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March Roundup

I’ve played a lot of different games this month, but I’m not finishing many of them. So here is my negligible progress:

SEASON OF MYSTERY: The Cherry Blossom Murders

7 hours, 9 of 15 achievements

This is a super great hidden object game with high standards, because it's from Square Enix. Really nice Search and Find Scences and a nice story. I really like this game and every HOG-Fan should definitly play it - right now! :)

The Three Musketeers - D'Artagnan & the 12 Jewels

1.9 hours, no achievements

It was a nice HOG with some truly difficult HO Scences. But I like this kind of stuff. I bought it for 50 Cents, and that's okay.

The Secret Order 5: The Buried Kingdom

4.3 hours, 27 of 31 achievements

I'm very sorry to say this, but this game is a totally NO. It's from Artifex Mundi and normaly this meens high quality, but this game was so incoherent. I feel like I was playing different games. It has nothing to do with the previous "Secret Order" parts. I can't recommend this game, but if you want to play all games of this series, please wait for a bundle or a high discount.

9 Clues 2: The Ward

2.7 hours, 30 of 39 achievements

Now this is how a good HOG should be! Great, thrilling story, good graphics, refreshing gameplay and nice, well-done Hidden Object Scences. Super highly recommended!

Please Knock on My Door

2.6 hours, 3 of 12 achievements

It's very hard to review this game. I wouldn't even say, it's a game. "Please knock on my door" is about depression and suicide and it's heavy cost. The game is mostly about reading (with voice acting) and feeling how the black figure is suffering more and more from depression. It's definitly no game for relaxing and feeling good. Not a "game" for everyone. I don't think I can recommend this. Maybe for someone who will understand how depression "works" and how the patients feel.

One last game, that I have finished in March was Beauty and the Beast: Hidden Object Fairy Tale. Another game from Crisp App Studio. As I’ve written before, I love these games. Unfortunatly BLAEO doesn’t show this game. I recommend it for every HOG Fan. 7.5/10.

That was all. It was a HOG month for me, I would say. Let’s see, what April brings.

Keep on assassinating!

Edit: I totally forgot another game that I’ve finished. Also a HOG from Crisp App Studio called Detective Sherlock Pug. This was also nice, even if it has more a comic look besides the other game, which where more photo realistic. I would give a solid 6.5/10 and recommend it. It’s only 1,49 and if you have other games from Crisp App Studio you can buy a collection with even more discount.

February roundup

Hey Assassins!

I can’t believe it’s already March now and it’s time for the february summary.
First of all, I show you my beaten games, which sadly don’t show up on BLAEO. But I won’t deforce them from you. :)

The other Half

This was one of the best games I’ve played in years. It tells a very sensitive theme on a great way. I recommend to play it with a controller. There are different difficulty levels and you can change them even in the middle of the game. The game is only in english but standard english is enough to understand the story. There’s a demo for this game and I highly recommend The other half to everyone!


The other Half

Radiant One

It was a very short game and I was expecting a bit more, but it was ok. A story about facing your fears. If you get it in a bundle, you can have a look. But buying this (as I did) is nothing I recommend.


Radiant One

Well, ok, then let’s go to games, which BLAEO synchronized with my steam library.

Kitten adventures in city park

1.8 hours, 4 of 4 achievements

Well, it's for free but still not worth your time in my opinion. It's a HOG, but I don't like the graphics and the story. If you want to try it out, go ahead, but I would not recommend this game.

Kitten adventures in city park

Attentat 1942

7.6 hours, 5 of 17 achievements

It's very hard to write a review about this game. I think it's very important that games like this exist. It's very educational and I would highly appreciate, if teachers play such games in their lessons. Children, teens or young adults would learn alot about history and even have fun at the same time.
If your interessted in history (especially the nazi era) you should play this. Or play it with your tennie kids. But it's no game for relaxing a little.

Attentat 1942

Attentat 1942

My Memory of Us

6.6 hours, 10 of 23 achievements

It was a really touching game about the horror of war and the magic of friendship. The soundtrack fits very well and the riddles are mostly easy to solve.
What I don't like was that they made 3 very complicated riddles at the last 2 levels. I had the feeling they want to stretch the game with that.
But I really recommend it, nice game!

My memory of us

Red Riding Hood - Star Crossed Lovers

3.8 hours, no achievements

A really nice and a bit different Hidden-Object-Game. The Highlights in this game are the information you get about Red Riding Hood. For example, I know now there's a hotel in Milan which has a Red Riding Hood room.
Of course, there are a lot of Hidden Object scenes and the objects are sometimes hard to find and I like that. I highly recommend it to every HOG Fan.

Red Riding Hood

Alicia Griffith – Lakeside Murder

3.3 hours, 29 of 35 achievements

I don't like this game. It's a HOG without Hidden Object scenes. The story is meh. You can really skip that one.

XIII - Lost Identity

2.5 hours, no achievements

I just saw, that this game is no longer available on steam. I'm so glad I bought it on the last sale. It's the HOG with the most thrilling story I've ever played. Ok, it's old, but I really like it a lot. Funny Mini-Games and the HO Scence are super nice. If you see a chance to buy this game, BUY IT! :)

A Mortician's Tale

1.4 hours, 2 of 3 achievements

I think, this is not a game. It feels like a mortician promotion. The game is not very long, about an hour. The only nice thing is the email conversation. It has a lot of text and the "gameplay" was very repetitive. So you can really skip that game, except you're a mortician in real life or want to learn something about the job.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

27 hours, 33 of 88 achievements

Super great. Lara Croft in best shape. The lightning effects are so beautiful, the german voice acting is one of the greatest I've ever hear in a game and the game play is super fun. There are different difficulty levels for every aspect of the game (fight, puzzles, jump&run). I highly recommend this.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

1.4 hours, no achievements

It's solitaire. It was fun, but nothing special. The full price is too high imo for finishing the game in a good hour. Buy some other solitaire games instead or wait for a big sale.

Well, that’s every game I’ve finsihed in february. I’m super excited what March will bring. Actually I’m playing Edge of Eternity, which is a great game so far (some problems because of EA, but nothing to complain). And I’m planning to start Resident Evil 2 in the next days.

See you soon and keep on assassinating!

January 2019 Update

I “promised” myself to make every month an update and the first month of 2019 is over, so here we are:

Alice's Patchwork

19.8 hours, 14 of 18 achievements

I really love these Mosaic or Patchwork Games. They are totally relaxing me. And this one is really pretty with all it's colours and the different "fabrics" and the Alice in Wonderland motives. But I would find it super cool if there were a story in such games, that would make it a 10 out of 10 instead of an 8.

Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past

5.3 hours, 12 of 15 achievements

I love Hidden Object games, especially from Artifex Mundi. This one was really great. You see some wellknown fairytales figures and all that with a kind of humor. There is also a Bonus Story, so if you like HOG I recommend it to you.

Viki Spotter: Shopping

2.0 hours, 279 of 279 achievements

A cute little Find the difference game. I like the artstyle. Sometimes it's a bit too easy but my 8 years old daughter loves to play it with me (and she's better then me).
The game is also something for achievement-hunters, cause it's easy and fast to get 100%. But in my opinion there are too much achievements.
I think, it's a good game to relax a little between a complexe game and I bought all the Viki Spotter games during the Winter Sale (0.39 cents per game, that's definitly worth it).

Glass Masquerade

8.6 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

I also finished this game last year, but then it gets more DLCs, which I all finished in January. So nothing more to say: Still one of the best Puzzle Games in all time and I can't wait for the next part (should have been released in January, but they put the release Date on 25th February).

ABC Coloring Town

1.3 hours, no achievements

No, this game ist just no. I know that's been developed for Kids, but the only thing I would recommend for is, that non native english speaker kids can learn some english words while colouring it. But the range of colors is inadequate and that makes the game even more boring.
I just finished it because I've won it on SG. They could at least add some nice achievements (still it has trading cards).

Endless Fables 2: Frozen Path

5.3 hours, 23 of 28 achievements

I couldn't say it often enough; I love HOG and I love Artifex Mundi. This was also a great game from them. I even would say, it was some kind of thrilling. Well, more thrilling than other HOGs. :) If you find it in a bundle, buy it. If you won it on SG, play it. Otherwise, I sadly have to say, that Artifex Mundi Games are way too pricy. Maybe buy it in a sale, if you really can't wait for the next Artifex Bundle.

Seers Isle

5.2 hours, 9 of 40 achievements

I love the artstyle of this game soo much. And the game, the developers made before, Along the Edge was a great story.Seers Isle was also not a bad story but I find it kind of strange. Maybe it is, because I'm not a native English speaker, but I look after words, which I don't understand.
Then I found, the game was very protracted in the middle and then the end came super fast and abrupt.
But still I love the graphics and only therefor it's worth playing it. But I would recommend to play Along the edge, if you didn't have it yet.

Samorost 3

4.5 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

This game is really cute. But the puzzles are so difficult, I only could finished this game with a walkthrough and only because someone picked it for me in the Play or Pay Group. But without the solution I would have deinstalled it and never look at it again.
If you like very difficult puzzles, then I totaly recommend this game for you, cause the story and the artstyle are so sweet and cute.

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime

4.0 hours, 17 of 20 achievements

Another Hidden Object Game from Artifex Mundi and this was also a nice experience. The story was well written for a HOG and the graphics were really good. There were different types of Find the Object scenes, and there were a very nice Bonus Kapitel with an exciting story. Nice one!


0.6 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

Wow, this game has such a great atmosphere. The graphics, the sounds, the very detailed violence (I wonder, that this came uncut in Germany).
Well, I played the Demo just to look, if this game is for me and if I should entering the GA in one of my groups. And what should I say? Of course I entered and I've won!!! Yeah! So I give you an a little more detailed review if I have finished the full game.
But play this Demo, really, it's great!


3.5 hours, 118 of 118 achievements

A not so bad game to play it here and there. If you managed to get 3 monsters of the same type together they morphed to the next monster type and so on and so on. Reminds me a little bit of 2048. It's 99 cent, it has got achievements and trading cards, so if you like such games, give it a try.

Viki Spotter: Sports

0.7 hours, 348 of 348 achievements

Another Viki Spotter game. I could say the same thing as I did above. I like it.

So, let’s see what February brings. I actually play some really nice games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, My memory of us, Fallout: New Vegas, Lamplight City, No man’s sky…. Let’s see which of these I can managed to finish. There are waiting lots of excellent games to be played.

Kepp on assassinating guys and happy February!

Love, Saikania <3

Hey Assassins!

My last post was many month ago, I had a lot of health issues last year but now I feel better. New year, new chance! :)
So I want to let you know about the games I love the most I have finished in 2018. I will not write super detailed reviews, just some short notes about every game.
Here we are:

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

31.9 hours, 19 of 34 achievements

I love adventure games like this and I love the LiS Universe! This one was really nice and I highly recommend it for every fan of choices & consequences. I suggest you to play the first part first to understand all of the story. The only thing I had missed was to find out more about the relationship between Rachel and Frank.

Dreamfall Chapters

50.2 hours, 41 of 59 achievements

I have played many games this year but this one was totally awesome and I always will remember this great experience. Recommend to every fan of adventure-games, story-rich games, choice & consequences, Telltale… well I want everyone to play this game. I bought it for my xbox last week and I can't wait to play it again! PLAY THIS GAME! :)
If you already have played this game and love it as much as I do: The developers made a new game which will be released this year -

Farmington Tales

18.6 hours, no achievements

Believe it or not - this was also one of the best games I have played this year. I'm totally into Hidden Object games and this was so much fun. It was only in english, but hey, I learned some new words. :)

Glass Masquerade

8.6 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

One of the greatest puzzle games ever. The soundtrack is also great and you can totally relaxe while playing it. They bring new DLCs fromtime to time. Some are even for free (the last one was a free christmas DLC). The other DLCs were gifted to me by a friend and I actually play it again. Cause on 25th of january the developers bring a second part on steam and this will be an instant buy -

The Lion's Song

9.0 hours, 35 of 86 achievements

This was a really nice experience. I love the artstyle and the story. There are many different ways to choose and the replayability is very high. I see this game in a few bundles the last time, so if you don't have it yet, take the next chances or try to win it on SG ;).

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

50.8 hours, 33 of 49 achievements

Great, just great. I love the characters, the story, the fight system, the graphic, just everything. And there are some DLCs so I think I go back to this game in the next time. Nice!

Message Quest

2.0 hours, 16 of 18 achievements

A nice and short Point and Click Adventure with a super nice optic and super cute humor. You can play it on one evening and it makes you go to bed with a good feeling and a smile on your lips. Play it!

FAR: Lone Sails

6.4 hours, 7 of 14 achievements

I think this is one of the most relaxing games I've played in 2018. You don't need skill or spending hours on learning how this game works. But still it's not boring even if it doesn't tell a story. Mostly I like the graphics, I call it "The Screenshot-Simulator". I can't stop making screenshots all the time and using it as wallpapers.

Tokyo Dark

16.2 hours, 12 of 44 achievements

Wow, just wow. This game has such a great atmosphere, very interesting characters and a great story. Your choices really matters and there are many different endings. It has a new game+ feature, which allows you to access the game's alternate endings more easily. Tokyo Dark has a place on my alltime favorite list!

The Banner Saga 3

20.2 hours, 23 of 101 achievements

What should I say? It's Banner Saga! I love the trilogie so much and I'm very sad, that it's finished now. I really hope, Stoic's gonna making a lot of great games in the future. I advise you to play the Banner Saga from the beginning. But for heaven's sake, PLAY THIS GAME!


10.4 hours, 22 of 34 achievements

Good, better, Omensight. This game is really close to perfect. Everything in this game is very well done. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thumps up and up and up and up…. :)


22 hours, 31 of 51 achievements

The graphic is very nice, the gameplay makes so much fun and the soundtrack is breathtaking. And the voice actors did a great job, too. You really fall into this world when you start the game and you never want it to end.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

30.8 hours, 16 of 27 achievements

I love the world of Masquerada. I'm totally in love with the characters, everyone's stolen my heart so it's even harder to make descicions. The soundtrack is so beautiful. And I love the artstyle and the combat system. Very great job "Witching Hour Studios", I hope, we see more from you in the future!

Ash of Gods: Redemption

51.9 hours, 19 of 50 achievements

Ok, this game is very close to Banner Saga, if not to say, it's a perky copy. Everyone see this with just one look. But I really have a lot of fun with this game and I didn't feel I was in the Banner Saga universe. This game tells his own story and it does good, but the story is a little weird in my opinion. I played it on the easy mode for just enjoy the story. I tried it with normal mode, but this was very hard (it was when the game was just developed, I think they do something with the game balance). If you like Banner Saga or games with choice and consequences, this one is for you.

Expeditions: Viking

79.8 hours, 19 of 40 achievements

This was my gaming surprise this year. I didn't think I have so much with it. A great written and great developed RPG with great tactical combat. Awesome!

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

49.0 hours, 26 of 39 achievements

Great that I could end my gaming year with such an awesome game. I'd prefer if they had made turnbased combat instead of Gwent but hey, it was much more fun then I thought. Sometimes it was a bit too much Gwent in my opinion. But it tells a great adventure story in the witcher universe. If you had played the Witcher (3) you see and hear some eastereggs. Great work CD Projekt Red! And I can't wait for Cyberpunk any longer and I pray to heaven, that they would sell the game on steam!

So, that’s it. Here are all games, that I have finished in 2018, if you are interested: I hope I can get back to monthly (or even weekly) updates and tell you a bit more about the games I’ve played.

See you soon and keep on assassinating!

Hey Guys,

I have finished some games in the last month, and I would love to let you know. So here are my results :) If you want to now more of my thoughts for a game, just click on the bar.

A Raven Monologue

0.1 hours of playtime, no achievements
It's no game, so I can't score it

This is no game. It's an interactive Storybook. But if you have 5 Minutes time, you should "play" it and listen to the beatiful soundtrack.

Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Objects

2.1 hours of playtime, 4 of 5 achievements
7 / 10

I really like Hidden Object Games, especially these one from Chris App Studio ( ). The replayability is high, cause there are alway other things to search when you go to a scene again.
This one, Romance with Chocolate, was one of the not so good games from Chris App Studio. But it was still fun and worth the money of 3 Euros.

The Lion's Song

9.0 hours of playtime, 35 of 86 achievements
9 / 10

This is an adventure game, which comes in Episodes. The first episode is for free, so I recommend everyone to try this game, and if you like it, you can buy the other seasons in a seasonpass or separately.
The story plays in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. In every episode you play as a new person, but theirs ways crossing each other.
There are so much choices to make (and much achievements) so there is a replayability. I've make one playthrough and it took me 9 hours.
If you like adventure games like Telltale games, this one is devinitly for you.

Captain Nemo

0.8 hours of playtime, 4 of 5 achievements
8 / 10

Also a HOG from Chris App Studio. Really a nice game, but a little bit short. But you can play it again, there are always other things to search.

LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game

5.3 hours of playtime, no achievements
8 / 10

This was the first Lego Game I've played and it was so much fun. Can't wait to play another Lego game.
It's all about text and speech, but with so much humor. But if you didn't watch the movie, it might be hard to understand the story.
And please, please play the game with a controller. It's nearly impossible to play it with keybord.
I need 3 hours to complete the story but you can play the game "free" when you have completed the story for every scene.
Something I need to fault. The Save system. There's no free save mode and the game only saves when you have completed a scene. That's about 45 minutes.

The Last Time

2.5 hours of playtime, no achievements
7 / 10

Also an adventure game, in which you play as Jack. Jack was a police officer when he was young. Now he lives in a retirement home. Some day he gets a phone call and suddenly the past catches up on him.
A nice little adventure game for one evening. I enjoyed it.

The Mammoth: A Cave Painting

0.1 hours of playtime, 1 of 1 achievements
4 / 10

It's for free but I don't think that it's worth your time. Nearly no Gameplay, weird and short story, maybe interesting artstyle.

That’s it for now. One game I sadly need to break up because of an gamebreaking bug. The bug is known by the developers and it’s an Artifex Mundi game, so I think, that they’re able to fix it, but they don’t. So I can’t recommend it to anyone. Pity!

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

3.4 hours of playtime, 11 of 15 achievements
0 / 10 Because of a gamebreaking bug

Okay guys, keep on assassinating!

Hey guys,

it’s a long time since my last post. I’ve been in hospital and rehab cause I had a stroke. You don’t need to say your sorry or something, I just wanted to say this because since that even my mother language is sometimes difficult to me. Writing in english is even worse, so please excuse me for making mistakes and I hope you understand me well. :)

So, anyway I finished some games and I want to tell you my progress.

Mystika 3: Awakening of the dragons

16 hours of playtime, 8 of 10 achievements

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

12 hours of playtime, 30 of 30 achievements

Hope Lake

7 hours of playtime, 30 of 30 achievements

Willy-Nilly Knight

18 hours of playtime, 13 of 15 achievements

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman

4 hours of playtime, no achievements

Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff

8 hours of playtime, no achievements

Garden of Oblivion

0.8 hours of playtime, 8 of 9 achievements

Farmington Tales

19 hours of playtime, no achievements

The Secret Order 4: Beyond Time

5 hours of playtime, 28 of 33 achievements

Hidden Object - Sweet Home

1 hours of playtime, 4 of 4 achievements

Small Town Terrors Pilgrim's Hook

6 hours of playtime, no achievements

Time Trap - Mystery Hidden Objects

3 hours of playtime, 4 of 5 achievements

Glass Masquerade

5 hours of playtime, 27 of 27 achievements

Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind

15 hours of playtime, no achievements

So that’s all for now. Sorry, but there are so many games, I can’t write a review for all, that’s currently to much for me yet.

See you soon!

PS: I would love to hear from you what I should play next. Maybe you find a game in my “never played” or “unfinished games” what makes you think “What the hell, she got that game and didn’t play it (till the end)”, so please let me know! ;)

My Progress last week

Hey Assassins,

so first of all here are two games, which I’ve played a lot last week without finishing them.

  • Solitaire Beach Season

    12 hours playtime

    8 of 21 achievements

  • Draw Puzzle

    4 hours playtime

    73 of 272 achievements

  • My beaten games last week

  • Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms

    5 hours playtime

    7 of 13 achievements

  • Oxenfree

    6 hours playtime

    4 of 13 achievements

  • My completed games last week

  • Kimmy

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Around the World in 80 days

    2 hours playtime

    5 of 5 achievements

  • Gardens Inc. – From Rakes to Riches

    14 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Zup! 2

    56 minutes playtime

    229 of 229 achievements

  • I tried my best to make this post looking a little more professional like my last ones, but I’m still learning. If you have any tips for me, please let me know. I think I’ve done a lot last week, let’s see how it goes this week.

    Thanks for reading my post, I’m happy for advices which game I should play next. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Keep on assassinating!

    Hey Assassins,

    sadly I still don’t understand how you guys create such great looking comments, maybe I’m to dumb, but hey, at least I try :)
    So, I can tell you, I’ve finished 3 more games in the last days, which you can see above. 2 of them were SGwins. I had fun with all of them, but I must say, that The last door is such a nice game, I never thought, that so few pixels could generate such an atmosphere. It’s simply amazing, and I highly recommend it.

    So, to assassinate my backlog this year, I decided to join the ABC Challenge. I made 2 lists, one for never played games and one for unfinished games.

    And at this weekend I’ve completed a short little game from my never played games list, which is originally for small children, but hey, it looks cute and I wanted to test it before I’m going to play it with my kids ;P. The game is called It’s spring again.

    And I’ve also beat one game from my unfinished games list. It’s a Hidden Object game, which I normally like a lot, but this one was meh, I didn’t really enjoy it and I was relieved when it was over.

    That’s all for now. Can’t wait to tell you more about games I hopefully complete oder beat soon.

    Keep on assassinating!

    Much greetings from Germany <3

    Tiny Tales

    Elizabeth Find

    I’ve finished these 2 Hidden Object Games in the last 2 days, which I both won on SG!

    So what am I going to play now?? :)
    I’m always happy for advices, so feel free to write a suggestion

    Yesterday I finished Under Leaves. I really recommend it to everyone, who’s searching for a little game to relax. Just one achievement missing, and I could mark it as completed. :)