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Completed Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, a really nice hidden object game with working achievements and a good story.
It also has a cute little helper (I need to get this emoticon). Spent about 8 hours in it for 2 walk throughs.
This was a game I won that same day on Steamgifts :D


Beaten Back to Bed, god the controls in this one got on my nerfs. Feeling like sweaty spaghetti.
You have to be fast in some lvls but you can’t get your dog/thing to walk the right way or to stop walking any way.
I had thought this would be a nice little puzzle game but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are in for calmer puzzles.


Played both games for, August is “play a game you won on Steamgifts” month. It also fits nicely for the monthly theme on BLAEO.
Now on with Stardew Valley must complete it…

Finished Saints Row: The Third today, still want to go for more achievements but that will take a little longer. It is a fun game for when you don’t want to play anything serious or just want to blow shit up :D Now I will go on with Stardew Valley and finishing The Dweller.


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