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Assassinating my backlog since January 14th, 2022.

only making posts of games i achieved 100% completion in.
i'll be mentioning the difficulty and requirements (dlc, multiplayer, etc)
feel free to comment on a game's post if you need help with its achievements.

Completed today - Mar 28 2023

Half-Life 2

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

18.5 hours
34 of 34 achievements

It’s been a while, been playing a few games but haven’t completed any yet until today.

This game is really nice! I’m not a visual novel person even though I played more than a few, I tend to doze off whenever I’m playing one unless it’s really interesting. Not only I was interested from beginning to end, it also managed to keep my attention with a minigame where you prepare drinks and serve them, it’s awesome. Great OST, too.
I got 100% completion with two playthroughs. Easy to complete, but will require a guide for some achievements.

I know most of them have all been easy to complete, I need to do the hard to complete games too lol

Completed today - Jan 4 2023

Half-Life 2

Dude, Stop

7.4 hours
22 of 22 achievements

First game of the year! After entering many SG giveaways for this one I finally won it just a few days ago.

It was alright, I liked making the guy mad and ruining everything but I didn’t like that there wasn’t another choice. You have the option to be nice and you’ll be rewarded for it but you won’t be able to proceed if you don’t make bad choices too. You’re also supposed to play the packs multiple times and you can’t skip the dialogue, listening to the guy got tiring quick. It was a short game at least, and pretty easy to complete.

Completed today - Dec 31 2022

Half-Life 2


139.0 hours
86 of 86 achievements

Last completed game of 2022, just a few hours away from the new year here.

I really like this game, especially the fighting parts. It has a great story, awesome music and so. much. content. Just look at my playtime. It would have been one of my favorites if it wasn’t for the ridiculous dungeon puzzles. Fortunately, this game’s got a lot of video guides.

For the completionists, there’s three missable achievements. You can easily get them on a NG+ run in less than 20 hours if you just do the story and skip everything else, sucks that you have to do the dungeons again though. There’s also some that require grinding, but you won’t spend too much time on them if you already finished the whole game.
Finally, there’s DLC with a bunch of new content that continues the base game’s story. Highly recommended, though you don’t need it for achievements.

Completed today - Nov 12 2022

Half-Life 2

River City Girls

20.5 hours
29 of 29 achievements

Latest SG win. Really glad I got this one, I forgot how fun beat ‘em up games were.

Took me two playthroughs and a bit of grinding in the last minutes to achieve 100%. Easy to complete, there’s a few co-op achievements that you can get solo if you play with a controller and use the keyboard for the second player. Only issue I had is achievements popping up after closing the game, not sure if other people had this.

Today I finished… || [24/10/22]

25/25 achievements || 13 hours played
Store Page link

Untitled Goose Game is a game where you play as a goose. You are a horrible being who likes doing bad things, such as stealing stuff, trapping people inside a garage and making neighbors fight each other. You can also honk (wow!!)

This is a pretty fun game! I enjoyed every minute of my first playthrough. You get a list of things that need to be done to progress and unlock new areas, but you can also do anything you want. Almost everything you find can be grabbed, carried around and taken away, so you can play as many pranks as you want to the NPCs and make them hate you with a burning passion. I also want to mention how the music flows depending on how you’re interacting with the place, it’s amazing.

100% completion is a little difficult. Besides some hidden things you have to do, after finishing the game there’s a challenge where you get seven minutes on each area to complete their respective lists again. Fortunately there’s video guides and they’re really helpful, especially for making the NPCs go where they can’t see you.

You can also play co-op, so if you have someone else around you willing to play something short, go for this title, fun time guaranteed.

Today I finished… || [09/10/22]

12/12 achievements || 16 hours played
Store Page link

Sonic 4 Episode I is the first game out of two under the Sonic 4 title, marketed as the long awaited sequel of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
Now, this is a highly disliked title in the Sonic community. I’m a huge fan and I like the majority of the games, so I wanted to try it out myself. After playing it I can agree that it’s not a good Sonic game.

This is pretty much a mix of content from the classic games with some minor changes. There’s nothing new besides stage names, music tracks and the addition of a move from the 3D games, the Homming Attack. Sonic feels awful to control, the level design of the stages doesn’t encourage you to go fast (there’s so many bottomless pits for some reason) and the music that goes along them doesn’t sound great. Fortunately it’s short and can be completed under 3 hours if you’re not having trouble with it.

100% completion is no biggie except for two achievements: a bugged one that had to be obtained retrying over 20 times in a single level without closing the game (defeating 1000 enemies) and one that drove me nuts for a few hours (no taking damage in the final zone).

All mentioned flaws aside, it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It’s not good as a Sonic game, but it might be an okay game to anyone who likes platformers.

Today I finished… || [16/06/22]

21/21 achievements || 45 hours played
Store Page link

FUN, absolutely fun. It makes me want to go outside and slap a zombie with a flower, just need a zombie apocalypse happening right now.

Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy, tower defense game where you defend yourself from getting eaten by zombies, using your huge arsenal of plants.
I knew about its existence but don’t remember ever seeing gameplay, so I kind of went into it blind. Again, it’s a really fun game. You have zombies coming after you and a lot of plants to choose from to fight against them, and just when you thought you had them figured out, you have even more kinds of zombies showing up. That’s not all, they also won’t let you sleep at night! And will even come through your backyard’s pool riding a dolphin.

I thought it was gonna get repetitive, but no, a bunch of content in here. It has minigames, a garden to take care of your plants, and other modes such as one where you are the one sending the zombies. 100% completion is not a big deal if you like playing it, just make sure to get a huge amount of coins, there’s achievements that reeeally needs them.

If you’re part of the minority who never played it, you should! I recommend it to everyone.

Today I finished… || [19/03/22]

18/18 achievements || 7 hours played
Store Page link

This is a collection which includes Framed and Framed 2, two puzzle games where you have to rearrange comic frames, allowing you to progress and telling a story in the process.

My latest win from SteamGifts. I’ve been putting it off for a while now after finishing the first Framed but finally decided to finish the sequel today.
It’s pretty short and can be finished in 3-4 hours. While most scenarios are easy and even dumb easy, some of them can actually be really difficult. You can’t tell what’s gonna happen in a frame just by looking at it, so you have to try and see the possible outcomes in each one of them, until you progress. Basically trial and error.

100% completion is easy, you’ll get at least half of the achievements in your first playthrough of both games. For some of them you might need a guide.

I’m not a big fan of puzzle games, but if you are you’ll definitely enjoy this. I thought it was alright for a short game, and the mechanics are really interesting. Probably wouldn’t have liked it if it was longer.

Today I finished… || [16/03/22]

19/19 achievements || 18 hours played
Store Page link

You’re a guy looking for clubs at school and your childhood friend recommends you her club. You go check it out and it’s full of cute girls! So you join the club because why would you not want to stay? Well, you’re probably gonna regret staying.

I played the original back when it came out. It’s a short game that starts like any other visual novel, but just when you think things are going really well, they’re not.
DDLC Plus is a re-release of the original free game, this time with additional content, achievements and a price. I thought the new content was nice, like the in-game desktop where you can access the game’s files, a music player and a gallery of pictures that you unlock depending on what you do when playing. There’s also six side stories to learn more about the girls.

100% completion is not much of a hassle. It’s required to play the game multiple times to do different routes and get some secrets and easter eggs, but after your first playthrough you can skip text. A playthrough skipping everything can be 10 minutes long or less. It took me four playthroughs to get everything, saving and loading a lot.

I recommend it if you’re up for a short visual novel with interesting plot and cute girls, which can also be kind of scary. Keep in mind that this is a psychological horror game, so if you’re easily disturbed don’t play this game. You can check out the free version if you’re not interested in the new content.

If you already played it, which girl do you like the most? If I gotta choose it’s Sayori, she’s just sweet.

Today I finished… || [22/01/22]

60/60 achievements || 59 hours played
Store Page link

Nice relaxing life simulator that stops being relaxing when you attempt 100% completion.

You’re a hero who saved the world and lost your memory in the process, now you have to rebuild the town that’s been destroyed.
Not much to say about this one. You meet townsfolk, make their houses in your town, complain about missing resources, complain about fishing two times and already having to go to sleep, complain about not having money, and much more. There’s also a really fun card game called Tarott Monster that I definitely did not spend 10 hours on.

If you enjoy Stardew Valley you’ll like this one. It doesn’t offer as much and it’s clearly not finished (probably never gonna be) but you’ll have at least 20-30 hours of fun in it before it starts getting repetitive.

Also playing this made me hate flowers.