Action Rogue-like Enthusiast Leon30670’s profile

He/Him 1997
My English is horrible, and I’m trying my best, but still gonna make a lot of grammatical mistakes. I’m some times making bad jokes (Witch sometimes the translation makes the even worse). Bad jokes not in the offensive way, but witch some would qualify as unfunny.
I usually lurk in the shadows, waiting for the worst of times to strike with a bad joke. Though I keep to myself many, because I’m probably the only one that finds them funny.

I’m always worried of misinterpreting a rule and not follow them correctly, but I try to follow them and usually that means asking for confirmation about my interpretations of such. I also prefer to follow the boundaries of other people, so if you feel like I’m stepping over your line whit a joke or something else, please let me know, and I’ll stop.

I like action rogue-likes, and a little bit of reading high-fantasy.

My favorite game in recent times is “Redeemer”, though most people would stop playing it after 8 hours getting 100%, but I’m my autistic nonsense (For real autistic, I have a certificate) I ended up playing it 30 hours, witch maybe isn’t that much, but it’s the only game that recently I’ve played beyond the unlockables and achievements.

I also like a lot “BlazBlue Entropy Effect” but still in early access and needs more time to flourish.

And my favorite book, “The Lies of Locke Lamora”.