Skyrim main quest plus DLCs
Finished! Dark Arcana: The Carnival (HOG)

Wow. 3 months since my last post that said 3 months since my last post! I’m on a roll!

I have acquired Fallout 4 since my last post and put about 4 hours into it.
I still haven’t quite finished Limbo. But I like it an awful lot.
I finished another HOG - I forget which one.
I have played a few minutes of a delightful Minekeeper clone and some Rush for Glory - a Tower Defense game i can’t quite decide i like.
Oh, and I acquired Underrail and went through the character generation.

In other news, our new house is coming along. Furnaces are going in as we speak. Electrical work is getting done. Plumbing is almost done. Windows have been installed. Outdoor mason work is done for the winter.

Perhaps we will begin to move in in March?


Wow. 3 months since my last update…

Busy life. My wife and I closed on a house. My parents sold theirs and moved down here. We are taking bids on the work that needs done before we can all move in.

Let’s see…
I’m almost done with Limbo - quite awesome in atmosphere. Perfect aesthetics that all work together for one monolithic emotional experience.
I’m almost done with the Fairy Tale Beanstalk HOG. Not my favorite.
2/3 done with Alice HOG - much better.
Been playing a lot of Skyrim. I’m into Dawnguard now, and I’ve hit level 50. I’m about to hit 100 in one-handed and then get the paralysis chance perk. I’m having a blast. Same modlist since April 2015.

I have added to my backlog - most notably Divinity Original Sin and This War of Mine. Divinity is for sure going to sit. I loaded it up and started it, and it is cool. But I won’t start it unitl I am done with Skyrim. And This War I loaded an dplayed for 30 minutes. It’s going to take some time o get into. But I quite like the setup.


Because of the Steam sale I was able to get Beyond Earth: Rising Tide. And now I am very enjoying playing Beyond Earth, which I have had since it came out (birthday present). Fun fun fun!

I also was gifted the Dead Island games, so I have been playing that a little bit. Kind of fun.

I have dabbled in Elliot Quest, Dishonored and Legend of Grimrock.

I am having fun with video games infrequently and for short periods of time.

In the last month I have also sold a car, celebrated my son Juniper’s 1st birthday, am buying a house, took a vacation, celebrated my five year wedding anniversary and hosted 88 visits to my bed and breakfast.

Ah, life!

I hope y’all’s lives are good as well.


I have finished Clockwork Tales Of Glass and Ink. Another one down! I think I’ll take a break from HOGs for a while.

I fired up Woolfe. 3D platformer. Pretty visuals, nice sound design. Astonighingly, the narration is all in rhymed verse! How about that!

Went on a detour and started and finished Hero of the Kingdom, even though it was on my Never Gonna Play list. I’m home sick, and it was perfect.

Also, almost through with Steamworks Artifex Mundi game thingy.

Bleh. Cough cough. Yuck.

OK. I can’t figure out how to remove a tag from a game. If I list All Games and hit the edit button next to a game, I cannot edit the tags, just the categories. If I go to a screen with all the games tagged, I cannot remove the tag. Dammit, Jim.

Oh, well…

Right now, my plan looks like this:

Skyrim: heading to Dawnguard. Will play through that expansion over the next month or so.
Dark Souls Prepare to Die: Well, prepare to crash anyway. I installed DSfix and DSMfix and a UI texture. Somewhere along the line I went wrong, because I crash during character creation or when trying to load a saved game. So, progress on this game will mean getting it to play.
Batman Origins: Still playing, still progressing.
And I have my usual assortment of puzzle games I keep going at: Kami, most notably. I like that game…


I paused right at the end of Nightmares of the Deep 3 and picked up The Old City Leviathon, which I finished in one sitting. For a narrative exploration game, it had some nice art. The narration got silly pretty fast. If you like the genre, I suggest reading Briefing for a Descent into Hell by Doris Lessing.

I am about 80% through Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones. I’m thoroughly enjoying all three of these games. This third one is heavier on the animation, simple click-through puzzles, and it is faster paced. Seems to have less actual hidden object puzzles than the other two. None of this has dulled my enjoyment. Harr!

I have picked up Skyrim again. I like this game. A few months ago I played through all of the Dragonborn expansion. i’m now on my way to Dawnguard. The key to this game for me is to play a large chunk for a about a month and then put it down for several months. That way I continue to enjoy it and feel a sense of accomplishment. Minimimize the feeling of oh god there’s still so much to do what am I going to do next bleh.

Batman Origins is still in progress. Slow and steady.

I’m fooling around with my On Deck list. I think for me one big rpg at a time is all I can do while still having fun. Batman is an action game. Pirates are HOGs. I always have a puzzle game going. Maybe I’ll throw in Grimrock.


Reminder of my plan for April:
Batman Origins - More progress today. I’m really back in the swing of this game. Got the controls, got the rhythms, remember what all the side tasks are, how to use the map, etc. I’m rolling now.
Sigils of Elohim - Now I’ll have to figure out what the unlocked things are. I did start Talos when I got it. I like the puzzles. Hmmm… Maybe this on should go in my On Deck list…
Never Alone - I’m going to put this one back on the shelf for now. I started it and I like it, but it’s gonna be for later.
Nightmares From the Deep 2 Finished and I started up the third game. I do like pirates!
Inside the Gear - Finally passed the first level. And a couple more. It’s now on my regular puzzle rotation with Kami and a couple others.

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