Gotta clear that backlog Ivein’s profile

Few months ago I discovered bundles, game trading and steam gifts, and since then my backlog grew by about 350 games. I slightly regret some impulsivity in the beginning that led me to getting anything that seemed even a bit interesting. So now I’m giving my best not to grow my backlog with stuff I’m not 80% sure I want to play.

While it feels like I will never manage to play even half of the games I have atm, I will give my best to clear at least 1/3 by the end of the year. Probably by playing all those fun HOGS I have, they are easy way. :D


Goal for December: Play as many Steamgifts wins

As my library grew quite a lot in past year, since I discovered bundles, I feel very overwhelmed when I want to chose what I want to play. I often end up not playing anything because I can’t make a choice.

So to fight this problem, I decided to focus on games I won on Steamgifts. That gives me a smaller pool of games, where most I have been interested in. I don’t expect to like all the games, especially since I had a phase where I entered way stuff I was not sure I’d really want to play and I happened to win during that time. But I will give each game a try, and hopefully my white part of progress bar will be way shorter by 2019.

I will be starting this quest with



0.0 hours
no achievements

while side playing what I started last week.

Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion

2.1 hours
5 of 12 achievements

Let’s hope I don’t get distracted with Civilisation or building games. :D

Sorting games to a list question

Is there a way to add games to the list without typing name of the game? I would like to be able to assign games to a list while seeing my whole game list. Kinda like when you sort them by status the first time, or even manually by pencil option would do.

Is there a way to do this that I’m just not seeing or option doesn’t exist yet?

587 games (+1 not categorized yet)
76% never played
6% unfinished
4% beaten
8% completed
5% won't play