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Welcome to my BLAEO page!
Since I got a new laptop in april that can run 100% of my Steam games, I decidet to fight my backlog.
Currently I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.

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On the SG Discord we had an event where u have to 100% a game in a certain amount of time. One of the games u could choose was Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year (and it also was the only game from the list I owned). But sadly, I was in the Holidays so I started playing 8 Days before the event deadline, well at least I thought so….(It was actually 5 days cause i can't read, thats why i didn t 100% the game)
Often this game is compared to Assassins Creed and this is definitely not wrong. Stealth is more efficient than the brutal aggressive way. U also have a bow which is pretty effective to kill enemies without getting caught. When u aim with it u got into a special mode called Focus than everything is like in slow-mo u can also use it in normal combat but there it isn't that helpful, u mostly have enough time to block all attacks. U have special runes with special abilities u can “insert” into ur weapon. There is also a normal ability tree can upgrade with Mirian the normal currency u get from competing missions and pic up items.
The Story is ok is it’s a normal revenge story and don't really has some interesting twists. Its only kinda interesting cause it takes place in the LOTR universe but that’s all. The voice acting is good.
But the real star of the Show is the Nemesis-system. In the game u have special stronger orcs called captains and stronger orc called warchiefs. All of those orcs are unique in their own way, they have strength and fears. The captains are also sometimes bodyguards of the warchief so before u encounter a warchief u first should kill all his bodyguards. Orcs can return from death, which makes the more memorable.

So I decided to clean my Backlog 1 moth ago (Cause I have A LOT of Steam games (a lot for me) and I got my new Laptop that should run all of my games). I wanted to start with the games I won on SG from A to Z. So my fist game was Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders.
As stated in the game title, it's based on the story of The ABC Murders a book from Agatha Christie. It's a classic point and click adventure (you can look, talk and interact with objects), in a 3rd person perspective and has a beautiful cell shading graphic (it should run on every PC). You play as Hercule Poirot, the detective of Agatha Christie. In the game you even get "Ego Points" for behave like him.You investigate in different cases. You inspect the crime scene, talk to witnesses and relatives.When you got all the clues, you got to the reconstruction mode, where you have to reconstruct the murder. After that you come to the "think" mode where you think about who could be the killer. Ive spend like 8 hours to finish this game (don't wonder, that in my steam profile are only 3,6 hours cause I play most of the time without an internet connection).
Overall it's a great short game would buy it for 5€ or less.

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