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Just another gamer with a backlog and not enough time to play.


Late happy New Year everyone!
For this years new year’s resolution I decided I would finally tackle my backlog that has been haunting me for some time. And not just that, but I promised myself I would not buy any games until I have cleared it. I will still join giveaways in SG, but that should not hinder me too much since that chances of winning are not too high and I don’t belong to any giveaway groups so I won’t be winning too many of them either way. It will take some time and I’m not even 100% sure I will be able to clear it this year, but it will feel good when it’s finally done.

By now I have already finished 3 games. Only 113 more games to go.

173 games (+1 not categorized yet)
40% never played
23% unfinished
11% beaten
25% completed
1% won't play