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☆☆☆☆☆  A complete disaster in every way. To be deleted
★☆☆☆☆  Extremely poor. To be deleted too.
★★☆☆☆  I didn't enjoy the game but it might appeal to others.
★★★☆☆  Rather pleasant. Flawed but still fun for a while.
★★★★☆  Has many great elements. Worth a second playthrough.
★★★★★  I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish!

Killing Report • January '19

January has been a pretty good month. I've got back to playing ESO and my playtime got a little out of control but I like how the game has evolved recently. I also got around to playing and beating games which have been in my backlog for a long time so that's that.


    13 hrs   40%   ★★★★★


    22 hrs   —   ★★★★☆


    58 hrs / 197 hrs

Gas Guzzlers Extreme  A surprisingly great racing game with plenty of tracks, funny AI names and devastating weapons. Mario Kart for Real Men™.

Bully: Scholarship Edition  A good title which hasn't aged very well. The missions are fun but some are a tad too disconnected from the plot.

The Elder Scrolls Online  I'm really getting into the game now. This month, I've beaten the main quest, the mages quest line and brought my first character to CP 60.

Killing Report • December '18

First of all, I hope you're having a good cosy end-of-year holiday and wish you all a happy new year when it comes. I've had quite a bit of free time this month and most of my playtime was spent playing great titles. I've also beaten another of my Wii game, which I meant to do for a few months.


    2 hrs   50%   ★★★☆☆


    5 hrs   92%   ★★★☆☆


    38 hrs   —   ★★★★★


    22 hrs   33%   ★★★★★


    7 hrs   —   ★★★★★

ICEY  Though it had its moments, I felt this game was just okay. The sci-fi setting is nice but the game is ultimately too short and repetitive.

Orange Moon   Another dispensable sci-fi shooter. The gameplay is a tad too slow and imprecise and everything feels stiff.

Far Cry 3  Oh boy did I like this one. I really enjoyed the story (though a bit far-fetched), hunting, the challenges and clearing out all the outposts. Time well spent!

Civilization: Beyond Earth   Though not as complex as Civ V, it still has a lot to offer and playing in a sci-fi setting is very refreshing.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii  I enjoyed this one in every way. It felt a little more difficult than other Mario games I remember.

Killing Report • November '18

It's been great month, especially since I played through Memory's Dogma, which is now one of my favourite VNs. The funny thing is that I chose to play that one because I was away and it was the only short game I could decently play on my very weak netbook laptop thingy.


    11 hrs   —   ★★★★★


    41 hrs   36%   ★★★★☆


    3 hrs   67%   ★★★★★


    11 hrs   69%   ★★★★☆


    13 hrs   34%   ★★★★☆

Memory's Dogma CODE:01  An excellent VN with surprising plot twists. The soundtrack is so good that I bought it (which I hardly ever do).

Age of Wonders III   A great 4X game more focused on combat than most. The campaings are very lengthy and the challenge is very progressive.

Distraint 2  Bought, played and beaten on release day. I had enjoyed the first one a lot and the sequel is just as good.

Phoning Home   A nice mix between an exploration and a puzzle game. The story is okay but the game felt like a long escort mission.

Shadow Warrior  A good game if you're in the mood to slash through waves of enemies. However the story is weak and the game very repetitive (but fun!).

Killing Report • October '18

This month, the weather's been pretty good and I spend a little less time playing games and a little more enjoying the fresh air. Only a few games beaten but I enjoyed them all very much.


    22 hrs   93%   ★★★★★


    21 hrs   62%   ★★★★★


    4 hrs   45%   ★★★★☆

Distance  A superb racer which feels like TrackMania in many ways. Challenging, fast and a pleasure for the eyes. Just what I needed.

A Hat in Time  This one is a great platformer. It's fun, the voice acting is amazing and it never feels boring. The DLC, on the other hand, I didn't like at all.

The Lion's Song  A very good point & click which feels like a VN. The first episode (which is free) is weaker than the rest though.

Killing Report • September '18

Once again, only a few games beaten but the games I played were very diverse and completely got hooked on Drakensang despite its old-school controls and blocky graphics.


    25 hrs   60%   ★★★★★


    56 hrs   —   ★★★★☆


    7 hrs   84%   ★★☆☆☆

Tomb Raider  A great game! The action is fast, the exploration is extensive (though there are too few tombs to find) and I loved that cinematic feel.

Drakensang  A very lenghty RPG which has that cluncky old-school feel. An enjoyable experience if you can get past the first few hours.

Endless Fables  This one is not a good HOG. The story felt all over the place and the collectables didn't make sense at all.

Killing Report • August '18

Not much gaming this month but I've finally came round to playing The Banned Saga which I loved very much. I also have 2 & 3 in my backlog but I'll wait for a while to play them.


    14 hrs   76%   ★★★★★


    11 hrs   100%   ★★★★☆


    7 hrs   35%   ★★★★☆

The Banner Saga  I love this game! The art is amazing and since I like games in Nord settings, this one was right up my alley.

Submerged  A gentle game. Not combat or violence in there but plenty of exploration, climbing and a deep sense of serenity.

Ziggurat   A good procedurally-generated shooter.