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I’m trying to make sense out of a giant pile of shovel-ware.
It’s like finding the needle in a haystack.
I’m taking suggestion if you have any.

So, my first update here.
I’m proud do announce that I’ve beaten One finger death punch, Bird Story and Punch Club this week.

One finger death punch: A nice game, I really enjoyed it, took me about 9 hours to do it (surprisingly), and there’s a shit-ton of levels. I would recommend to anyone to at least give it a try.

Bird Story: Boring. I get the message, but.. not worth the time, I guess.

Punch Club:A very interesting game in the beginning, but by day 50 you get tired of the stat loss that seriously cripples the game just to slow it down or something, I guess to avoid people complaining it’s ‘too easy’ or ‘too short’, but It gets grindy. Look at game plays on yt instead.

I’m not going for all the achievements, no way. I would have to spend hundreds of hours for the achievements on One finger death punch @.@

See you soon for more updates on the execution on my backlog.