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The adventures of Robinson Crusoe

  • Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

    26 minutes playtime

    no achievements

The Low Road

  • The Low Road

    9 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

Living legends: The frozen fear collection

  • Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection

    13 hours playtime

    no achievements

Steel Rats

  • Steel Rats

    19 hours playtime

    44 of 46 achievements

12 labours of Hercules

Recommended casual

    12 Labours of Hercules

    6 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

Sundered: Eldritch Edition

  • Sundered

    28 hours playtime

    16 of 20 achievements

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™

    44 hours playtime

    48 of 74 achievements

Full Metal Furies

  • Full Metal Furies

    31 hours playtime

    34 of 36 achievements

Happy Gaming

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2

Not recommended

  • The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2

    4 hours playtime

    15 of 15 achievements

Hi there. Well this game is pretty basic, way too simple, the characters are as engaging as a pebble on the road, the only challenge here is to find all the “eyes of horus”.
You play as Iris Birdwood a paranormal detective, who as such, can access anybody’s house and any supersecret project they had been working on.
The writing and design feel amateurish at best, they do try to bring new features but that isn’t enough to make the product shine. Multitool is a good but unexplored idea, there are just a few hidden objects scenes that are at least mechanically different from one another. The voice acting is hideous, especially for the main character, which is a shame.

If you are looking for a good HOG with decent plot and development, this is not it. If you are looking for a simple HOG to pass time it could be worth trying.

happy Gaming

PS: Any grammatical or redaction tips for my reviews are always welcome :)

Shadow Warrior


  • Shadow Warrior

    25 hours playtime

    58 of 92 achievements

I enjoyed this, good action packed shooter with hell beings as allies and enemies, many secrets per level, cheese lines, easter eggs and giantic bosses.

Ghost pirates of Vooju Island

Recommended (if dated graphics don’t bother you)

  • Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

Fun characters, good story, graphics are dated obviously but stll good. Unlike other games from the genere you get to play with 3 characters that can, and have to, interact between them via menu to solve certain puzzles, each one of them have their missions in different places that help to solve the main conflict. Interactable elements are well blended in the scenaries; there are a lot of silly fun jokes in dialogs.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the fathers


  • Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers

    17 hours playtime

    50 of 51 achievements

This is the 20 years aniversary edition.
The game tells the events that occur during the investigation of the main character to write a book based on a series of murders that are occurring in New Orleans, the “voodo murders” Poor Gabriel tormented in nigthmares, broken & running into a dangerous path that will make him to learn about his own past and the dark secrets from New Orleans underworld.
Excellent game, the plot is very good and engaging whit lovable characters, although predictable it doesn’t diminish the quality of the product. If you like point and click adventures this one is highly recommended; this version contain a graphic novel, but don’t read it until you have completed the game at least one time (reaching day 6 is the minimum progression recomended). You (Gabriel) can die several times in the game, like in the Black mirror games, so be cautious.

Twisted lands trilogy

Not recommended

  • Twisted Lands Trilogy Collector's Edition

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

This ones have some original puzzles, it’s the classic HOG gameplay and i have to tell this the first game does an excellent job setting a dark atmosphere and a thrilling feel, but it all falls apart; at first the plot engage you but it fails to deliver, the writing seems amateurish-weak and the quick, short, poorly animated cutscenes didn’t help.
What i liked is that the games had me walking around with a lot of tools in the inventory (why i would left behind a very useful screwdriver or a hammer after one use, looking at you Artifex Mundy). Nonetheless as a whole the experience feels unsatisfactory.
I’m still have to play the last one of the trilogy but my expectations are very low as i have read that is the franchise’s worst game.


100% recommended

  • Silence

    6 hours playtime

    19 of 46 achievements

Silence is an experience and you have to live it, as the previous entry “The Whispered World” it’s beatiful, the plot and writing are amazing; i felt in love immediatly with the game and it’s characters.

Happy Gaming