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July Report!

I skipped making an header because it takes some time, and the fact that I might be a bit lazy :P July wasn’t bad, I playtested more than I played games ^^” but it was still fun. Bright Paw also added more content so it went from Completed to Beaten. Have tons of games to play, hopefully I can at least give them a try >_>

Resident Evil 2

28.2 hours, 32 of 44 achievements

One of the best remakes! Capcom used RE Engine to its best, it looks nice and plays nice!
The only issue I had is that Claire/Leon B doesn't feel like a continuity, more like an alternative to main narration.
If you still didn't play it, put it above your backlog! ^_^


5.2 hours, 18 of 23 achievements

A very lighthearted and nice game! Combat is simple, but other things make up for it. I like most things about the game, narrative, puzzles, visuals, etc. Musical elements used is very cool as well!
Can't wait for Figment 2 Creed Valley!

Blue Fire

1.5 hours, 1 of 22 achievements

From what I played, it's a good game! You can say it's a mix of The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia and Souls-like games, more The Legend of Zelda due to visuals and other things. I'll play more later!

Cyber Hook

3.7 hours, 13 of 22 achievements

Fast-paced and fun game! Very focused on speedrunning.

August Begins!

Tons of games, tons of energy, and hopefully tons of time! Have an awesome month! 🧡

May Report!

I didn’t play many things, but still.

The First Tree

8 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

100%! Good game with nice story.


6 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

Retro horror game! A bit short but enjoyable.

Dawn of Magic 2

1.0 hours, no achievements

Janky but it's interesting! Seems to have a lot of depth.

Back To Present!

Planning to beat my SG wins in two months, should be possible! Also have a good month 🧡


A lot of things happened to sum it up, and I couldn’t play or write. So to catch up to current month, I’ll finish up this and May report! And yeah I didn’t finish anything worth mentioning in April and June, so I skip those.

Buddy Simulator 1984

20.9 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

It's a bit like Pony Island, but with less horror (or more, that depends). It's well made and enjoyable!

Dark Devotion

33.3 hours, 45 of 45 achievements

2D Souls-like game. It's hard but once you get used to its mechanics and what to do, it becomes kinda addicting!

Black The Fall

7 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

2.5D puzzle game, much like INSIDE. It's not perfect but I had a good time with it!

Alekhine's Gun

14.3 hours, 18 of 28 achievements

It tries to be old school Hitman but fails. It's still decent if you can get over its shortcomings.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude

0.8 hours, no achievements

Intro to the main game. It's a Visual Novel that introduces the characters and the world, nothing much.

The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king

0.3 hours, 0 of 2 achievements

In "The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king ", the one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king, simple as that :P Reminds me of Moirai. I'll pull the sword out one day.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

0.2 hours, no achievements

The last Five Nights at Freddy's game for many, since this is the last one Scott Cawthon directly made. I kinda hate jumpscares, but these games are not bad, they get the suspense right. Not sure if I will play it more or not, busy with other games, but I'll get back to it some day!


0.5 hours, no achievements

It's a bit similar to Crypt of the NecroDancer, but It's a 2D Platformer. Only played the first level and It's enjoyable so far!

Next Report Will Come Out Soon!


February Report

Woo… it’s March already! Time flies.
I didn’t play many games last month, I was busy with RPGs and you know how huge they can be ^^ I think I’ll play smaller and more casual games this month.

Press Any Button

2.4 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

100%! Still a good game ^^

Electronic Super Joy 2

12 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

Another 100%! It's a good but hard platformer. Its soundtrack is great, however!


0.9 hours, 100 of 100 achievements

It's a bad game. UI is crap and the game looks very simple. Those would not matter much if the puzzles were average at best, but the puzzles also have bad design, it mostly depends on your timing rather than skill or reaction. Since it's a Profile Limited game you can't showcase its achievements, so there is absolutely no reason to play it. Better avoid it and play something else.

The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

136.9 hours, 33 of 40 achievements

Best Gothic mod I ever played! To the point I call it a *game* rather than a mod ^^ If you played other Gothic games and liked them, check this one too!

Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition

70 hours, no achievements

It's Fallout, I doubt I need to say more about it ^^ Sadly, it already shows its age. It might be hard going from New Vegas to 3, the differences are very noticeable. Still need to play the DLCs and try a few mods.


0.0 hours, no achievements

*Opens the game*
*Checks framerate*
*Closes the game*
Yeah, I'll play it later.

Buddy Simulator 1984

0.9 hours, 3 of 30 achievements

So far so good!

The Adventure Continues!

Stay safe good people 🧡

January Report

No delay! :P

You Will (Not) Remain

0.9 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

Interesting game. A bit vague but I think it's intentional. Some concepts in the game might hit very close to home...

The Henry Stickmin Collection

7.6 hours, 82 of 82 achievements

Good old Henry Stickmin, now remastered and better than ever! Played it a lot when I was a kid :D The Collection has all the games with the addition of a completely new Henry Stickmin game. I'm going to miss Henry Stickmin, but I'm not going to regret all the time I spent with it ^^

The Charnel House Trilogy

3.3 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

It feels more like a big introduction, but works as a standalone game too. It's pretty good! Although some things were not explained much. Hopefully more light is shed in the long-awaited sequel, Augur Peak!

Kovox Pitch

27.5 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

I was actually a beta tester for this game :D I like rhythm games! And this game while not the best, is a good addition to the genre.

Everybody Wham Wham

4.4 hours, no achievements

A silly, cozy and wholesome game!

Call of Juarez Gunslinger

4.7 hours, 13 of 26 achievements

It's not really connected to other Call of Juarez games, but it's very fun! Gameplay is enjoyable, narrative is nice and cel-shaded graphics really fit into the exaggerated narrative.

Sucker for Love: Prelude

0.6 hours, no achievements

Lovecraftian dating sim! This is the original Dread X Collection version. I love the idea and voice actress! :D

Killer is Dead

24.1 hours, 27 of 48 achievements

Hack and Slash game by Suda51! It's a fun and weird game.

Richard & Alice

0.5 hours, 1 of 21 achievements

Still very early in the game.


0.5 hours, no achievements

Shh 🤫

What Awaits Us?

I don't know about you, but I'm going to play more games and hopefully make a change 🧡

Late Again...

Sorry my reports are getting shorter and dates between reports are getting longer every month, I guess I have little to no energy left ^^” I still want to keep track of my progress, so I’ll keep writing until I can’t for any reason. Here we go I guess!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

55.2 hours, 59 of 59 achievements

Just got all the achievements.


5.0 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

Good game! I wish they said more about the characters, relationships and the world, most of it is buried in notes and details.

Snake Force

1 hours, 25 of 25 achievements

Interesting take on the Snake game!

Puzzle Chambers

8.7 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

Basically a Math game. The writing is funny, but the story, although interesting, isn't all that good.

Spirit of the North

6.6 hours, 19 of 24 achievements

Fox game! 🦊 Nice narrative, beautiful scenery, and cute protagonist ^^

Black Mirror I

1.5 hours, no achievements

Actually played it for around 20 hours. I dig its Gothic atmosphere and dark story, but I found the ending a bit underwhelming, I expected something bigger. Still a good game! I should play the sequels, one day.

The Technomancer

31.7 hours, 26 of 40 achievements

A bit janky in some aspects, but a good game! It can get boring at times because the narrative is very slow. Boss fights and monster designs are nice and I like the way the game handles the companions. There is a good and bad karma, but I found having bad karma to have no benefits, so there is no reason to go in that path unless you want to make the game more difficult. It's sort of a sequel to Mars: War Logs and runs parallel to it in terms of story. I'll play that too one day.

Press Any Button

1.3 hours, 2 of 5 achievements

A short but good game with nice narrative, a bit thought-provoking at times, can hit close to home ^^" A-Eye is a nice character.

Kind Words

3.5 hours, no achievements

I can't really place this game in any category, it has no meaningful end in any way. I'll mark it as beaten when I feel alright again.

Terra Feminarum

0.7 hours, 4 of 30 achievements

Finnish Touhou basically. Nice art and interesting use of Finnish folklore for the story!

Babble Royale

2 hours, 4 of 30 achievements

Scrabble Battle Royale. Surprisingly good!


0.1 hours, no achievements

I literally opened the game, looked at the servers, loaded a map and then closed it. There is an active community, so I might play it, but very unlikely. Music is very nice though!

The Charnel House Trilogy

1.4 hours, 10 of 18 achievements

I'll say more about it in the January Report.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

3.3 hours, 13 of 40 achievements

Fun game!

The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

19.9 hours, 5 of 40 achievements

A great successor to Gothic games! Still playing.

What Now?

January Report will come out soon, no delay for that 🧡

Merry Christmas!

I know, I’m late ^^” Just a mix between unfortunate events and me being busy. Not really feeling good, so I’ll make this short.
Anyway, all the games I started in November were finished before it ended, so there are no Unfinished Mess this time!

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers

4.6 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

Just got 100% of achievements. I still believe you should play it if you like Point & Click games! It's short but worth every minute of your time.

Deadly Escape

1.6 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

A very weak attempt at creating a Survival Horror game.
There isn't anything noteworthy in this game; the story is basically an excuse to shoot zombies, gameplay is as basic as it gets, there is no saving feature and it has only 2 levels which you can finish in 30 minutes. It lacks depth in everything.
It seems there were plans for more levels and DLCs, but the dev left it unfinished like the rest of his works.
There is no reason to play this when there are better, far more interesting games out there.

A New Beginning - Final Cut

13.2 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

A decent Point & Click Adventure game.
The story might look lame at first glance, but it's nice and well-developed.
There were still some problems I had, like most Mini games have little to no instructions and sometimes you get stuck in a puzzle because you missed a small detail.
It might not be as memorable as other games from this genre, but It's still a good game worth playing.


9.3 hours, 18 of 21 achievements

As I said in the previous report, It's a very niche FPS!
Most of the stories are told through notes and ghost characters. It's mostly worldbuilding and side stories, but It connects to the main plot nicely and explains a lot.
The stories are told in a non-linear fashion, each area has at least 2 stories that may or may not be connected to each other or the main story. Because of that, it encourages exploration and rewards it nicely.
Since the game happens at the 17th century, the weaponry is appropriate to that era. The weapons range from bows, crossbows and tomahawks to stronger, but slower weapons like muskets and pistols, nothing out of the ordinary. You also have a melee weapon: a knife. You can use it for Stealth-killing enemies or as a last resort when you run out of ammo.
Because you lack ammunition and stronger weapons early in the game, it emphasizes more on stealth and plays more like a survival game. It turns more like a standard FPS the more you progress and find better weapons.
As much as I like the Black & White style, I had to switch to the Color Mode because it tired my eyes x_x It probably hurt the atmosphere to some extent, but not everything will switch to color so it still keeps the original eerie feeling in some areas.
The Betrayer is sadly the first and last game from Blackpowder Games, they went out of business months after release.
It might not appeal to everyone, but I suggest you to give it a try!

The Flame in the Flood

14.8 hours, 16 of 36 achievements

Probably the only Roguelike Survival game I enjoyed in a long time!
The survival aspect is done very well. There are lots of useful craftable items and most actions you can do are rewarding.
The graphic and art is probably the most complete aspect of the game. It's pleasant to look at and animations exists for almost every action you can do. The soundtrack is also great and fits very well to the atmosphere.
The story is the weakest aspect, there is little to none worldbuilding and plot.
If you like Survival games, I definitely recommend it! I suggest playing it once again with Commentary Mode too, It's very interesting!

Last Soul

0.9 hours, no achievements

Just beaten the final boss! ^^

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

17.1 hours, 33 of 70 achievements

It's hands down the best Lego Batman!
It has a nice story and humor, gameplay is simple yet enjoyable and there are lots of side content to do!
I enjoyed it from start to finish. If you want to play a Lego game, Lego Batman 3 is a good choice!

Hard West

25.7 hours, 20 of 35 achievements

I really wanted to like this game, but it's more flawed than what I initially thought.
While the stories are interesting, the core gameplay gets repetitive and boring very fast. It's probably the biggest issue this game has. Every fight from the start of the first campaign to the finish is more or less same. There are also no quick or manual saves during the fights, which is a problem since fights are really slow.
It took me a year to finally finish the game. It also has a DLC, Scars of Freedom, but I pass. I didn't enjoy the game, chances are I don't enjoy the DLC either.
It's really hard to recommend this game, if you can forgive its flaws, give it a try.

Muse Dash

7.9 hours, no achievements

Finished all the default songs available in the base game, so I count it as beaten!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

45.5 hours, 53 of 59 achievements

It's Deus Ex, needs no introduction :P So I just say what I didn't like about Human Revolution Director's Cut.
First of all, The Missing Link. It's not bad, but it takes away most of your weapons and augmentations and it happens right after an important story moment, it breaks the momentum story-wise. Would be nice if you could skip it or play it standalone.
The original gold filter is also gone, sadly it takes away the Renaissance atmosphere devs were aiming for. I never played the original version, but I would love to experience it with the filter. Maybe having the gold filter as a toggleable option was not possible.
The graphics also look a bit outdated, it didn't age well.
Oh, and the bosses, you can only fight them (except Burke in the DLC) directly, talking or stealth is not an option. Thankfully Eidos Montréal fixed this in the sequel!
Despite all those, I fully recommend it! It's a great game, and the sequel is even better! I also suggest to play it again with Commentary Mode, It's very, very fun!

Bottom Line

Not much to say, except Merry Christmas! 🧡


I didn’t play many games in October, but some I played were pretty nice!


2.1 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

It tries very hard to be like Surgeon Simulator but fails in every aspect. Clunky controls, crappy UI and bad physics are the least of problems this game has, It's not even fun to begin with.
Just play Surgeon Simulator, It's far better than what this game is trying to accomplish.


18.3 hours, 9 of 14 achievements

You probably know about this already :P
It's a good game, but it loses its horror aspect very quickly. Maybe because the game throws you into something consistently, all the dread just wears off and makes the encounters less memorable. Only two I can remember were Trager and Eddie Gluskin encounters, both were interesting characters and their sections were fairly short.
If you look for spooks, look no further.


78.5 hours, 30 of 50 achievements

It has its own flaws and It's kinda janky, but I love this game!
It's a Piranha Bytes game, so if you're familiar with their other works such as Risen or Gothic, you know what to expect. Because of that, It's not for everyone, even though It's not really bad in my opinion.
If you're looking for a rich and quite unique RPG, play it!

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers

3.7 hours, 10 of 15 achievements

This game was a surprise!
I don't really want to spoil anything about it, so go and play it! You're not going to regret it!


0.8 hours, no achievements

Multiplayer shooting game.
It's fun, but lacks players, so the servers are empty and you must play with bots. It's still in beta, not sure if the devs have any plans for finishing it or not.


2.9 hours, 1 of 21 achievements

A very niche FPS. I'll talk more about it in November report.

Fling to the Finish

5.2 hours, 3 of 9 achievements

This game is very fun! It's fun to play it solo, but It's best to play it with a friend or someone else.
Still in Early Access and more maps and modes are planned, so I leave it in the Unfinished category until full release.

Last Soul

0.7 hours, no achievements

Stuck in the boss level ^^"
Also currently holding a Kickstarter campaign. It has potential, looking forward to how it turns out!

What Now?

More games, more life stuff, and hopefully, more good events! 🧡

Better Late Than Never!

Woooo… I’m out of words. Since the last report days became… challenging, for lack of a better word ^^” So I lost my focus and missed the report ;~; But better late than never I guess, so here it is! It’s significantly shorter than other reports though.

Alpaca Stacka

0.2 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

Alpaca Stacka is like a children's book: short, nice and sweet! It's a good game to play in a cozy afternoon ^^

Swallow the Sea

2.6 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

This is such a weird and surreal game! You're basically a fetus trying to evolve and hatch from your egg by eating and absorbing lesser creatures. It's short and free, and It's worth your time! If you liked this one check Perfect Vermin and Brutal Orchestra as well.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

32.3 hours, 59 of 59 achievements

A good point-and-click adventure game if you forgive its flaws. My main problem was most of Episode 1; puzzles had bad design, visuals looked ugly because it was tearing itself apart and the story felt very raw. But most things became better after the second episode, and the game became more enjoyable and captivating. A good choice if you want to play an adventure game and have no problem with janky stuff.

FRAMED Collection

2.8 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

A very innovating collection of puzzle games! You must rearrange the panels of an animated comic book to advance the noir-styled narrative and avoid failing. Music is very nice, the puzzles are sometimes head-scratchers but fair and not very hard and animation is pretty good. Each game in the collection takes around an hour to finish, so It's a good choice if you want something relaxing and not too hard.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

14.6 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

I've talked more about this game in my previous report, so check it out! My opinion about it didn't change much since then. The story could be a lot better though, but It's not bad. Also check Relicta if you liked Magrunner, heard It's very similar gameplay-wise!


2.9 hours, no achievements

A neat precision platformer with a thought-provoking story. Levels use a 2-layered structure and you must switch between them to navigate the levels. The only problem I had was with the scarf; It's cool, but framerate drops the longer it gets. It's a neat game, levels are challenging and the story is good, so why not to try it?

Jack Axe: The Trial

4.5 hours, no achievements

Originally played it for the Speedrun Event, which was canceled because technical problems. It's a fun platformer and visuals are kinda cute!

Book of Demons

25.3 hours, 107 of 202 achievements

Actually a very fun Dungeon Crawler! It's the first installment of Return 2 Games series, which consists of 7 tributes to classic games and genres made in the '90s. It's your usual isometric RPG with Deckbuilding and some Clicker elements thrown into. Gameplay is rewarding, replay value is high and you can even adjust the length of dungeons! Overall It's a very fun experience.

[unnamed app 1753390]

2.1 hours, no achievements

Also knows as Not Tonight 2 Beta. It's an interesting game inspired by Papers, Please and such. Never played the first Not Tonight, but the beta was promising! Just a bit too easy.


3.4 hours, 4 of 60 achievements

Dystopian game where you must spy on your tenants for the government. It's a very dark game, both on narrative and atmosphere. It can be hard at times if you don't have a good strategy because some events need a lot of resources you might not have at the moment, which of course leads to a game over. It's a good game with high replay value due to different endings, I might get back to it again one day.

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

4.3 hours, 4 of 70 achievements

Third game from the Lego Batman series, and probably the best of them! First one was one of my childhood games and I have some sweet memories with these games :D My expectations weren't high, and Lego Batman 3 didn't disappoint me. Unlike the first game, this one has voice acting! I usually don't like voice acting in Lego games because it limits the narrative and humor (*stares at Lego The Hobbit*) but it works very well here since It's not an adaptation and it doesn't take itself too seriously. So far It's fun! I will continue my adventure later.

HAAK Playtest

0.2 hours, no achievements

I didn't play that much to give a good opinion, but so far it looks like a good Metroidvania.

Phantom Abyss

15.8 hours, no achievements

Fun first person platformer. It's currently in Early Access and more contents and features are being added, so it remains in the Unfinished category until it leaves the Early Access.

Closing Thoughts

Still busy with life, so I might miss the next report too sadly, sorry in advance if it happens ^^" But chances are I will not miss it. Hope you have a good month! 🧡

The Second Post!

Who would have thought I have enough energy or time to write another Backlog Report? Not me I guess :P
Played some good games and removed two games from my SG wins, slowly reaching 100% SG completion!


30.5 hours, 50 of 50 achievements

Fast-paced third-person shooter by the legendary video game studio, PlatinumGames! And the only game I managed to 100% this month :P
Originally exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, it was later re-released for PC on PlatinumGames' 10th Anniversary along side Bayonetta with additional features like Cloud Save, Trading Cards, Unlocked resolutions and framerates and more graphical options.
Vanquish can be best described as an anti-cover shooter; while it's advised to take cover once in a while to avoid projectiles, its focus is more on moving, its fast firefights and the sliding-boost mechanic. Speaking of slide-boost, this game was the first to use it in a 3D setting and it inspired a fair bit of games like Bulletstorm and Titanfall.
The story is kinda simple, not as deep as other PlatinumGames' works, but it's still fun and characters are interesting. As you probably guessed, gameplay is where the game shines! It's fun, weapons are varied and meleeing enemies never gets old. Believe me, it must be played because words can't do enough justice how fun it is!
I still had a minor problem: The game is super short, you can finish it in 3-4 hours on easy difficulty and 8-10 on hard mode, but that kinda turned out to be in favor of the game since gameplay doesn't change and it is mostly same throughout the game.
Also, after you finish each Chapter, you unlock one Tactical Challenge. There is a total of 6 Tactical Challenges, last one unlocks after you finish the first 5. These challenges are the ultimate test of your skills and patience, and your only obstacle to achieve 100% achievement completion. Took me like, 10 hours to beat them :P
Overall a fun game, worth your time if you like fast-paced shooters!

Magic of Autumn

4.7 hours, 9 of 32 achievements

Minimal card game with exploration on an overworld.
You are the Imperial Warden, the most powerful conjurer of the Eight Kingdoms, or at least you were, before your soul was stolen and you became an immortal phantasm. You searched years for your soul and finally found it on a distant island, just during the Autumn, the season of decay.
That's pretty much the summary of the story, there isn't much into it and nothing much changes, so don't expect a deep, meaningful one. Its focus isn't on story though, it's on cards!
Your opponents are "Runes", stone obstacles that block your paths to other parts of the island. If you want to get new cards and access other parts of the island, you must break them. Not all runes are like each other, one might have high protection while another one uses only offensive cards. That adds a layer of puzzle into the game on how to defeat each rune. Some runes are optional though, and there are challenge runes if you want a harder challenge for your skills.
The process of collecting cards is where the exploration comes into play. Any object on the overworld can be turned into cards. Trees? Yes, Ghosts? Yup, Even runes? Absolutely! Cards can be divided into two groups: Idols and Wishes. Idols are your main cards that remain on the board until their health reaches zero. Wishes are single-use cards with special effects.
You and your opponent start with 2-3 cards on hand and a certain amount of warmth and health, you always start with 10 healths. Warmth is used for playing the cards on the board and each card needs a certain amount of warmth. The round goes on until you or your opponent's health reaches zero. There are no consequences for losing, but if you win you can proceed further into the island.
In short a fine card game, and it's only 20 MB!


35.4 hours, 36 of 37 achievements

Double Fine's classic action/adventure platformer and by far the most acclaimed one. Is it as brilliant as people say it is? Yes, and maybe even more than that!
I played it because Psychonauts 2 was about to release and I wanted something different to play. Shame I didn't play it sooner ^^"
Characters are incredible, the story is fantastic and the gameplay has aged like fine wine! Still enjoyable to this day.
Something that bothered me the most is that the game has permanently missable collectables and you can't access the camp after a point of no return. You still can go back to the camp using an exploit to collect remaining collectables there, but a Golden Statue on one of the worlds is inaccessible if you finish it first, making you to replay the whole game just for that! There is also a Christmas Event achievement, you can get it by changing your system's date, but I want to get it legit, so you will see this game again on December's backlog report :P
If you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for!? It's a blast! Heard Psychonauts 2 is even better, I will get to that one day!


1.3 hours, 13 of 22 achievements

A short, free walking simulator about Finnish folklore, moving on from the past and finding your path.
Graphics and visual presentation are pretty great! There were still some graphical bugs around, like brightness suddenly going up after a transition x_x Also some textures look very flat around the areas.
The story is nice, I probably need to play it again to connect some dots, but It's nice. It's about starting again with your life by getting drunk on sauna, accidentally drowning yourself and meeting a weird oak tree, with the help of your grandma's birdy ghost.
I recommend it! It's pretty good to learn something about Finnish tradition, culture and folklore while reading a story most can relate to ^^


8.4 hours, no achievements

First-person shooter with time manipulation mechanics set in a dieselpunk alternative timeline.
It is inspired by Half-Life 2 so there is no running or talkative protagonist, but unlike Half-Life you can carry only 3 weapons and 6 grenades at once. There is driving and open levels as well!
Story is meh and characters are forgettable, but gameplay is very fun! You can slow, reverse or slow time with your suit and use it to your advantage (No, you can't do that with the Shift key, missed opportunity :P). Weapons have good variety too, you have your standard pistol, carbine assault rifle and combat shotgun and then you have more interesting toys like crossbow with explosive bolts, automatic submachine gun with incendiary thermite bullets and electromagnetic cannon! Most weapons also have an alternative fire mode so combat never gets repetitive.
The game also has a multiplayer mode, but sadly I could not play it since it only supports LAN connection. There were plans for a sequel as well since the story ended on a cliffhanger and the credits also mention it's not over yet. Saber Interactive is still active, but unfortunately we might never see another TimeShift.
It's a good game if you just want a shooter or like time manipulation in games.
I won the game on SteamGifts.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

22.0 hours, no achievements

The second installment in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and a prequel to the first installment, Shadow of Chernobyl, and the shortest of the trilogy.
Well, it's Stalker, an euro jank :P So expect unusual bugs/glitches, unstable engine, questionable level design, incredibly intelligent zombies (well, you only see this kind in Stalker) and lots of crashes. But beneath all these ugliness and jank, there is an atmospheric game with almost realistic firefights, rich lore and story and an amazing world to explore.
The game has a habit of despawning Important NPCs, usually it can be fixed via loading a save, but sometimes you have to exit the game. My save also got corrupted once, but the game auto saves so I didn't lose much.
Surprisingly, servers are still up for online play, you can find a few matches to play, if the game doesn't crash.
If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic games and like atmospheric shooters, I recommend it! Make sure to look for fan patches as well.
I won the game on SteamGifts from GG Players.


2.6 hours, no achievements

First-person shooter set in a Lovecraftian inspired gothic world. Originally a total conversion mod for Doom 2, now available as a standalone version on Steam!
Story is as much as important as it was in earlier Doom games, just an excuse to slay otherworldly eldritch monsters.
Enemies and weapons are like their equivalent in Doom. You have guns like Chainsaw, Pistol and Shotgun and then you have enemies like Imps, Lost Soul and Cacodemons, not much difference.
It's a fine game, but Steam version has a problem: It has no music until half-way into the game, only ambient music. Another problem is on design: You get most guns very early in the game, makes first levels very trivial compared to the last levels.
It's an alright game, and it's free! Like some of the dev's other games. Give it a shot!

Jurassic Survival

1.3 hours, no achievements

Asset flip shovelware, and not even a good or complete one.
Trust me, just avoid this, forget this game existed.


1.6 hours, 1 of 23 achievements

Strategy game and a spiritual successor to Advanced Wars.
First time playing something like this, need to play it more to give a detailed review or first impression.
It also has a free coop DLC, that's pretty great!

Muse Dash

0.4 hours, no achievements

Rhythm game! That's all you need to know :P It's a fun game with cool songs and aesthetic. It also has no story so it's basically endless.

Tadpole Tales

1.1 hours, 0 of 4 achievements

A cute Hand-drawn "Clean 'Em Up" game about a tadpole cleaning the river.
It's your standard Shoot 'Em Up game with 3 bosses and enemies in-between them.
Still need to finish it ^^" Only managed to reach the second boss.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

2.2 hours, 13 of 24 achievements

Think with portals, think with gravity and now, think with magnetism!
First-person action-puzzle game in which technology confronts the Cthulhu Mythos! By Frogwares, developers of Sherlock Holmes.
So far so good! Story is very interesting, puzzles are brain teasers and voice acting is pretty good. Something that bothers me is that opposites don't attract each other, it messes with my muscle memory a bit x_x But it's not really a problem.
Just finished Act 1, will write more when I finished it!

What's Next?

I'm kinda busy with tests for at least two weeks, so I'll play less games or short games for now. I also don't feel that good so I might take a break from everything if I felt worse. Anyway, wish me luck and I hope you have a nice month! 🧡