Adventures through the Lost Library Adventurer’s profile

Playing through games he never knew he had and those forgotten about long ago.

General “Guidelines”

  • Play at least one new game a month* (Got to have time to study for uni)
  • Right to abandon a game as soon as I do not like it
  • The idea is to play through the story, complete a few iterations for sandbox and strategy games, a few puzzles, etc.
  • On that note, achievements are not a priority unless I decide to pursue them
  • Can play familiar/favorite games in between sessions of new game(s)
  • Post progress as wished and opinion/review once complete
  • Lastly, have FUN!

Currently Playing: Dungeon of the Endless

*Games that take longer than one month (like rpgs, sims and such) are not subject to this guideline

Review of Event[0]!

As a fan of almost anything within the space genre, I found Event[0] fun. It was short and I would have loved to see it be lengthier, but that does not detract from its entertainment value. The sound design fit in well with the setting and really drew one into the sense of past and isolation where appropriate. I found myself more interested in the A.I. (Kaizen) than in the story. Perhaps that is because I knew the story was short ahead of time and was never ready to leave the environment behind. Kaizen is an interesting character and one which the player will rely upon for most tasks within the game. There are also many logs hidden within its terminals if one wishes to find them all and earn the achievement as a result. The dynamic between the player and Kaizen plays an important role in how the ending of the game turns out as well, which leads to multiple replays to discover each ending. My interest with Kaizen led me down some interesting and funny routes, all of which I enjoyed. There definitely are some tie-ins to sci-fi shows and the like with responses from it. While I couldn’t romance the A.I., that wasn’t ever necessary and it seemed it was already in love with a past member of the crew anyways. Before I ramble on more, I look forward to more from the developer, Ocelot Society, and whether their next game will also include an implementation of an A.I. and how it will tie-in with the story.