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The Second Post!

Who would have thought I have enough energy or time to write another Backlog Report? Not me I guess :P
Played some good games and removed two games from my SG wins, slowly reaching 100% SG completion!


30.5 hours, 50 of 50 achievements

Fast-paced third-person shooter by the legendary video game studio, PlatinumGames! And the only game I managed to 100% this month :P
Originally exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, it was later re-released for PC on PlatinumGames' 10th Anniversary along side Bayonetta with additional features like Cloud Save, Trading Cards, Unlocked resolutions and framerates and more graphical options.
Vanquish can be best described as an anti-cover shooter; while it's advised to take cover once in a while to avoid projectiles, its focus is more on moving, its fast firefights and the sliding-boost mechanic. Speaking of slide-boost, this game was the first to use it in a 3D setting and it inspired a fair bit of games like Bulletstorm and Titanfall.
The story is kinda simple, not as deep as other PlatinumGames' works, but it's still fun and characters are interesting. As you probably guessed, gameplay is where the game shines! It's fun, weapons are varied and meleeing enemies never gets old. Believe me, it must be played because words can't do enough justice how fun it is!
I still had a minor problem: The game is super short, you can finish it in 3-4 hours on easy difficulty and 8-10 on hard mode, but that kinda turned out to be in favor of the game since gameplay doesn't change and it is mostly same throughout the game.
Also, after you finish each Chapter, you unlock one Tactical Challenge. There is a total of 6 Tactical Challenges, last one unlocks after you finish the first 5. These challenges are the ultimate test of your skills and patience, and your only obstacle to achieve 100% achievement completion. Took me like, 10 hours to beat them :P
Overall a fun game, worth your time if you like fast-paced shooters!

Magic of Autumn

4.7 hours, 9 of 32 achievements

Minimal card game with exploration on an overworld.
You are the Imperial Warden, the most powerful conjurer of the Eight Kingdoms, or at least you were, before your soul was stolen and you became an immortal phantasm. You searched years for your soul and finally found it on a distant island, just during the Autumn, the season of decay.
That's pretty much the summary of the story, there isn't much into it and nothing much changes, so don't expect a deep, meaningful one. Its focus isn't on story though, it's on cards!
Your opponents are "Runes", stone obstacles that block your paths to other parts of the island. If you want to get new cards and access other parts of the island, you must break them. Not all runes are like each other, one might have high protection while another one uses only offensive cards. That adds a layer of puzzle into the game on how to defeat each rune. Some runes are optional though, and there are challenge runes if you want a harder challenge for your skills.
The process of collecting cards is where the exploration comes into play. Any object on the overworld can be turned into cards. Trees? Yes, Ghosts? Yup, Even runes? Absolutely! Cards can be divided into two groups: Idols and Wishes. Idols are your main cards that remain on the board until their health reaches zero. Wishes are single-use cards with special effects.
You and your opponent start with 2-3 cards on hand and a certain amount of warmth and health, you always start with 10 healths. Warmth is used for playing the cards on the board and each card needs a certain amount of warmth. The round goes on until you or your opponent's health reaches zero. There are no consequences for losing, but if you win you can proceed further into the island.
In short a fine card game, and it's only 20 MB!


35.4 hours, 36 of 37 achievements

Double Fine's classic action/adventure platformer and by far the most acclaimed one. Is it as brilliant as people say it is? Yes, and maybe even more than that!
I played it because Psychonauts 2 was about to release and I wanted something different to play. Shame I didn't play it sooner ^^"
Characters are incredible, the story is fantastic and the gameplay has aged like fine wine! Still enjoyable to this day.
Something that bothered me the most is that the game has permanently missable collectables and you can't access the camp after a point of no return. You still can go back to the camp using an exploit to collect remaining collectables there, but a Golden Statue on one of the worlds is inaccessible if you finish it first, making you to replay the whole game just for that! There is also a Christmas Event achievement, you can get it by changing your system's date, but I want to get it legit, so you will see this game again on December's backlog report :P
If you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for!? It's a blast! Heard Psychonauts 2 is even better, I will get to that one day!


1.3 hours, 13 of 22 achievements

A short, free walking simulator about Finnish folklore, moving on from the past and finding your path.
Graphics and visual presentation are pretty great! There were still some graphical bugs around, like brightness suddenly going up after a transition x_x Also some textures look very flat around the areas.
The story is nice, I probably need to play it again to connect some dots, but It's nice. It's about starting again with your life by getting drunk on sauna, accidentally drowning yourself and meeting a weird oak tree, with the help of your grandma's birdy ghost.
I recommend it! It's pretty good to learn something about Finnish tradition, culture and folklore while reading a story most can relate to ^^


8.4 hours, no achievements

First-person shooter with time manipulation mechanics set in a dieselpunk alternative timeline.
It is inspired by Half-Life 2 so there is no running or talkative protagonist, but unlike Half-Life you can carry only 3 weapons and 6 grenades at once. There is driving and open levels as well!
Story is meh and characters are forgettable, but gameplay is very fun! You can slow, reverse or slow time with your suit and use it to your advantage (No, you can't do that with the Shift key, missed opportunity :P). Weapons have good variety too, you have your standard pistol, carbine assault rifle and combat shotgun and then you have more interesting toys like crossbow with explosive bolts, automatic submachine gun with incendiary thermite bullets and electromagnetic cannon! Most weapons also have an alternative fire mode so combat never gets repetitive.
The game also has a multiplayer mode, but sadly I could not play it since it only supports LAN connection. There were plans for a sequel as well since the story ended on a cliffhanger and the credits also mention it's not over yet. Saber Interactive is still active, but unfortunately we might never see another TimeShift.
It's a good game if you just want a shooter or like time manipulation in games.
I won the game on SteamGifts.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

22.0 hours, no achievements

The second installment in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and a prequel to the first installment, Shadow of Chernobyl, and the shortest of the trilogy.
Well, it's Stalker, an euro jank :P So expect unusual bugs/glitches, unstable engine, questionable level design, incredibly intelligent zombies (well, you only see this kind in Stalker) and lots of crashes. But beneath all these ugliness and jank, there is an atmospheric game with almost realistic firefights, rich lore and story and an amazing world to explore.
The game has a habit of despawning Important NPCs, usually it can be fixed via loading a save, but sometimes you have to exit the game. My save also got corrupted once, but the game auto saves so I didn't lose much.
Surprisingly, servers are still up for online play, you can find a few matches to play, if the game doesn't crash.
If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic games and like atmospheric shooters, I recommend it! Make sure to look for fan patches as well.
I won the game on SteamGifts from GG Players.


2.6 hours, no achievements

First-person shooter set in a Lovecraftian inspired gothic world. Originally a total conversion mod for Doom 2, now available as a standalone version on Steam!
Story is as much as important as it was in earlier Doom games, just an excuse to slay otherworldly eldritch monsters.
Enemies and weapons are like their equivalent in Doom. You have guns like Chainsaw, Pistol and Shotgun and then you have enemies like Imps, Lost Soul and Cacodemons, not much difference.
It's a fine game, but Steam version has a problem: It has no music until half-way into the game, only ambient music. Another problem is on design: You get most guns very early in the game, makes first levels very trivial compared to the last levels.
It's an alright game, and it's free! Like some of the dev's other games. Give it a shot!

Jurassic Survival

1.3 hours, no achievements

Asset flip shovelware, and not even a good or complete one.
Trust me, just avoid this, forget this game existed.


1.6 hours, 1 of 23 achievements

Strategy game and a spiritual successor to Advanced Wars.
First time playing something like this, need to play it more to give a detailed review or first impression.
It also has a free coop DLC, that's pretty great!

Muse Dash

0.4 hours, no achievements

Rhythm game! That's all you need to know :P It's a fun game with cool songs and aesthetic. It also has no story so it's basically endless.

Tadpole Tales

1.1 hours, 0 of 4 achievements

A cute Hand-drawn "Clean 'Em Up" game about a tadpole cleaning the river.
It's your standard Shoot 'Em Up game with 3 bosses and enemies in-between them.
Still need to finish it ^^" Only managed to reach the second boss.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

2.2 hours, 13 of 24 achievements

Think with portals, think with gravity and now, think with magnetism!
First-person action-puzzle game in which technology confronts the Cthulhu Mythos! By Frogwares, developers of Sherlock Holmes.
So far so good! Story is very interesting, puzzles are brain teasers and voice acting is pretty good. Something that bothers me is that opposites don't attract each other, it messes with my muscle memory a bit x_x But it's not really a problem.
Just finished Act 1, will write more when I finished it!

What's Next?

I'm kinda busy with tests for at least two weeks, so I'll play less games or short games for now. I also don't feel that good so I might take a break from everything if I felt worse. Anyway, wish me luck and I hope you have a nice month! 🧡

Hello World!

Well, I’ve been using Backlog Assassins for a year now and I wanted to write a report since a few months ago, so what better time than now? It’s also a good distraction for some stuff I’m going through, and to be honest, I like telling my experience to people! And to give myself a sense of pride and accomplishment progression and overall doing something for myself.
Oh also I probably use this format you see for my reports, maybe with a few changes here and there once in a while.
Without further ado, here are the games I played in the last month:

Suspicious Downpour

0.2 hours, 7 of 7 achievements

A short game made in 48 hours for 2021 Aotearoa Game Jam.
The devs call it a "Comedy Horror Experience", while there isn't much comedy in it and it's not very scary, it's still a good experience.
The scenery looks gorgeous, sound design is nice and the ambience is very calming.
Don't expect a story or lore here, other than Mr. Wilson the Bear and creepy white eyes, there isn't much. I can see it become something like The Stanley Parable in terms of humor, if the devs decide to expand it one day.
In terms of gameplay, there isn't much again. You just sit in your tent, read book covers and occasionally throw a sandwich or shine your flashlight around. You can't walk, but you can still use your keyboard, mainly for throwing sandwiches.
You can finish the game in less than 20 minutes, and for what it is, that's not very bad. It's also free so be sure to give it a try!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

35.0 hours, 29 of 29 achievements

Originally replayed it for a bounty at Unplugged Giveaways, but ended up getting the remaining achievements too!
I got most achievements last year when I played it, only missed "ACHIEVEMENT WHORE" and "GENOCIDE", first one for getting all the achievements and second one for killing 50,000 enemies. I finished the game on Normal Mode, got an A+/S rating on most levels more than once, then finished Hard Mode and I just reached 28,000 kills! The grind was painful x_x
Spent 1-2 hours on "First Blood" level grinding kills. It wasn't harder than Hard Mode achievement, but it was very boring. Glad I got it!
As for the game, it's bigger, better and more violent than the first game. The levels are significantly bigger, story and lore are expanded and there is now a Level Editor! It started life as a DLC to the first game, but it ended up getting its own game.
Since there is nothing else to tell, the devs have no plan on making a Hotline Miami 3. They are still working on a new game though, can't wait!

Bright Paw

5.7 hours, 26 of 26 achievements

I had the pleasure of knowing this game through a friend's stream, Ylthin! (Thank you again! 🧡)
It's a narrative driven puzzle/adventure game where you follow a cat named Theo.
To be honest, I think this is one of my favorite puzzle games! The puzzles are not too hard, but fair and require thinking a bit.
The story and characters are actually pretty great! There is enough collectible to give backstory and the narrator did a great job!
I just wish more questions were answered and there was more harder puzzles, but other than that, I had no problem.
I can't do the justice of recommending this game enough, so go and play it! You're not going to be disappointed!
I won the game on Unplugged Giveaways.

missed messages.

0.6 hours, 4 of 4 achievements

Damn, this is a sad and heavy game :(
If you're not comfortable with dark themes like depression and suicide, better skip this one.
It's a free visual novel made in Ren'Py by Angela He. The art is very beautiful and the music is nice, but as the genre suggests, its well written and thought-provoking story is the main attention of the game.
I don't want to spoil anything, it's short and it's worth your time. Give it a try!

Gato Roboto

10.5 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

Replayed the game for the Speedrun achievement, only missed that from my previous playthroughs. I followed RiskyCB's Any% Speedrun as a guide and used a few glitches like Small Mech for skipping major parts of levels and bosses, it's Any% Speedrun after all! Took me two hours of practice to get it in 55 minutes!
I tried a glitchless Speedrun too, but my time was more than 1 hour.
It's also a good Metroidvania game! More faithful to Metroid than Castlevania. And who doesn't like cats?! 😸


4.6 hours, 20 of 52 achievements

Another replay, just because I wanted to :D I got this version with the Director's Cut, so technically it's still a SG win.
It has some major differences with the Director's Cut, mainly story, original version has none. Bonus puzzles are missing, textures flicker because graphical bugs and DLC is inaccessible because store page is removed. By far, Director's Cut gives you a better experience, but other than those I mentioned, it's more or less same.
Oh, It's also one of the games I submitted to July's PAGYWOSG event, only one I finished sadly.

Going Under

32.6 hours, 20 of 23 achievements

A roguelite, corporate satire dungeon crawler. It's very fun to play!
Story while cool, is quite short, with only 8 dungeons to explore before you finish it. Did I mention it's pretty humorous? Dialogue, visuals, skills or better say the whole game manages to perfectly deliver the humor!
The combat is fun, the music is quite catchy and visuals and aesthetic are unique! The kind of visuals corporations use for advertising.
All the good stuff aside, I still had some problems. Difficulty spike on the second part of the game is unforgiving, one of the dungeons will be inaccessible once you finish it and the story mode leaves you wanting more. The devs also released an update that added more content like a new challenge mode, new skills and more!
Also a game I won on Unplugged Giveaways.


1.9 hours, no achievements

2D puzzle platformer about Bipolar Disorder.
The visuals are cute and minimal, the puzzles are challenging enough and the story it tells is decent.
The story is based on Type 1 Bipolar Disorder with gene as the cause of disease. It's a nice way of informing others about it.
It's short, free and it's worth a try.


2.2 hours, no achievements

A coop competitive game where you defeat your enemies using the environment.
It's not bad, but it gets repetitive very quick. After playing for 1-2 hours you see everything that the game has to offer. It only has 8 maps, each with different gimmicks and it doesn't support online coop. Don't expect any kind of story, it doesn't have any campaign. You might think: Who are these people? Why are they awakening Gurgamoth? What even is Gurgamoth? You either get this information on Trading Cards' description, or you don't get them anywhere at all.
It also doesn't support mouse and keyboard, only controllers. So if you want to play it with your friends, you need four controllers. It might be because simple controls and movement, but it wouldn't be too hard to implant them to the keyboard.
On the plus side, visual design is nice and it's fun to play for a while. Play it if you already have it, but if you have any plans on buying it, I recommend against it.

Doki Doki Literature Club

10.1 hours, no achievements

Well, there isn't much that hasn't been told. Everyone knows that the cheerful, romantic visual novel is just a beautiful façade to horror and much darker things. It's still a visual novel though :P
The whole game was made in Ren'Py game engine, and the devs used its max potential, even modified it to create a more unique experience.
I originally played it shortly after it came out, heard people talking about it a lot and I was curious. I was not disappointed by what I got! Replayed it on Steam again when DDLC+ was announced. Unlike the original version, DDLC+ was made in the Unity game engine.
As I said a few lines ago, it's a dark game, suicide, depression and free will are just a few themes DDLC looks into. And of course, the whole creepypasta thing! I'm sure there are more games like this (Daniel Mullins games are good examples), but I think DDLC gave it more popularity. I'm sure the story and characters wouldn't be this good if it wasn't for that and Monika. Just Monika, Just Monika, Just Monika...
Oh, where was I? Oh yes! I absolutely recommend this game! If you like it enough, buy DDLC+, it's an expanded version with more stories, more artworks and more Monika!

Dead Age

0.3 hours, 1 of 77 achievements

I didn't play it enough to give a good first impression honestly, but it looks like a decent turn based game.

For The King

1.0 hours, 2 of 78 achievements

Same as Dead Age, didn't play it enough. It has online coop, so if you want someone else to play with, let me know!


1.0 hours, 2 of 50 achievements

Once upon a time I met a good friend of mine, and she introduced me to another side of RPGs with Gothic and Piranha Bytes! That started a chain reaction that led me here, to ELEX! I couldn't play it much last month, but I will definitely play it more soon!
It's also an SG win.

What does the future hold for us?

For you? The best 🧡
For me? More games, more real world stuff and hopefully, the best! Also sorry if my writing is boring, I'm trying to make it short and sweet! Less info dump and more my own experience. If you have any suggestions or criticism, let me know! I love improving myself :D

September Report

Alpaca Stacka

0.2 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

Placeholder Text

Swallow the Sea

2.6 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

Placeholder Text

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

32.3 hours, 59 of 59 achievements

Placeholder Text

FRAMED Collection

2.8 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

Placeholder Text

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

14.6 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

Placeholder Text


2.9 hours, no achievements

Placeholder Text

Jack Axe: The Trial

4.5 hours, no achievements

Placeholder Text

Book of Demons

25.3 hours, 107 of 202 achievements

Placeholder Text

[unnamed app 1753390]

2.1 hours, no achievements

Also knows as Not Tonight 2 Beta


3.4 hours, 4 of 60 achievements

Placeholder Text

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

4.3 hours, 4 of 70 achievements

Placeholder Text

HAAK Playtest

0.2 hours, no achievements

Placeholder Text

Phantom Abyss

15.8 hours, no achievements

Placeholder Text

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