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So I’m playing as a cool ass surgeon doctor who specialised in blood transfusion.
For some fucking reason our cool ass doctor doesn’t know how to treat HEADACHES!!!!!!!!!!

0 xp

All the stuff this “doctor” can treat:


So, this new Life is Strange Before the Storm episode is out. It's pretty enjoyable, but there was this one particular task that I had to do in game...

Well, then we have to roam around looking for stuff to stack up


"I'm sure I can find something here to boost me up"

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This game costs 60 dollars.

The Witcher 1 is the best game ever.

My personal opinions about Life is Strange Before the Storm

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First game’s spoilers ahead, I won’t be putting spoiler tags for those, only BTS spoilers will have tags.


I have no words to describe how much I hated this. I honestly can’t understand why this story became a game.
When I played the first game I actually felt sad when I found out Rachel was dead, after playing BtS I’m pretty glad that character is dead, cause I wouldn’t be able to put up with her for another game.
I hated that character so much. I tried my best to make Chloe deny her requests, but the game wouldn’t let me. Chloe was a big pushover for the entirety of the game even though she seemed to be pretty strong willed in Life is Strange.
The writing IS TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, THE WORST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I don’t know how writers thought this terrible story would make a good game. The story is completely pointless and it has the worst plot twists I’ve ever seen. At times I felt like I was watching a really horrible soap opera.
The voice acting for the teenagers was pretty ok, but the adults were terrible cause “they…………… talk…………… very…………… slowly…………. with……….. looooooonggg………….. breaks…………….. between……………. words……………” (quote from Lenor). It really annoyed me. When the game was trying to get emotional (for stupid ass reasons) I couldn’t feel anything besides annoyance due to the horrible voice acting and storytelling, and writing, and pretty much everything.
The ending managed to be worse than the rest of the game, I’m not gonna dwell on it, but it felt really empty and pointless as usual.
I’m just glad this story is supposedly over and I truly hope I’ll never see Rachel Amber in a game ever again.


I’m gonna list some of the nice actions Rachel Amber took in my game:

Burned an entire forest, killing hundreds of animals and trees
Stole alcohol from people by pretending she was feeling sick and asking for a couple’s help
Drugged Victoria to get a part in a play
Made Chloe take part in that play even though she said “no” a thousand times

Even though in LiS 1 students claimed Rachel Amber was loved and popular, this is the text piece I got from a known character I won’t name cause I wanna avoid spoiling:

I’m glad at least some characters realised that.

Btw Chloe doesn’t react negatively towards any of these actions, you don’t even have a choice, Chloe will just be fine with all of that cause why not. And I do get that Chloe can do a lot of terrible things in LiS 1, but it’s pretty much always the player’s choice and when you tell her you don’t wanna steal she accepts it. What really bothered me was the lack of options, you can’t ever say no to Rachel even though she does horrible horrible horrible things.
The entire game is about Rachel Amber and her family drama, but for some unknown reason Chloe controls Rachel’s family decisions. They’ve been friends for 2 or 3 days, but Chloe controls her family. It’s just ridiculous. They really should’ve made Rachel the main character, I hate her, but it would at least make sense.

Having this game as one of the options for the “choices matter” steam award is a big joke, you barely have choices and they DON’T MATTER AT ALL.
PS.: Since you can’t ever say no to Rachel, they were nice enough to give you 2 options to say yes:
You clearly have choices!!!!!!


I liked most of the soundtrack. I just wish they didn’t cut half of the Daughter songs that played in the game.

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I’ve beaten this game.
I’m really proud of myself. This is probably my biggest achievement in life. I’m adding this to my cv.
I didn’t even die all that much. Also got nice grades.