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so my next Game beaten is Kathy Rain. I don’t really like pixelated Games, but this has a very good Story and was very interesting. I would never buy such Games, good that it was in the HB monthly :)
Kathy Rain


so i decided to buy another good Game and its really worth it. Now i know why there is so much Hype about the Game. This Game is amazing. Please buy, win or whatever it, you must play it.
And i didn’t liked Limbo, it was ok , but not as good as INSIDE :

Yesterday i bought a new Game. This : A Normal Lost Phone

I beated it today to 100% and i must say it was a real good experience. If you like such Games, then it is worth a try. I enjoyed it much.
Next Game i want to plaly is maybe Toy Odyssey, but i am not really shure :)

and before this i played : Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
so the next i want to play is Advanced Warfare


i beat The Walking Dead with 100% from Telltale and it’s amazing. I won the third Season on Steamgifts, so i decided to play all Seasons now.
Walking Dead

Next is Season 2 and i am looking forward to it :)

Hi Backlog Assassins,

i beated a new Game, it was Press X to not Die and it was really fun to play. I played it 3 times to see almost all, but didn’t got any Achievements.
For me 3 times is really enough and i think you must play it 10 or more times to see all and get all Achievements, but like i said it was a fun Game :

For now i don’t really know whats next, maybe Slain : Back from hell :)


last time i wanted to play Skyrim, but i played then this Game here :
Epistory - Typing Chronicles

I beaten the Game Epistory - Typing Chronicles, but have not all Archiements, they are too many haha.
But what i can say about this Game : IT IS AMAZING.
I loved to play it and it was really fun. To all of you, please play this Game, it is so good :)

So my next Game i want to play is Watch Dogs 2, but i must play it on my Ps4.

Hi all,

i am not really playing Games on Steam at the Moment, because i bought some Games for my Ps4 and played Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and all 3 Games are really good. but today i want to begin with this :

Skyrim - Special Edition

but i will test it first and maybe play the normal Edition with Graphic Mods. Let’s see :)

Hi all,

i have beaten the Game VIRGINIA and it was amazing. It’s more like a Movie and has awesome Soundtrack.I must complete this Game. Have only 7 from 17 Archievments and there is more to see i think. I recommend this Game to all who likes Walking Sims and Movie Style Gameplay.


And the next Game i want to play is INFRA. Got it today from a Trade :)


So i hope i can Complete VIRGINIA and then play INFRA :D

Ok this was very easy, but i have the next Game 100% SHAN GUI :)

Let’s see what to play next ?

I don’t know it now, but i will let you know :)


so iam near the End of playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided, so my Backlog awaits me.
And you know what, i won my first Non-Bundle Giveaway yesterday and iam Happy.
The Game i won is Pillars of Eternity and i think this is the next Game iam going to play after Deus Ex :)
Iam so excited to play it.

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