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This is my first game progress post.

I played a whopping amount of games this month (45+hrs/wk), and really enjoyed this lockdown. Unfortunately I’m now back at work, so gaming is probably going to wane again…

I really enjoyed the majority of these games, and there was a fair amount of diversity played through the month, from 3D platformers to visual novels to point & clicks, to adventures, to high action games. Some had great stories, some had practically nothing. I played so many good games, that I can’t pick out which one I liked best. I will say, however, my only “incomplete” this month was Splasher. I got all the way to the last level, and I just. can’t. beat. it. I don’t know if I’m disappointed in myself or the game. Snake Pass was a challenge, and there was a solitary coin I just couldn’t collect. Maybe one day I’ll get that, and also beat Splasher, but for now, I’ll cut my losses. Anyway, the only other complaint was Costume Quest. It runs like crap. I honestly couldn’t get it to run smoothly, although it never crashed on me.

Unfortunately, with all the hard core binging 20 games, I still managed to add 20 games to my library this month:
2 freebies, 2 SG wins, 4 dirt cheap sales, and the rest were from bundles. though 4 were games I completed this month.

Don’t feel like saying too much, maybe I’ll be more verbal next month!
Feel free to ask for any other information about any of these games.

6% (220/3516)
5% (178/3516)
10% (343/3516)
77% (2708/3516)
2% (67/3516)