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Apparently I’ve become a bit of a collector but in reality, I just can’t resist a game that looks like I’ll play it….eventually, some day, erm, yeah, I need motivation.

Ok, I am brand new to this and still need to categorize a lot of games!

This past month I finished Amulet of Dreams but didn’t 100% it - no clue why. It was a terrible HOG - you could get a lot of clues and then none with no clear idea of what to next. This happened to me over and over again. I mean I don’t like a game to be too easy but too easy and then too hard as a mechanism? It sucked :-( But the card sales were profitable. Meh - easy come/easy go.

I started Snakebird on a recommendation of a friend. It’s a puzzle game that I probably wouldn’t have picked up and now I know why. I guess it’s great for those that love spatial puzzles but I’m finding it to be somewhat difficult by level 3 so yeah, probably going in the meh dustbin soon.

I also started The Preposterous Awesomeness of Everything. It’s ok - sorta fun but not really holding my interest too much. I’ll give it another go but suspect it’s also going in the dustbin.

The Guest was a Steam Summer sale purchase and it runs horribly on my current laptop. Gonna have to wait for an upgraded gaming laptop. :-(

God’s One Day World - I keep thinking I like VN’s but this one made me want to scream - get on with it already! Dustbinned :-(

Alice’s Patchwork 2 - I love these types of games but the time limit and requirement to get enough keys to move on is leaving me a little frustrated. It’s a casual game but they kind of took the fun out of casual and turned it into a race where if you’re old and slow, you’re gonna lose :-(

Flower Design - I suck at designing anything. Cute but not my kind of game.

Games I previously started but still need to finish:
The Room 2 - nice puzzles!
Tormentum - almost done with 1st playthrough
Perils of Man - pretty fun but got a bit bogged down and life happened

1738 games (+149 not categorized yet)
97% never played
1% unfinished
0% beaten
2% completed
1% won't play