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I got too many gifts, won too many giveaways, found too many promotions, and I have too little motivation to play them… That’s why I’m here.

Half-Life 2
Point and click graphic adventure

The Last Door - Collector's Edition

14.3 hours
16 of 16 achievements

A classic point and click graphic adventure with pixel art and horror setting. Let me elaborate on those three points. Yes, it is a very classic style point and click game, with inventory but no verbs. Interactions are straighforward so you only need to use the brain following sometimes subtle clues that are only revealed truly after you've succeed on a puzzle. The pixel art is very pixel (huge pixels, resolution is like 100x78), but also very artsy; you'll have trouble finding many games with this art quality in such low res, and animations are fluid and surprisingly realisting - signs of great quality pixel art. And finally, the horror setting is really great; not actually scary (tho there are some jumpscares), but the writting, the story, the ambience, the melancholic-then-eerie-then-tense music help telling a great horror tale in the vein of Poe or Shelley. Old classic gothic horror with some modern touches here and there.

It was a great experience playing each episode the first time. My playtime is distorted and elongated by 1. card farming before playing (5h); 2. doing other things with the game on background when they required my attention (who knows); and 3. having to play each episode three times to get all achievements. Specially devious are the "occult" secret events to get Master Of The Occult. I found some myself but for the last ones I had to follow a guide because why would you stay in the precise same spot doing nothing in a precise moment until an event triggers? Not following a guide means hours of tries - and you know when you've triggered a secret event, but you never know if you're missing any in this chapter or in another.

All in all, near perfect point and click for us who played on the golden age in the early 90's. Next stop: Day Of The Tentacle? Dunno, but now I have to get The Last Door Season 2!

Half-Life 2


6.1 hours
no achievements

While the game has no achievements, I ended every level with "perfect" rating, both classic and premium puzzles. It's a color-zone puzzle type, and personally one of the most difficult puzzles I've played. I don't think the game is difficult itself - tho some of the latter puzzles are really devilish. It's just that while I understood the rules easily, and they are easy, I didn't grasp the tricks and whatnots to see how to advance through each puzzle.

So it is also the first game in Steam (and the first one in a loooooong time) where I used the implemented clue system heavily, and I still took me 6h to complete it and so many days because you can only use a limited amount of clues daily. Thankfully there were no achievements - if there was one of "completing the game without using clues" or similar, I would have never completed it. Premium puzzles were interesting, first page was hard but doable without many clues, second was hard only due to the patterns and I didn't use clues, then… The last page of the premium puzzles was a hard chore to finish. But it's an achievement for me, since around the middle of the game I thought I wouldn't finish it, but I did.

Again, I just find it difficult for me. It's a game I can recommend to puzzle lovers.

Half-Life 2
Weird Thing


0.4 hours
no achievements

Strange, very short game. I just wanted to test it for a bit, but discovered it was only 20 minutes long. No achievements, no side stuff, no optional things, completely linear, completely weird and nonsensical. Not a bad experience, but if I didn't get it in a bundle, I wouldn't have got any interest in it (saw its store page), and if I got it to try, I would have refunded it even after completion. Contains minor tiny puzzle elements, but it's linear and storyless.

Half-Life 2
Perspective puzzle


1.7 hours
4 of 4 achievements

Finally got around finishing this short game (less than 2h) after almost one year since I started it. It's part of the "All Puzzle" bundle, where VOI was promptly completed, and next will be Hocus. The game itself offered a few challenges, but most of the 50 levels offered little. I still think it's a cool, nice puzzle game for cheap, with some devious levels that made me stuck several times.

Half-Life 2
Puzzle with bit of point & click and adventure

The Room

8 hours
5 of 5 achievements
Half-Life 2
Puzzle with bit of point & click and adventure

The Room Two

8.4 hours
7 of 7 achievements
Half-Life 2
Puzzle with bit of point & click and adventure

The Room Three

14.2 hours
10 of 10 achievements

Successfully finished The Room Three, unlocking all four endings. I only needed two clues from a guide - one was that I was doing the operations in the wrong way (despite being two huge arrows next to them) but found out because the guide was giving different answers than mine - the other was that after activating the two secret artifacts, there was a last thing to do before getting the last ending. I stopped there and discovered what to do myself. So with a lil bit of help, but mostly done myself. Proud to have finally finished these, they're all three great puzzle games with gorgeous visuals and devious, smart challenges.

Note: Remove 4h from playtime in each game - that was for farming cards.

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