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Hello! My name is Jax, but you can also call me by the lovely nickname of Magpie. I am quite happy to be a member of this site, considering that it seems to be the perfect thing to help me get through my library of games that just keeps... growing and growing. It is quite a bad thing to, to me anyway, have such a large backlog, but I hope I can change that.

One game at a time.


About Me:

Gamer Starwatcher Bird Lover [Owls!] Tarot Reader Pixel Artist Biologist


Paranormal Hidden Object Point and Click Space Horror Story - Rich
The Void Psychological Walking Simulator Underwater/Ocean Lovecraftian Eldritch
These are the sorts of games that instantly grab my attention. I am always one for Point and Clicks and Hidden Object games for certain and instantly go to. The only other thing that grabs my attention faster is any sort of Mahjongg game. Also, I love space and the Void. Horror is a plus but it has to be a specific sort. As in, I dislike jumpscares and zombie games but if its a game that builds up suspense and screws with your mind, I absolutely enjoy.

Also, on a side note - I am not an achievement hunter. Sometimes I'll get the urge to complete achievements but I just want to enjoy the game more than anything else.

Goals for the Year on BLAEO:

* Get 15 - 20 games completed overall - The more, the better!
* Get 5 -10 games achievements completed overall - The more, the better!

I will add more as needed, but I think the above is a good place to start.

A Bird Lands

Hello! I am brand new to this site after having watched a good friend of mine use this site for a while now and I figured “Hey, let me give this a shot.” I have quite a lot of games… after said friend got me into all the bundle sites and Steamgifts and so much more. I kind of wished I knew about those sites beforehand because I got a lot of [what I consider] junk games that I didn’t even want. Though now that everything is said and done… well… I have so many games. Haha.

But enough of that.

I have a lot of games and spend most of my time just… staring at them or playing one game most over everything else when I want to actually go and play [and enjoy] all the other games I have. With this site, I hope to get through my backlog of games and maybe write small reviews for each of the games I complete! Don’t expect me to be an achievement hunter though, I am not that interested in 100% like that, I just want to enjoy the games. I’m not sure if I will have any point/star/etc system in place for those reviews or not. I’ll figure it out when I get there!

I will probably only give updates of the games I’ve completed and such at the end of every month, that way it is nice and compiled.

Now to…go and sort through my games. Oh boy.