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»AUGUST« Report #01


I'm Pauline and I like to introduce myself a lot, because I like my name. I also play videogames, and I think that's something you wouldn't ever have guessed. :)
I joined this site at the end of July but I left my first report for August, because I was here for the whole August! Unfortunately, August was somewhat busy month, so I haven't completed/beaten many games in comparison to July (five in Aug, ten in Jul) but it was fun and that what matters.
Have a good September and happy backlog killing, too!

15 hours | 29 of 29 | SG win, thanks poiii ♥ |
I would never have guessed HOG games are so popular. When I was a kid I didn't like them. I do now, so yay? I haven't played the first one, but it wasn't a problem. They told me I was playing as a smart lady, that can deal with supernatural pirates. And I suppose that's all I need to know. The main quest of this game is to save a Siren, who has been kidnapped, and that will save some fishing town as well. The story is simple and it even tells you why the antagonist has done what he has done and stuff like that early on. And then it repeats itself. And the protagonist acts like it was a new information. .w." The HOG scenes were fun and puzzles made me feel smart so I enjoyed it.

35 hours | 50 of 50 | SG win, thanks Starit ♥ |
I'm not sure what to think about this game! I really wanted it, so I'm glad I won it ♥, but then i started playing and... it was nice, but I played it already! It was very, very similar to Kairosoft's Game Dev Story. The fact it made fun of games didn't help. It felt like the same game with redesign. And a story. The thing is, the game is good. i don't know if it's worth the price, though. Game Dev Story is sold for ~ 3 € and this game is 15 € without sale. And it's.. the same. It felt a little slower and you can play it on a big screen but I dunno. It was kinda sad when I found this out.
I encountered a few bugs(?) while playing as well. I couldn't move with my dog - until the very end of the game! And the dog also wasn't finding any items until the very end. There was some mix-up in the story, too? You're supposed to learn something and my game skipped the cut scene where you learn the fact and played it after the protagonist used this knowledge. It was weird!
Also, another strange thing - I tried to level up all the heroes I had open before moving into another town. I always unlocked an entire new location before even unlocking the other towns. If I wasn't trying to do everything in the game, i could probably skip a lot of it.
I ended up buying a DLC to have all the achievements. The DLC, I did enjoy a lot. It was challenging which made it more fun.

8 hours | 11 of 11 | SG win, thanks vampkitty69 ♥ |
Another fun HOG. You play as a detective and it seems that you play as a detective in most of the HOGs I played. I guess who else would look around in messy garages for brooch but still interesting. The main story was okay but I really liked the side story you unlocked after beating the game. It was prologue, and it also had a new "mechanic." I liked this side story more than the one in Nightmares from the Deep 2 - that one was taking place right at the end of the main story and it was just about the girl going home. This one though, it showed us background of the Stranger and the motivations, et cetera. It also felt longer, and with more puzzles. And me likes puzzle.

37 hours | 92 of 94 |
I don't know why but I love this game. It's easy, it does have some easy achievements - unlike Bejeweled 3. :c And it's based around chemistry so I don't have to feel guild about playing this game, because I'm a chemistry student so it is actually good for me! :D It is very grindy though.

PS4 |
I have the Heavy Rain/Beyond Souls package, and I played Beyond Two Souls first. Beyond was more cinematic and it was easier /and it totally wasn't just because I accidently played it on easy/ so when I started playing Heavy Rain I was very surprised. The controls were so different and so weird! After you get used to it it's okay, though. I had a few problems with the game not registering my movements. It wanted me to move the controller left, I did, I hurt myself, and I did it wrong according to the game. Thanks. And it killed my favourite character. :)) I liked that there were more playable characters and everyone had their own approach to the investigation. There were a few plot holes, but it wasn't a big deal. And neither my dad or I guessed the killer right. Which I'm really surprised of, because we are usually masters at guessing who's done what.
It was a good game, everyone knows it's a good game and now I need to play Fahrenheit. And Omikron, too. Maybe I could have those completed before Detroit gets released? Probably not! :D

SG Win, thanks gammag2
This is my first Steam HOG I have not from Artifex Mundi. Seems OK. The HOG scenes are hard for some reason - I think the hit boxes aren't done properly? Maybe? It has also some point and click features, which is cool.

Thanks analDluffy
SG made me love jigsaw puzzles so I kinda wanted some digital puzzling on Steam. (I don't have place for real puzzles.) I asked on the forum if I could have this game and I could, so yay. The strange shapes of the puzzle pieces make the game more challenging, I think.

I love this. It feels very retro somehow, it has good soundtrack, it's very jumpy and fun to play. The story so far is meh but it's not like I bought it for the story. (I bought it for dad. He's too lazy to play though. :D)

I have been posting my friend all over SG but in case you missed her...

I love goats. Those are my granddad's and they're "miniature" goats. They're goat looking dogs, honestly. ♥ And dogs are cats. I think only cats stay true to their animal.

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