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I am adding every single free game to my library. Not sure it helps towards emptying my backlog ^^

Mainly into puzzle and HOG games at the moment (+GWENT).
Finishing / playing :

  • hocus
    - Hook
  • chains
  • optika
  • akin
  • various HOG artifex games
  • 12 Labours of Hercules’ series

So some news about my fight vs. my backlog…

I feel this is a hopeless or unfair fight… I am nearly buying all daily/weekly IG bundles… I feel like a turtle and that rabbit keeps running and is taking some extra miles in advance…

I went back to Steam mid-2016 after a break, then got involved in community much more than before, starting September.
But since then, my (hidden) backlog is growing much faster with keys I have not redeemed yet in my library…
I also have some other projects that are suffering from it.

So actually, my present solution I am considering or already using :

  • only redeem games I have an interest in
  • giveaway the rest
  • prioritize gifts received directly or from SG, along with impulse buy (like This War of Mine and else)

Also, I generally try to leave non copycat Steam reviews for games I play.

Cya later, I really enjoy reading all your realistic backlog attack plans :-)

I have just finish bonus story line from Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones…

I get, buy and win new games faster than I can play, beat or complete them. GG Gaben ! ^^

  • It looks like I can’t edit my profile. Usual buttons aren’t there.

Thanks for adding me ! :-)

Space Dog incoming !