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Hello, I have been buying bundles for a couple of years so most of my games are from there,mostly humble bundle.

Genres I enjoy: management, simulator, strategy, sports and action

Turmoil ⌛ ~7 hrs | ✪ 8/22

I kind of liked this game, its not very complex and I never felt like I got stuck, just a nice relaxing ride, got a bit repetitive towards the end. I had watched someone play it on youtube before so I knew some strategies to use which made the game much easier. Love the graphics and gameplay was pretty fun.

Sakura Angles ⌛ ~1 hrs

First visual novel I’ve played and I hated it. I just did’t like the story and all you do is click to get to the next line being said. Just felt boring to me.

Kopanito All-Stars soccer ⌛ ~20 hrs | ✪ 123/226

I used to play alot of Fifa growing up, but it has been awhile since I played a fifa game. But then i somehow found this very fun game. Its basically a more arcade och fast paced version on fifa. You also have a few different super moves that you can use during the game, they work pretty well even tho some are slightly overpowered. My two favorite things about the game are that you can slide tackle your opponents when they have the ball and this is very effective defensive move and it feels good when you perform a successful one and capture the ball, second favorite thing is that you can curve your shoots and its always fun to when you score a goal by curving the ball into the top corner.

Some bad things about the game are that there are like no people playing it online and corner kicks, throw ins slow down the pace of the game,also they are are hard the execute in a good way.

Overall I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes football games.

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