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Today I finished… || [14/01/22]

Hello! I’m finally writing my first post after joining here last year.

I don’t have that many games, I don’t buy/win new ones often, but I still have a little annoying backlog that grows very slowly. Since I don’t have a lot of games I don’t play many in a month either, so my “progress this month” posts wouldn’t have much, or I wouldn’t make them at all.
So, I decided to make small posts each day I 100% a game or a set of games from a franchise, or beat if it doesn’t have achievements.

84/84 achievements || 88 hours played
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My experience with this game? Absolutely wonderful until I found out I missed a quest for an achievement and had to start over.

But seriously, this game is awesome. I went in blind, had no idea what I was getting into, I only knew it was a psychological horror RPG. I don’t like RPGs that much besides Undertale and Deltarune but I was really interested in this one and wanted to know more without spoiling myself, so I just bought it. My first playthrough was almost 30 hours long, not counting the first 10 hours I played before starting over.
Pretty good storytelling, amazing and very likable characters (except one), many colorful locations to explore (except one) and a LOT to do in them. The fights were a blast (except one) and the emotions mechanic makes them much more fun. The OST? Gorgeous, especially the ones for the bosses. The art is really nice too.

If you liked Undertale’s writing and storytelling, you’ll definitely like this one. It’s so worth it. 10/10.

Now if you’re an achievement hunter, you miiiight not enjoy it at times, some of those achievs are pain.